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on 13 March 2012
Yet another in the series of pseudo logical rubbish, it amazes me the lifestyle this woman leads having used 'the secret', yet she's not actually done anything of significance.....no cure for cancer.....no charitable innovations or donations.....selling something without any evidence whatsoever. The people she refers to as 'teachers' are fraudulent gurus selling 'techniques' which too have no evidence of working. It seems all you have to do is to get people excited at the idea of perfection to get them to part with hard earned cash. Positive thinking is a good thing, delusional thinking is not, and unfortunately Rhonda Byrne advocates the latter. According to her gospel truth anyone having read her books should be millionaires, cured there own cancer....met the perfect person.....etc etc, this is not the case, and this is not the nature of life. She uses Jesus as an example, I couldn't be sure how he 'attracted' his own crucifixion and I am certain Rhonda could not explain how a grieving mother 'attracted' her sons leukaemia and eventual death.

There is plenty of good advice around for thinking positively, being happier, more loving and making relationships work backed up with plenty of evidence, so why people spend their time with books such as this boggles the mind.

Always be critical,your thinking mind is a wonderful gift
Peace nd love
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on 14 March 2012
How many times have you said "Thank you" today?
When you woke up this morning were you grateful for the day ahead?
When you had your dinner yesterday were you thankful for what you were about to eat?
Are you thankful that you have a job?

This book focuses on how gratitude plays a major role in the law of attraction. I've always practiced the Law of attraction in my life, long before the book The Secret was released. I believe it is the reason many of my dreams have come true. What I like about this book and other books on this subject is they give me a refresher and after reading a few pages instantly make my day better.

Not all people believe that this sort of thing works, infact one review I read called it 'delusional thinking'. People are entitled to their opinions but I know for a fact that many great things in my life has happened because every day I practice the law of attraction and gratitude. All I would say to people who don't believe is, give it a chance. Follow the steps in this book (word for word), stay positive, be grateful and I think you may be surprised how it makes you feel each day.

For a beginner in the Law of Attraction, I think this is the book you should start with. It is more simple and understandable than The Secret and The Power. Read this and follow each step, then move on to the other two for further reading.

If you take this book seriously it will make you a more positive person and will change your life for the better.

THANK YOU for reading my review.

Enjoy living your dreams x
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on 2 August 2012
Positive thinking is good and also understanding about attraction, however this is a very deep subject and more involved than many people realise. There are very many factors which will determine what you can realistically expect to achieve in any lifetime. This to me is a populist, Hollywood style, get rich quick series of books which don't tell the whole story and neither can they be expected to tell the whole story- its beyond the level of understanding of 90% of the population. Basically all people have limitations, limitations beyond which you won't normally be able to go beyond. The paradox is that the more essential understanding you have the less likely you'd be using books like this.
The general population would be better employed starting to understand the real nature of our existence, so called life and so called death and also the nature of 'mind'.

I very strongly advise people to read 'Fourteen Lesson in Yogi Philosophy' by Yogi Ramacharaka. This book was written in the very early 1900s and lays down in very plain and simple language the basics and facts re our existence that everyone should know.

Without understanding this basic knowledge you ought not be reading populist 'how to improve your life' type books. Let me say just this: if you can't get '14 lessons' under your belt don't waste your time with these 'Get Rich Quick' type of best sellers as they mostly won't work and you will begin to understand why they can't always work. As I said previously, we all are subject to limitations in one or more areas of our lives.
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on 11 April 2012
Whatever you do, do not read this book. This book is a recipe for suicide or abject misery. Rhonda Byrne should be sued for every penny she has for the misery she has wreaked upon this earth.

I can disprove 'positive thinking' very easily. None of us are born with negative emotions, we learn them through experience, life gives us these negative emotions through failure. Face it. How many of you have decided to start your own business at some point in you lives? You are full of positive energy about it, you are convinced that this idea cannot fail. You invest perhaps more than you should ensuring everything is exactly as you want it for the launch of this new venture. Then you begin your new business, still stoked up with positive energy. After month one you have made less than nothing, then month two rolls along (you still try to stick to your positive energy) and you again make nothing. Positive thoughts at this juncture can be extremely dangerous because they will lead to do stupid things such as invest even more money in a business that is doomed.

If you had approached this business idea filled with cynicism you would have planned for the pitfalls, you would have looked at all the reasons why a business such as this will fail, and tried to work out how to turn that failure situation into a winnable scenario. If your cynical mind had been at work you would probably decide that the business is a no-go and looked into something else instead.

Another example - you can try this. Convince yourself that you are the luckiest person in the world. Keep looking at every aspect of your life that you think 'boy I'm lucky' about. Then after two weeks open a betting account, look at the horse racing for the day and bet on the horses in each race that you have a 'gut feeling' about - remember, you're the luckiest person alive! Guess what will happen? You'll lose.

