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Customer Reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 9 July 2014
Any lover of Brian Jacques Redwall stories will love this book...written in his particularly descriptive and humerous can 'hear' the characters speak as you read the text...great stuff for chilling out to whatever age you are!
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on 27 February 2001
Most of this book is typical Redwall stuff: an Evil Emperor deisres six pearls, which are hidden somewhere in Redwall by a deceased squirrel. The Redwallers have to crack six riddles to find each pearls, which they can use to pay off the ransom of their father abbot, who was captured by corsairs. Meanwhile, an expedition lead by Martin II (Mattimeo's son) pursue the ship carrying the abbot to emperor Ublaz's palace on the island of Sampetra. It all ends with Ublaz getting killed by his own secret weapon (Salamandastron style), Martin & co. returning with the abbot to Redwall, and the pearls being cast into the ocean by the new abbess.
But what brings this book up to top standard is the appearance of Grath Longfletch, my favourite character!!! From the moment she appears, the book takes an immediate turn for the good! She ROCKS!!!!! A sharpshooter with the longbow, Grath lays masses of wermin down with her green-plummed arrows. She has sworn vengence to those which killed her family; she also plays a large part in Martin's plan to defeat Ublaz. In the end, she goes off to live with her love Inbar Trueflight at the otter haven of Ruddaring (Hooray!!!).
Pearls of Lutra is a must-read book if you love otters (like me! Save the Mustelids!).
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on 26 August 2000
This has got to be the most skilful and vivid book in all of Brian Jacques amazing 'Redwall' adventures. From the minute I picked it up I was really hooked. The perfect blend of laughter, tragedy, adventure and nail-biting suspense, together with a cleverly twisted ending, makes this - in my opinion - one of the best adventure stories ever written. The book does, however, differ slightly from the other books in the series. There is a slight undertone of menace and bitterness, woven subtly into the storyline through the unique characters. Still, the generally happy ending will make you breath a sigh of relief!
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on 18 June 1999
This is a fantastic, brilliant book, gripping you with suspense till the very end. Jacques brings to life everything- from the peaceful abbey mice to the bloodthirsty rats of Sampetra. With every animal alive like this and a quick, witty plot, this book is a must for every book lover. I first read this book by recommendation of the author from a friend and loved it. There are many other books in the same series, such as Martin the Warrior, or Mossflower - Brilliant as well, but overall this is the best because of it's suspense.
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on 2 July 2007
This is by far the best of Brain Jacques suberb series. The plot is complex and unpredictable and the riddles add a whole new dimension. Grath Longfletch is by far the best developed character with her blend of tragic and violent past mixing with her love for Inbar beautifully. I would throughly recomend this book to anyone who loves fantasy or simply loves reading.
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on 21 March 2000
I have enjoyed all of the Redwall books. I think Brian Jacques is a wonderful author, with an active imaganation.The book is about an emperor named Ublaz who, with the aid of his army of lizards, tries to raid Redwall. Back at Redwall a young hegdehog named Tansy and the rest of the Abbey dwellers are trying to solve some clues to find the Pearls of Lutra.
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on 30 April 1999
It was a very well detailed story and could actually put a vivid picture of the setting in the readers head. It had very carefully planned out riddles that you had a chance to solve! I couldn't put the book down. I was almost forced to read the book constantly, so I could find out what happened next to the tears of all oceans.
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on 5 July 2008
The Pearls of Lutra is one of the best books out of the Redwall series that I have read. All of the books in the series are excellent but I recommend this one strongly! The book contains beautiful descriptions of Mossflower and riddles that are so hard to crack! This book is for anyone who likes the Redwall series!
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on 14 November 1999
This is proubly the worst Redwall Book, but I loved it. I like the part at the end when Martin was fighting Ublaz and bot bitten by the snake.
IT IS GREART!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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on 12 January 2000
I have read all of Brian Jaques'books and this and Marlafox are my favourites.This is a great book and I reccomend it to any kid who is reading this.Hats off to Brian he is an exellent writer two thumbs up
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