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on 2 July 2013
I have loved Mary since the first days of Where Are The Children? We've grown older together.
I think she's on the wane now though. All to formulaic, repetitive sentences, over familiar description
and a loss of originality. This one isn't bad, it's just not the Mary we knew. Agatha Christie went off
in her dotage and I fear Mary is too. Time to end the annual churn out of novels and snuggle up to
John Conheeny. It's like Bruce and Strictly, time to call it a day.
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on 2 March 2015
After the sacrilege of deleting one of her books at only 26% last time I picked one up (The Lost Years) I assumed it was a total anomaly and since I have 16 others by her I've greatly enjoyed I should be safe.....every author's entitled to one dog of a book, surely ?
However..........this one is as bad and I won't be wasting anymore money on her more recent stuff. It's like somebody else has stepped in to perhaps help out but the whole style is different and nowhere near as good !! She writes again in that annoying, uncalled-for first person as third person thing which irritated me before....I could maybe deal with that but there are mistakes in it, too and it is repetitive and just bored me in the end. This time I got 34% in before deleting.
I also doubt the author AND her editor forgot a title of one of her books. I remembered it just fine so I found thst hard to swallow.
For some reason the word she was with a space in this story-s he. Not something I expect to see and neither is now used where it's meant to be know. I looked up the word tortience but the Kindle dictionary along with Google had no idea what I meant...not good.
She kept on repeating that Kate couldn't have committed the crime and that she hoped it doesn't come up in any conversation ad nauseum till I'd seen enough. A great shame as she used to write great books but after deleting 2 now I won't bother again.
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on 2 November 2014
review image
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on 13 September 2014
I know this author is very popular, and she came highly recommended, but I can't bear her prose style. She is very repetitive, as if she thinks we can't remember details of her characters or plot and when she repeats herself it feels as though she had a thesaurus to hand. Too irritating for words!
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on 10 February 2014
I was confused by all the characters and new ones cropping up half way through the book. The plot was awfully complicated and sub-plot after sub-plot... I felt that the book could be a lot shorter and get to the point. I don't know if it was because of so many very short chapters, but it seemed to limp along. One thing I did like about the very short chapters was that there were so many opportunities to stop and lay the book down. (I don't normally like stopping in the middle of a chapter.)
I often feel that books with so many characters should have a list of character and who's who at the back or front of the book, or maybe a family tree..
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VINE VOICEon 15 October 2013
Mary Higgins Clark produces a new book once a year but in spite of many great books over the years, she now seems to have settled almost on a writing-by-numbers formula, the last few have been very similar, wealthy main female character with a family in jeopardy, numerous male suspects that it's difficult to distinguish from each other. This latest book is again very formulaic, but it is a bit better than the last few, and there weren't the identical men in suits suspects which was a bonus. The plot was ok but I thought the twist became apparent about halfway through, and the characters are all a bit one dimensional. If you're a long time fan then it's worth a read but not on a par with the early ones.
Mary was once one of my favourite authors but I think perhaps now the time has come for her to bow out gracefully, she has written some superb thrillers but is letting her own good name down with the predictable ones she's been churning out lately.
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on 13 April 2014
I have read all Mary Higgins books and I can't believe that these last two books: I Walk alone and this one have been written by her.
They are not thriller's, they are bad written, the plot is weak and before the middle of the book the plot is evident. Even the style is somewhat artificial.
The moment we know Douglas and Connors were twins the culprit was evident.
I am sorry but these books are not up to Mary Higgins usual.
I hope her next book is better
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on 23 July 2013
One feels obliged to give an author of Mary Higgins-Clark's caliber superb reviews. Five or four stars, no less. Because this author is extremely talented and has over the years written lots and lots of brilliant books. I have always ordered any new one in hardcover. Automatically. And enjoyed.

Not this time.

The plot is not so bad. The rest is far below pari. Stilted, almost juvenile, dialogue. Lots of repetitions screaming for better editing. The whole story sounds kind of mechanical, a mass production product with no originality or clever, personal flair.

Can this really be written by such a talented author who in the past has given me so many, many hours of delightful reading hours??

I finished the book. The plot was almost obvious but I managed to hang on till the end. Thus the two stars.

Definitley time for a break!
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on 29 November 2014
Once again Mary Higgins Clarke has written a story with more twists and turns than an alpine road. Everyone has a motive but nothing becomes clear until the penultimate chapter.
Following a fire at a factory making reproduction antiques the bodies begin to appear. As the investigation progresses, chance meetings bring romance to the lives of those involved.
A very enjoyable read on many levels.
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on 26 July 2014
Being a great fan of Mary Higgins Clarke, I did find this a bit hard going at first. It did pick up though and by the end I was quite hooked.I did guess what had happened about halfway through this one (earlier than usual) but there was enough red herrings to throw a bit of doubt so it was still a good read. Not her best though.
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