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on 2 July 2012
I went to Roger Woolger's workshop in London as a car designer interested in Yoga. On introduction most of the audience were doctors or psychotherapeutics. I felt a little out of place when Roger started to talk about Freud and psychology, then he mentioned his time in India and his love of Yoga and it began to fall into place. The experience of one little old lady doctor from the audience rolling on the floor while recounting her death in a past life, highlighted the realism of the theory. This book explores further stories of some of his patients. It is very readable and most enlightening, some times a bit basic and savage. After, I too had a 'one to one' session and found nothing being held on to from previous lives. But perhaps you have...?
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on 15 September 2015
Not really worth the time and money.
Might be good for someone completely new to the subject.
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on 11 November 2006
This is a very interesting book from the point of view of transpersonal psychology which is an attempt to integrate Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. Roger Woolger has just the right background to do this job. While Brian Weiss is unambitious and doesn't say anything much more than case descriptions, Roger Woolger is much more ambitious and does not avoid controversy in his analysis. As my lecturer once said, `Nothing is interesting if it's not controversial'! It is recommended not only to psychotherapists, psychologists and religious studies students, but also to anyone who is interested in exploring how mind works in depth and improving their mental health.
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on 30 August 2015
good quality not read it yet
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on 6 November 2001
This is the first book I read on reincarnation - with the exception of Shirley MacLaine's Out on a Limb' - and despite my beginner status I found it eminently readable and truly eye-opening. So much so that it has become my 'bible' on reincarnation.
This is an incredibly in-depth exploration of the issues of reincarnation centred on its relevance to psychological therapy. It is also a personal journey of discovery because, as Woolger admits in the opening paragraphs, he was a was pure Jungian until ...
He also thoroughly explores the therapy side of accessing past life knowledge along with the relevant implications and is happy to play devil's advocate to his own, developing beliefs in this area. He covers every area you can think of (parents, health, and sexual issues) very thoroughly and with many first-hand stories which make the information easy to relate to and engaging. I may not have read each chapter as thoroughly as others but the book and its conclusions make no less sense if you read at random. It is set out in a way that you can use for self-reference, cross-reference to other publications or just as a 'good read'.
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on 12 November 2001
This book is a stew of Tibetan Buddhism and Jung. Borrowing very heavily from both, there is little that is original when it does work and much that exposes the author's homophobic values when it doesn't. The book contains much that is anti-gay and a lot of lightweight psychology as one would expect from an author whose PhD is not in psychology.
The works of the Psychiatrist Dr Weiss, (Many Lives Many Masters etc) is far more enlightening, as are the books by Dolores Cannon,if one is looking for a books on a similar subject by a hypnotherapist with a psychic bent, (she is also spiritually enlightened about diversity issues)
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