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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 16 February 2018
Read the book in a few days and enjoyed it very much!
A lot of information packed into this little volume.
It's a sturdy hardback giving us the history of the Daleks from their conception
to their many visits in different time zones. It gives their heirarchy, a lot of
artwork on designs that went forward [and those that didn't].
Everything you want to know about the Dalek's is here [games info/info on comics/
ideas/how they do the voice/websites etc.]

Recommended read.
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on 4 October 2011
This truly is a lovely book. Despite the picture on the front of the book in which the new Dalek paradigm is portrayed rather prominently, this book discusses the Daleks from the beginning in the Classic series until today. Contrary to quite a few other recent publications (like the dictionary and the time traveller's guide) the space taken up by the Classic series is sufficient, even for someone who has been a fan since the early 70's when I was a highly interested 8-year-old. There is a lot of background stuff on Skaro, the Thals, the Dals (!?) and the Kaled's, and the Time War. All Dr. Who's confrontations with the Daleks are discussed extensively (including those serials with episodes that do not exist any more), while the authors even try to make something of the disturbingly complicated Dalek timelines in relation to the timelines of Earth.

Furthermore, information is provided about comics, plays, novels, audio plays and adaptations, and computer games as well (all categorised as Dalekmania). A nice touch is the fact that the Daleks have even asserted their right to be the supreme beings in this universe. You can find this statement in the colofon among the authors' rights, the BBC rights and the mentioning of the Daleks' creator Terry Nation. It made me laugh almost as much as when the Daleks were speaking German in the new series 4 episode Journey's end. I admire these kind of things.

Another nice touch is the illustrative showing of Daleks in all the time periods, starting in 1963, and ending with the new paradigm. I admit to be less than enthousiastic about this latest version. Despite the added size and mass, they seem to be more of a plaything or a toy than the earlier versions that were more spooky and scary. Even if you could sometimes see quite easily that they were well past their date of minimum durability for a TV prop!But they always remained true to form. The only saving grace on t.v. is the voice, but alas, that connot be put into a book like this. The first Daleks in the new series (serie 1-4) were great, highly recognizable and, as one of the designers states in the book: as daleky as you can get with no real changes in the design (even if they changed quite a lot of so-called little things).

Contrary to this negative evaluation of the new, toyish and even somewhat cute (instead of frightening and Daleky), Daleks, the ironsides were actually quite good. And hurray, the authors included a picture of an ironside actually serving tea with the tray on the sucker arm. Great picture.

Thankfully, the new Daleks only take up a relatively small part of the book, which otherwise is packed with all the other versions we love so much! I would advise any fan to buy this. Excellent and great fun.
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on 29 January 2013
I bought this book off Amazon for my brother for Christmas, with the condition that once he'd read it, he would let me read it. When the book came, I was a little bit disappointed because it was smaller than I thought it would have been, but since he is convinced that the Daleks are the ultimate Doctor Who monster, he was more than happy with it. For the meagre sum of £6.99 you get 160 pages of Dalek related information. This is split into 3 sections per chapter. The best thing you get is the fictional history of the Daleks, as well as other races connected to them, like the Thals for example. Part of these include a Dalek timeline, which can be a bit confusing. Next you get the behind the scene section, how they designed the Daleks, how they got the voices, creating (recreating) Davros. There are also black and white photographs, colour photographs, drawings and sketches and a blueprint. The only two bits of behind the scenes I skipped were who was inside the Daleks and who voiced them. The last section per chapter is Dalek Mania, which basically tells you all about the magazines, comic strips, graphic novels and merchandise. Having not finished the book, since Christmas Day, my brother loaned me it and I read it in two days. The writers have packed a lot of information; some of which is not in the other Dr Who books I have read, into the little book and I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the fictional history, the behind the scenes, not so much. I still, however, recommend this title.
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VINE VOICEon 13 June 2011
As the owner of the original Dalek Handbook (including A Space Travellers Guide) which was published during the mid-60's, I was keen to see how this BBC Books latest version faired and I was pleasantly surprised.
The book is jammed cover to cover with facts, photographs and illustrations on everything to do with the Daleks on-screen, film and stage and in the media including TV21, Dalek annuals and novelisations. Exploration of the Dalek roots is covered from Davros and the Dals and Thals through the Dalek conquests involving Mechonoids, Cybermen and the Doctor.
If I had to make one criticism it would be that some of the smaller photographs are of very poor quality and this should not be the case with recent digitally remastered copies of the original stories now available on DVD.
Overall, though, I would highly recommend this book to any Doctor Who and Dalek fan.
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on 27 December 2013
A complete encyclopedia of the daleks
From there skaro birth to their iconic regeneration into the 21st century.
The entire history of one of the scariest TV monsters of all time (and space).
After reading for the seventh or sixth time I started to realise that you keep coming back to it for help even though you've read the same paragraph 5 times.
It has information from and on 1963 to 2010 episodes, audiobooks, annuals, films, scripts, design sketches and so much more.
If you are new to Doctor Who it's a great book to help you get refreshed with the past,
or if you are an old fan it can help with finding those little bits that you missed.
There is actually NO faults I can find with it.
So go out and buy it now!
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on 26 November 2012
This book is a very impressive and colourful guide to the Doctor's biggest foes. It covers the history of the daleks from day one to the present, and explains how they began fictionally and in the real world. There is information on their dimensions, Skaro, Davros, their ranks and all the different types of dalek. Once you have read this you will understand about each and every time they have fought the Doctor, and how they were re-invented for the new series. A well informed and enjoyable guide.
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on 14 February 2018
Always thought the Daleks were the coolest thing in Doctor Who and this book is an awesome collection of Dalek facts
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on 18 November 2015
Great book delivered quickly and in excellent condition. As a Christmas present for a big Dr Who fan the book is packed with everything you need to know about the Daleks and I'm sure it will be a hit with the recipient. Great service and value thank you
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on 27 January 2013
It is a very good book but I was surprised by the size of it (maybe I did not read the dimensions, if they were given). I thought it would be A4 size but it is a lot smaller. A lot of information in it, both written and pictorial.
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on 30 January 2016
Bought for my Dr who addicted so who loves it.
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