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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2011
So far I have only used a few recipies from this book, but it is worth buying if only for the pastry and pancake recipies. The pastry is to die for and as good as any I have ever made. The pancake recipe is also great for toad in the hole. Tapioca flour is hard to come by and if not used in great quantities sub either Dove or Glebe plain GF flour. I did this in the pastry receipe and could have wept at being able to make a decent pie instead of the ones that would normally need a chain saw to cut through the crust. Here I speak as a retired home economist. It is great to find a book that has been well researched, ok there has been found the odd error, but this happens in all books even though it should have been sorted before publication. Yes I feel that more savoury would have been useful, anyone else feel another book could be in the pipe line. Bread is always going to be an issue, but as the Gf problem becomes more recognised and not thought of as a fad I feel that this will also be resloved.
Going back to the book I feel it is well worth buying and even if you only find a few recipies that you like, they are more than you had before.
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on 20 December 2012
I have made 3 successful items from this book (carrot cake baked as muffins; roasted banana and walnut cake; shortbread). However, I have also had some disasters. Like other reviewers, I am sure that some of the recipes are just plain wrong. Unfortunately, this means that I can no longer trust any of the recipes. I managed to source all the ingredients, eventually, and have followed the recipes to the letter and then with modifications to see if this would correct the problem. Unfortunately, I have been totally unsuccessful in cooking the pecan and treacle bread or the cranberry and chestnut tea loaf, both of which I wanted to do for my daughter who is visiting at Christmas and was recently diagnosed as having coeliac disease. Has anyone succeeded with these two recipes? I originally planned to give my daughter the book and remaining ingredients for her use after Christmas but don't think I will be doing this now.
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on 23 November 2015
My main complaint is the lack of a good basic bread recipe. There's brioche,flat bread, breadsticks etc, but no bread! I bought this because my daughter has a wheat intolerance and I need a good basic bread roll recipe. Given all the trouble you have to go to to get and mix the flours for the recipes (they are all speciality flours, not available to me locally, in London) I'm a bit disappointed by the contents. The recipes I have tried have given a very nice result however. If I had gone to a bookshop I probably would not have bought this, which is why I'm writing the review so you know what you are getting.
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on 25 November 2016
solves one sticky problem
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on 14 October 2010
Thank you Mr Vickery, this book like your first one, just what i have been waiting for, a wide range of excellent, simple to prepare and tasty recipes.It also tells us where to get the ingredients and tells us how to make a selection of different pastries. GO BOY. THANK YOU.
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on 11 January 2011
Just after i got this book I reviewed it and gave it 4 stars, on the basis of appearance, the breadth of recipes and testing a couple (pecan and treacle bread and the shortcrust pastry) This appeared to be a great book for those who want to/have to avoid wheat/gluten but love baking and eating the results. It has a comprehensive range of recipes from several breads (not requiring a bread machine), large cakes, pancakes, yorkshire puddings, small cakes, biscuits and even one for shortcrust pastry which is one thing i have struggled to make since ditching the gluten.

However my review has been downgraded to 2 stars following further use.Either the recipes haven't been tested properly and/or the finished book has not been checked for accuracy. The roast hazelnut cookie recipe is missing a liquid ingrediant completely - i tried adding milk but the end result was tough and disappointing - another reviewer suggested adding an egg.... The cooking time for the pecan honey flapjacks is wrong too- it needed at least 30-40 minutes in a fan oven not 15-20 minutes as stated.

Generally more guidance is required with some of the recipes some of which feature ingrediants many regular bakers will not be familiar with such as xanthan gum. For example, the shortcrust pastry recipe doesn't mention at what stage any filling should go in and it doesn't state whether or not cooking times and temperatures refer to a fan oven or not. I have been cooking for years but this is the first time i have come across recipes where i have to guess the cooking times and missing ingrediants. Whether this relates to just the 2 recipes I mentioned or not remains to be seen....

Finally many, but not all of the recipes make use of Vickery's own GF flour blends - one for bread and 2 others for cakes/biscuits so if the idea of purchasing 3 or 4 types of flour and mixing them up yourself does not appeal, then this book probably isn't for you. These flours (including soya, potato, rice etc) should be obtainable from health food shops although i am struggling to track down tapioca flour....
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on 5 January 2011
Thoroughly recommend this. I got it for Christmas and I have to say it's refreshing to have a GF book dedicated to baking. There's a good range of recipes -focaccia, breadsticks, biscuits, small cakes, big cakes, fancy coffee cakes. I've made some of the recipes already and am impressed with the textures - the biscuits are soft and the cakes are moist. (sounds like not much to ask for but if you've tried other GF biscuit recipes before, you'll know how amazing this is!...)

The ingredients are all easy to get hold of - i.e. in supermarkets (unlike the American GF recipe books I have, like babycakes, which ask for special bean flour and liquid/fruit sugars). Also, I'm pleased the recipes work well with Doves Farm GF plain flour mix.
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on 2 November 2010
Another fantastic book by Phil Vickery and a must for everyone who is gluten intolerant/coeliac. A few recipes use oats so I am not able to make them for myself but will be doing so for family and friends. Phil Vickery at his very best - again!!!
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on 23 January 2011
I have just tried baking my first recipe from this book; have been so excited to finally find a book that makes sweet recipes with decent flour mixes instead of 'gluten-free flour' (horrible stuff). HOWEVER, my first recipe was nearly a disaster.

There appears to be an error in both the ingredients and the instructions. The receipe is on page 47, Hazelnut Cookies. I followed the instructions to the letter and wondered why I ended up with a dry mixture that I couldn't possibly 'spoon out' as instructed. I added more butter. Still no luck. I added xanthum gum, in desperation. Still no luck. I added water. A gluey mess. Husband looked at recipe and announced it was clearly missing an ingredient - probably egg. Added an egg - voila! Finally had a mixture that resembled biscuit dough. God knows what I've done to it with my additions before I added the egg, but hopefully it has been saved (yet to try it; still baking).

VERY disappointed! Tried to contact Phil Vickery directly through the internet - no luck. He should probably be aware of this.....Am somewhat nervous that there will be more errors within........Hopefully not, cos the recipes look brilliant.
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on 28 January 2011
I Got this book in the hope that it would not have mistakes like the first one but have found that it does. I first made the pine nut cookies which were great, but then made the hazelnut cookies which made a very dry mixture, after looking at the reviews on amazon I agreed that it needed more butter and an egg or 2. I gave it another go but it was still not right, If I give it a 3rd try I might try some condensed milk.
I dont think a recipe book were you have to read the reviews to be able to complete the recipes is very good.
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