Positive thinking is destructive. You become deprogrammed to cope with failure, so when you fail the hit is much harder than it would be to a cynic. Please do not read these books, there are young people who read this and other positive thinking books who go on to commit suicide. I really and truly hope there is a God, because the way Rhonda talks about Jesus is positively blasphemous. She talks about him as if he's some kind of used car salesman.

Avoid these books like the plague - if you want to succeed at something approach it with a cynical mind. Always have half a mind that you very well may fail.
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on 7 March 2012
I was expecting a nice hardback, colourfully illustrated book, like The Power. But it's a black and white paperback. Not of the same quality as previous Rhonda Byrne books, which is a massive shame.
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on 4 April 2013
In the book, The Magic, Rhonda Byrne talks about gratitude and then invites the reader to spend a period of 28 days completing various practices. Some of these daily practices are performed throughout the remaining period, while others are simply performed on the same day at which they are assigned. It is clear, however, that it is the author's intention that some or most of these daily practices are to be incorporated into the reader's everyday life and thus eventually become habitual.

With that being said, the Magic is a book which is to be read in 28 days. It is therefore quite easy to find the time to read the daily practices; and since each practice does not necessarily consume a lot of time, it is quite manageable to allocate the time to read- and complete these daily practices.

In the book, the author makes some bold claims; which can basically be summed up to the idea that by feeling and being more grateful, one will attract more favorable things, situations, experiences, circumstances, people etc. into one's life. At this point I can neither confirm nor refuse this claim; the universe has certainly not showered me with hundreds of thousands of dollars just yet. But then again; I have managed to save about 80% on the purchase of a new bed, I managed to quit a 20 year old bad habit and I received unexpected help in paying the expenses connected with my daughter's baptism next Sunday (just to mention some of the things that happened to me recently). Whether or not these incidences can be attributed to these "magical practices" I have been performing, I just cannot say for sure; maybe these occurrences would have happened either way?

In order to substanciate the author's claim, about gratitude actually adding more value to one's life, I would say that one needs to carry on the practices for an extended period of time and then make some reasonable comparison between one's everyday results after- and prior to the point where one has initiated this process of internalizing gratitude. If a noticeable change is observed, then perhaps the claim is sound.

Another bold claim is that the author speaks of the law of attraction as a mathematical law. She says (quote): "...when you ask for a magnificent outcome and feel sincerely grateful for it, you are using the mathematical law of attraction..." This claim is really the only part of the book that actually bothers me.

I happen to study mathematics at the university and though I am not familiar with the entire field of mathematics (it is quite enormous), I feel extremely confident that I will never come across any "theorem of attraction". I am sure that the author intents to say that the law of attraction is mathematically precise. But it is surely too bold a claim to say that the law of attraction is an actual part of the field of mathematics - in fact, that would sort of be a nonsense claim. I think that the author should have consulted an actual mathematician to verify the parts of her book where she makes a connection between mathematics and the law of attraction. The author herself states that mathematics is precise and she is absolutely correct. But this means that once you decide to step into the field of mathematics, you need to watch your step, because you cannot allow yourself to arrive at conclusions which are not currently proven according to the strict rules which form the strength of this field. In other words; if the law of attraction were actually a mathematical law (or theorem), then this law would have been soundly based on some mathematical proof or proofs. I dare to claim that no such proofs exist and hence no such mathematical law exists (and if it does, I would sure love to see it).

When it comes to the law of attraction, I believe it is very important that one is able to separate mathematics, science and spirituality. The law of attraction is first and foremost a spiritual concept and it has remained a spiritual concept up until the point where science introduced the field of quantum physics. The field of quantum physics was then a path through which the law of attraction could enter the field of science and upgrade its status from being spiritual concept to being a scientific theory. However, theories are not to be confused with reality (whatever that is). Rather, theories are accepted interpretations of reality and within the field of science, scientists themselves disagree on which theories we should rely on. There is such a thing as conflicting theories and there are certainly scientists who do not acknowledge the field of quantum physics and most certainly scientists who refuse to acknowledge the law of attraction as a scientifically sound idea. Though the law of attraction may be recognized as a theory, this does not imply that it has been proven. It simply means that it is an organized collection of ideas which has not been disproven or falsified. Science is a field that evolves; theories enter and leave this field all the time. So one should certainly not confuse theories with truth or reality - a recognized theory today could be falsified tomorrow. At this time, the law of attraction is neither more nor less than exactly that - a scientific theory at most - and there is a very distinct line between science and mathematics. To my knowledge, the law of attraction has not crossed that line and as a final note on this matter; mathematics does not give a hoot about reality anyway - mathematics exists in a realm of its own with a complete disregard of what "reality" has to say.

What I mean to say, is that the author is close to overstepping her bounds with the connections she describes between the law of attraction, science and mathematics. She makes no effort to emphasize the fact that the law of attraction is a theory at most. Rather, she advocates that the law of attraction is real and then uses mathematics and science to support this claim. Regardless of what the author feels in regards to the existence of such a law, I would see no harm in her actually stating the fact that she is advocating a theory: It may be true and it may be not and if you want truth, then do not turn to science, go to church.

