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on 19 August 2009
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder following a breakdown triggered by the sudden death of my brother six years ago. It wasn't long before my medical history caught up with me and I was sacked from my job by my somewhat unsympathetic employers. The stigma and discrimination sufferers face can be one of the most challenging aspects of the illness, which is why Biplolar disorder - the ultimate guide is such a breath of fresh air. Written by two cousins who draw upon their own family history of the condition, the book tackles the prejudice and ignorance surrounding the illness head-on. With their calm and clear approach, Sarah Owen and Amanda Saunders have created an indispensable survival guide for sufferers and carers alike. The question-and-answer format allows the user to access relevant information with ease, while quotes from real-life sufferers provide a unique insight into the disorder. For me, the most helpful sections include crisis management - or what to do in an emergency - and advice on the best lifestyle choices to make in order to stay well.
Luckily, I have been well, and medication-free, for the past two years but I feel so much happier knowing I have this excellent guide to hand if I become unwell again. Many thanks for such a wonderful book.
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on 1 November 2014
This book is excellent. I am a practising British GP. I have just accepted the diagnosis of Bipolar 2 despite struggling with classic symptoms for over ten years. I have to confess I just didn't believe Bipolar 2 was a valid diagnosis before. I thought it was just a kind of depression with poor coping strategies. This book is so straightforward. My long-suffering husband has found it a revelation - it seems to answer every question we can think of. I am looking forward to the new edition in 2015. I am optimistic that the future will be much brighter for Bipolar sufferers and their families as it is increasingly properly recognised, diagnosed earlier, and treatments improve. This book is so valuable in helping people make sense of bipolar symptoms. I think everyone should read it. The more people understand mental illness, the better we will all be at supporting one another.
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on 6 October 2008
I bought this book because a close friend had been diagnosed with bipolar disorder and I was very worried when I first saw her in the middle of a psychotic episode and knew I had to find out more. Most other books I'd browsed through on the subject looked fairly inaccessible but the Q and A format of this book means you can read as little or as much as you want, on the topics you're particularly interested in. I also think the fact that both of the authors have personal experience of this condition (three close family members have been diagnosed with it) makes it different from other books - they've both obviously gone through so much and really understand and care about the condition from an insider's point of view. This book is far more than a dry textbook, it shares the personal experiences of both the authors and dozens of people with the condition, often in a wonderfully humorous way. I cried when I read some of the accounts, but also felt lots of hope when I read how many people (such as Stephen Fry) go on to lead very successful, happy lives. I now feel so much better placed to help, support and encourage my friend. Buy this book - it's a good read and an invaluable resource.
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on 2 March 2011
From the moment this book arrived i couldnt put it down - been recently diagnosed. it was in a readable format unlike so many which are much more medical textbook styles with too much tech jargon. It's informative, answers all the questions you have and more. wonderful book on the topic.
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on 27 March 2014
I read a few books on Bipolar Disorder when I was first diagnosed. It's the only one that I could actually find the answers I was looking for with ease, and even 5 years later I still use it as a reference for things I don't understand. I lost my first copy a couple of months back and have bought a new copy now because it is one I still want to hand. It's great for both people who have been diagnosed and for friends and family.
The little accounts/quotes from people describing their experiences throughout, make it much easier to relate to.

It's not just a reference book about the disorder, it makes you feel not so alone with it.
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on 10 October 2010
I really bought this book for a bi-polar friend of mine. She read it straight away and said she could hardly put it down - it was a great help to her. She wants me to read it now as the book is all about both suffers, and those who care for them.
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on 19 December 2010
Very thorough book which is easy to read and talks about nearly everything to do with Bipolar disorder. Particularly helpful was the quotes from others with this disorder and it was this that made me feel I was not alone.
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on 21 September 2013
Having been diagnosed with bipolar disorder, it has been a struggle to say the least to explain it to the people I allow to know about it.
I'm not the only one of my siblings and fear to god my kid-sister might ever get diagnosed too.
I thank you both for this book as it helps me to read through and as it helps me to more carefully choose my words as in how I explain it. So far I have always gotten extremely aggravated by people who don't understand it as I explain and I just tell them to read about it, out of fear that I get to my boiling point by being misunderstood
Now I have send this book to my mother as she is still struggling to come to terms with two of her children being diagnosed so far.
I have been living with this for the good part of ten years now and in recent event of my brother being told the same, I've been trying not to let myself slide into sadness of how I feel that he must go through the same pain, and find the necessary help to help our surroundings of coping while we are trying to cope too.

Thank you
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on 3 December 2011
I am so grateful for the reviews on this book on Amazon as they encouraged me to buy this book, and I am so pleased I did! This book has been invaluable for me since recently receiving a diagnosis of Bipolar II, I cannot explain how helpful it is. I can't think of any questions I had (that were not totally personal to me eg. how will a particular person react) that this book didn't answer, and not only answer it provides sources of information which I liked as it shows how well researched the book is. Even when finishing the book it also provides a large list of recommended further reading also. I found the answers to be answered in simple language without being patronising (which can be very hard to find!)

Having finished this book I will mention it to my friends and family and if any of them want to learn more about Bipolar they can buy this book (don't think I am ready to give mine up just yet!)

I simply cannot recommend this book enough!
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on 18 July 2014
Any book purporting to be an Ultimate resource should be avoided.If people don't know in the first person then they shouldn't be so conceited.Avoid this if you suffer life and see through everything.It's a really lightweight and hubristic read.I hope they never get Bipolar Disorder themselves.Even the people cashing in don't deserve it.I spose it's okay if your condition is lighter like Mr Fry's.
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