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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 19 October 2003
I was given this book by my mother-in-law.(Not necessarily the best start!) I could feel it impacting my life with-in the first 50 pages. How can someone who suffers so incredibly possibly believe that there's a God who loves him? If you read this book you'll find out and it will change your life too. I've yet to speak to anyone who has read this book who hasn't had the same reaction.
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on 2 March 2005
It was an amazing book and really brought home to me how much I take being able to worship the Lord in public for granted. It also made me realise what a bad christian I must be because I get all embarrased about telling new people about my faith and yet the christians in China are toutured due to their faith. I would like to do a gap year in China helping the people in the house churches. I strongly advise you to read this book as it is life changing but expect some tears.
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on 15 October 2003
Brother Yun's integrity is above reproach. I challenge anyone to read this book, who doubts that God loves and watches over those who suffer, yet still works all things together for good.
God has an amazing plan and He is going to bring it about through the Chinese church. We in the West had better not stand in his way, but rather surrender to his wisdom and co-operate and help the church to fulfil it.
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on 9 July 2003
What an amazing account of Brother Yun's life and he's only just 40!!! In Bible college this last few months, this book has being 'devoured' by half the students as word has got round about how fantastic this book is. I have just ordered another two books to give to friends.
This book thoroughly challenged me. I realise how easily it is to complain about being mocked for having faith or feeling persecuted, yet what Brother Yun and his friends suffer for their faith is astounding. Never once though does he try to say that it's because of his amazing faith that he manages to persevere. He continually gives all the glory to God, even in the midst of his suffering. Amazing!!
I would have given 6 stars for this book if it were possible. This is a timely book for the Church of Jesus Christ and a real eye opener for those of us in the west who think 'we have it bad' in our nation. I often found myself asking what would I do if I were to be put through the horrors that the chinese church face still today. It's a question that I believe every serious reader will find themselves asking long after they've finished the book.
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on 9 May 2003
I finished reading this book a week ago. WOW!!!
This book is definately NOT to be read by those who are not prepared to have their faith seriously challenged.
It is the story of how Brother Yun suffered tremendous persecution & prison for his faith. It is a remarkable testimony of God's grace. All the way through the book Brother Yun never seeks to give glory to himself, he continually gives all the glory to Jesus.
One of our pastors at the Bible college mentioned what an awesome book it was and so half of the students have been reading it. Already having a compassion for the persecuted church I expected to be challenged, but while I was reading it I found myself asking the questions, 'how real is my faith', 'how much do I really love Jesus?', 'would I be willing to suffer so much for the Lord and for my faith?, etc.
It has brought me to a whole new place of really questioning how genuine my faith is, and how 'easy' and 'comfortable' church is (mostly) for us in the west.
I would highly recommend this to those who are prepared to be challenged.
Powerful stuff!!
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on 23 November 2004
This book has got to be one of the most extraordinary books i have ever read. i really found it hard to put down due to amazing events that take place!
It really shows how god can speak to you. It really challenged me by putting my own life into perspective and wondering whether i would have the same amount of courage and faith that brother yun had in the horrific situations and persecution he faced for his faith! The experiences that brother yun went through is astounding! This is definately a book that challenges your own faith and will cause you to question many things in your daily life.
Although the book can be hard to read for some (due to the immense and painful situations brother yun faced) it gives a great refreshing to the person by the end and if anyone has lost their faith, this book is the one to refresh their faith, reveal Gods amazing love and empower them by the power of God!
Brother Yun is an amazing man who endured many situations and experienced many miracles similar to those in the Bible, and what makes this book so extraordinary is the fact that these things are still happening to this day in age. This book shows how the Holy Spirit has really fallen upon the people of china in the last 20-30 years and how there's a real sense of God's presence and annointing among the people of China.
Brother Yun can be seen as the 'Paul' of this day, as he has influenced thousands around the provinces of China by preaching the amazing good news of God, our saviour, our light of the world!
An amazing book, that's empowering and exhibits the way in which God hears our cries and rescues us from hard times!
The example that brother yun sets gives our nations a new prospect and hope for revival and a changed world so that all nations may proclaim and declare Gods word and so that all may see the glory of God!
A great book definately recommended for influencing non-Christians and showing them how our God really is the LORD OF ALL THE EARTH!
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on 9 March 2006
The journey that brother Yun takes with his faith from a teenager praying over his dying father's body to the Holy spirit-inspired man he is today is almost unbelievable. I could not put this book down! till my tears of admiration forced me to.
If you are a Christian you will be inspired and find yourself wanting to do more for God..
Brother Yun did not even have a bible as they were rare and illegal in China! Christians were forced to bury their bible's in the ground for safe keeping, or suffer the consequences if they were found..
Find out how Brother Yun received his first bible; you will be amazed!
You will also be amazed at how Brother Yun served the Lord enduring torture, imprisonment and changed lives all around him.
If you are not a Christian you will be apalled at what this gentle, humble man had to go through just to practice what he believes..
The book is truly the best book I have ever read, apart from the Bible.
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on 13 September 2003
I would heartily recommend this book as a real eye-opener as to what the Lord is doing in Asia. DL Moody once said " The World is yet to see what God can do with a man totally dedicated to Him." Here in Brother Yun, we are privileged to read of how God can mightily use a man who gives up everything for His Lord. It's amazing how "principlalities and nations" are overcome when God has men who are faithful to Him in all things.Those who come to know the Lord through Brother Yun often have nothing in material wealth, but everthing in spiritual terms.
Read it and gain a blessing, and be challenged.
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on 17 September 2005
This is a phenomenal book which I read in about 24 hours and have since re-read several times.
It is the true story of the life of a Chinese man (and his family) who became a Christian through a miracle and then became a pastor in the oppressed underground Christian church in China. His love for Jesus and his intimate relationship with Him have enabled him to survive severe deprivation, prolonged imprisonment and severe torture with joy and love for his torturers in his heart. His love for Jesus and the Bible shine through the book. He has truly shown that in Christ "We are more than conquerors", despite the worst you can imagine.
I have felt put to shame for my somewhat lukewarm passion for God by this man who has risked his life to communicate the love of Jesus to others. In prison he devoted himself to caring for others and many came to faith in Jesus through him.
You will feel horror at the evil perpetrated but at the same time it is obvious that the love of Jesus wins!
Get this book and read it!
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on 3 April 2003
A must for any Bible believing 'Western' Christian to read. You will not be able to put this book down, it will challenge your faith to the core and lead you back to the cross. We certainly do not understand what Brother Yun went through in order to proclaim Christ and yet my heart aches for an intimacy with the Lord that Yun has.
Please do not read this book unless you are prepared to undergo radical change in your life, the Bible will be the next book that you read.
This truly is a remarkable story and I whole-heartedly recommend it.
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