But despite my above objections, The Magic has actually become one of my favorite books. The reason for this being, that I have actually gained value from reading it and by performing the suggested practices. I am naturally not talking about attracting stuff, nor am I talking about gaining knowledge about the suggested law of attraction. I am talking about the fact that I have gained a greater sense of appreciation for things, situations, circumstances and people that I had previously taken for granted. A very interesting point that the author makes is; that if you are not grateful for someone or something in your life, then you are taking them for granted. This is certainly a point that I have decided to take to heart. I dare to make the bold claim that reading this book can certainly make you a wealthier person. But I would make sure to point out that this increase in wealth is to be measured by the increase of appreciation for the things which are already part of your life. If you are currently taking things and people for granted, then these must be deemed worthless to you and hence you must, in a sense, live and experience poverty regardless of how much stuff you horded or how many people are a part of your everyday life. As you raise your appreciation for these things and people, you actually add value to them and hence become wealthier - even if no new person enters your life, even if not a single extra penny finds its way to your pocket and even if not a single extra item becomes part of your current possessions. This is the value I gained and it is certainly more than enough.

I would say that the book will be appreciated by anyone who is willing to completely disregard the "using-the-law-of-attraction-to-get-me-more-stuff-I-think-I-need-to-fulfill-me" mentality and who is, instead, determined to simply raise their current level of appreciation. I suspect that people who read this book with an expectation that they will somehow magically be showered with riches, will most likely be disappointed and miss the actual message of the book. I would say that the various practices and information about gratitude is, in and of its own, reason enough to read this book. This is, for sure, exactly where the author is able to deliver on her promises.

So my verdict is: Purchase, read and use this book if you wish to raise your level of gratitude. If this happens to attract favorable things, circumstances, situations, people etc. into your life, then simply consider it an added bonus. I think the author did a great job on this book.

Thank you, Rhonda.
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on 6 March 2012
Just finished the magic, Its good the way it is laid out in an easy to follow 28 day format, but as for being magical well I don't think so, Its an uplifting book yes but has anything magical happened? Well no, pretty much like the secret and the power, the LOA requires action, being grateful alone won't cut it. So to sum up yes its uplifting but other than that haven't got much else to say.
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on 10 September 2014
In my view this book and others like it are as bad as some of the lunatic religious fringe elements that prey on the weak, vulnerable and insecure in our society, blatantly going after the money of those who can least afford it. The New Age self help industry has become rather like the diet and food business: a huge multimillion pound industry whose aim is to keep you under. Diets and diet books don't work: otherwise it wouldn't be one of the largest sections of any bookshop. So it is with this kind of nonsense: the self-help industry, aided and abetted by the multi-media we are so saturated with wants you to believe that there is something wrong with you, your life needs fixing, you can "awaken the giant within". It is basic common sense that if you want a happier life try to not to get stressed too much, relax a bit, be nice to people, that's about it..........above all work hard, and you might get lucky too. Rhonda Byrne's seems to believe that illness, obesity, financial problems are all products of negative thinking and that by thinking positive thoughts and asking the Universe endless bounty will arrive. Yes well that will crack it won't it? Let's airdrop 1000's of copies of Rhonda Byrne's books on Syria and Iraq and watch Isis lay down their arms. It is an odious and offensive "philosophy" - how can it possibly be justified when one considers what is happening to people in certain parts of the world through no fault of their own? The pseudo-science in this is just laughable, the use of the Disney "Glad Game" from Pollyanna 1963 (sic.) of an example of how to get your hearts desire panders to the absolute lowest common demoninator of intelligence.

Come on people, get real and see through this multi-million dollar charlatan. Go and look in the mirror, see yourself for who you really are and work things out for yourself. You don't need books like this to become the true you. Because you already are. There are only two self-help books worth reading and they are both written by a man called John Cleese.
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on 28 July 2012
I enjoy reading Rhondas books for that reason only...they are enjoyable. As far as "magic" goes however, I dont think so, but that is my own personal opinion. I feel the entire book could have been written in one chapter as the entire message chapter by chapter,is saying "thank you, thank you, thank you" but just under different headings over a 28 day period.
I do believe, however, that the magic is working for Rhonda as she says "thank you for buying my book"
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on 6 March 2012
I have just bought this book on kindle and read it on my laptop. This is a wonderful how to guide to living a life of real gratitude.

The book contains 28 days of Practices/lessons which build on each other. The first 12 practices use the power of gratitude for what you have now and have received in the past. The next 10 practices show you how to use the power of gratitude to make your dreams come true. The final six practices teach how to use gratitude to help others, dissolve problems and obstacles you may encounter.

At the end of each lesson is a to-do list making this an excellent how to book. I am a massive fan of The Power it is the best book about The Law Of Attraction I have read. This is an equally fine discourse of The Law Of Gratitude.
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