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There are books from my childhood that I have no memory of, and then there are those books which made a huge impression, and loomed large, and have been periodically, and pleasurably, read again throughout my adult life. And this is one, my absolute favourite of Hodgson Burnett's works.

My guess is that any little girl with the remotest thread of fierce independence in her nature will identify with Mary and will also have idolised and envied Dickon, with his ability to charm the birds and squirrels from the trees, fox-cubs from their lairs, not to mention surly adults and surlier children!

Written in 1911, there are of course attitudes to class and race which are deeply patronising, but what enchanted me so as a child was the delight in and celebration of, the natural world, in a way which almost verges on the mystical. As a child (and an adult) who had a huge love of the plant and animal kingdom 'The Secret Garden' spoke to me powerfully. My guess this book feeds right into some deeply satisfying archetype of a lost, but recoverable, Paradise, which even a child resonates with.

Delighted to find a Kindle version with illustrations. The formatting isn't perfect - the full page illustration and its caption occur on separate pages, and often there is also a blank page (not a missing page) before the picture, but this is a minor interference to enjoyment
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on 12 May 2013
No,not a little madam but you would be forgiven for thinking that she might have been.This little princess grew up in India and was used to servants and getting her own way without knowing that she was privileged.It's only on arrival at a boarding school in England that things start to go slightly awry.Set up as an example of well to do and supposedly well provided for,Sarah is informed that her rich soldier Papa had died leaving her penniless and in the sole care of the owner of the boarding school,miss Minchin.This edition gives us more details about the two girls Sarah befriends and allows for a more involved and interesting story.What drew me back to this story was seeing a modern paperback release of this title showing three girls around a lone table with moonlight shining in through a high window,even though I knew the story,I wanted to reread it.I couldn't find my original book but downloaded this onto my Kindle from Amazon for £0.49 because it's specifically re written to satisfy the demand from previous readers to further enlighten us to the roles of Becky the servant girl and Ermengarde a reluctant student and their relationship with Sarah.Not a bad read really although I thought it got a bit too sugary sweet at the end.Ah well,it is for children after all and I'm middle aged.
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on 13 March 2017
The cover is so pretty and it looks amazing in the bookcase. As for the story, it might be a bit of an acquired taste. I like it because it has a lot of memories for me from reading it as a child, but then I could understand someone reading it for the first time, might find it a bit slow.

If you already love this story and just want a nice edition of it, this is definitely the book for you.
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on 15 January 2015
Although I have just recently read this classic, I have always been aware of how amazing this story is. I have grown up watching one of the movies and have to say that both book and movie are spectacular.
Both children have suffered massive losses at their young age and were unnerved by this, but they did show each other empathy as much as we did with them. Yet both children manage to develop brilliantly throughout the novel, just like the garden.
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading, imagining and marveling along with the children in the book. The author has done a superb job with this novel, but Kindle could have used a more appealing cover design for this edition of The Secret Garden
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on 19 September 2017
I usually get my reading material in digital format but I bought this hardback version for a book folding project. It was so pretty when it came I just couldn't bring myself to do it. The cover is so tactile, it has a little built in ribbon bookmark and the illustrations are beautiful. A lovely edition of a children's classic and a definite keeper!
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on 18 May 2013
Yet another disappointment. Listed as a Folio Society edition, the book that arrived was nothing of the kind. Even the picture next to this page is the Folio edition but not what was sent to me3. This is happening a lot and is simply not good enough. When I put in a search for Folio Society bhardbacks why am I presented with Kindle and paperback versions as well as books that have nothing to do with Folio. The seller's descriptions of the books are often not detailed enough to let you know exactly what they are selling. When the system works it's brilliant but there are gaps and they bcould easily be corrected.
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on 29 August 2016
Another very good book to read. My only issue is the beginning is very similar to that of The Secret Garden, and it was only about 2-3 chapters in the book it started to change. However, the book was thoroughly enjoyable and the suspense kept in it was brilliant, it made you want to read further on each and everytime. Felt it was well written, and actually somewhat inspiring.
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on 20 January 2016
This book is beautiful, I could tell it was pretty when I ordered it but in person it was even better. The cover, spine and back design are beautiful in the blue and gold. Inside the illustrations are pretty and the design just adds to it overall. Would recommend for anyone who loves gorgeous books.

Delivery was quick however it was just posted through the door and one corner is a little bent which is frustrating when it's such a lovely looking book.
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on 27 August 2016
This is by far the greatest illustrated version of the classic story of 'The Secret Garden' that I gifted to everyone that attended a big family and friends gathering for a very special birthday at THE location of THE SECRET GARDEN in Kent.
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on 6 May 2012
I actually chose to read this for the first time as an adult, having only ever come across the story in a 1993 film. The book, like most Barnes and Noble leather-bound classics is a nice addition to any collection. I would say that if you were intending to buy the same story brand new then spend a little more for this copy, it is lovely and these are the sort of books that will be nice to pass on to other generations. I like the story very much, it is well written and worth a read whether an adult or child.
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