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on 14 March 2015
Very nice book, did find it a bit predictable with the Daleks, also there were some typos/ changes with how the daleks talked but I suppose it's down to the authors ideas about them.
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on 26 July 2011
Short novel (about 2 1/2 hours at my reading speed), but very entertaining. The Daleks are used well with a group of sympathetic characters for the Doctor to meet.
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on 15 March 2015
One of the best Dalek story's i have read in a long time
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on 3 November 2009
I'm an avid fan of the Doctor Who audio books and this is by far one of the best. 5 CD's of the Doctor caught in true adventure. Gripping from start to finish - I didn't want it to end.
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on 6 March 2015
looking forward to reading it
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on 23 March 2015
Quality story
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on 7 March 2017
Found the whole thing to be very patchy.

The Doctor doesn't do anything particularly clever throughout, whilst people around him drop like flies.

The story is very simplistic and the worst sin is the Dalek dialogue, which sounds like an argumentative teenager having a tantrum, but in CAPS.

In fact the "lingo" throughout is 21st century teenager, especially from the Doctor..and then we have the shoe-horning in of old favourites like "I'm Sorry. I'm so very sorry."

A lazy, uninteresting, affair.
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on 21 October 2014
Dark, brooding and wonderfully exciting. The author captures the essence of the Daleks perfectly, with a cast of great supporting characters and a well written Doctor.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 March 2014
This is a great Dalek tale, one of the best that is not based upon a televised story. The plot isn’t particularly original – the Daleks are being typical Daleks and the Doctor is incarcerated several times until he manages to outwit his foes and save the day. However, these things are done exceptionally well. The Daleks are best at their most threatening. In this novel they are deliciously deadly and malicious, particularly Dalek X (what a great name for a Dalek). The author portrays a might Dalek Empire that threatens to sweep across the universe.

But what is particularly good about this novel are the disturbing parallels it draws between how humans and Daleks both treat their prisoners of war. The author goes to some lengths to portray the Dalek’s evil nature. There are references to how they tune their guns to the most agonising setting and many examples of their callous treatment of their work slaves. Furthermore, Dalek X seems to take pleasure from interrogating and torturing his victims. But the Daleks’ treatment of their prisoners is really no worse than the way a group of predominantly human bounty hunters torture a Dalek.

The novel also gives us an example of the results of deploying an Osterhagen Key, which originally appeared in Stolen Earth/Journey’s End. It is a memorable and effective image and a shame we don’t get to see it on the television (that would involve some amazing CGI).

The author has the Tenth Doctor spot on. His allies in this novel are a group of bounty hunters that hunt down Daleks for a living. They are a ruthless, tough and varied bunch, and the Doctor doesn’t exactly approve of them. There are some well written characters amongst them and their leader, Bowman, has something of the Abslom Daak about him.

In many Doctor Who novels where the Doctor doesn’t have a regular companion with him he seems to adopt an honorary companion for the duration of the adventure. From almost the outset that seems to be the case with this novel. But this doesn’t work out and we are left with a situation where the Doctor can’t have the ally he wants and has to make do. This makes for an interesting change and says something about how the Doctor chooses companions.

Dalek X is a brilliant antagonist. He is a Dalek with a lot of presence and his own distinct character. There is some great dialogue between him and the Doctor and his role in the Dalek Empire as Inquisitor General possesses connotations of the Spanish Inquisition. He is definitely a Dalek who should somehow re-appear.
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on 7 October 2014
The BEST Dalek story I Have EVER read..and one of the BEST Doctor Who novels I have ever read..The Doctor is on his own in this superb novel..always a ticket to trouble when he is. He finds himself on the planet Hurala and soon finds trouble..not only with a group of Dalek bounty hunters..but with The Daleks themselves..All of which are captured and tricked by The Daleks..I loved the charactarisation in this..lead by the bounty hunter leader Jon Bowman..At first they dont like The Doctor..nor do they trust him..and you can also feel The Doctors..anger..hatred..and..sheer discust for The Daleks. But as the story goes on..The commradship between The Doctor and the bounty hunters grows against the odds that are so highly stacked against them..Its The Doctors cunning and cleaver thinking against Dalek X..who is described briliantly as The Devil in Dalek form..that eventually wins through..You can hear David Tennants voice saying the dialouge as you read the novel..and he has some great one liners..To me you just COULD NOT get a better all round story..You are just thrust into the story and its VERY difficult to put down once you start reading..I MORE than highly recommend this novel to every and any Doctor Who fan young and old...ENJOY.
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