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Customer reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars

on 17 March 2013
My mum said that this book was brilliant and was hooked from the first page. An interesting book which should be read.
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on 1 April 2017
Stunning book by Roxy
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on 26 February 2012
From the first page to the last, this book is utterly engaging. Roxy's life has been whirl of experiences which range from wonderful to deeply disturbing. Yet she retains an optimism and determination to fulfil her potential which is both admirable and inspiring. 'Little Gypsy' demonstrates the spirit and independence of a remarkable woman, and the warmth of an unforgettable family. A captivating book.
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on 2 November 2014
This is a memoir of a family which chose an 'unconventional lifestyle'. What started as a possible novalty for her mother, coming from a rich American family, soon became a life choice. There has been a little fluff about whether book was actually about a gypsy child, as the title suggests, and actually I did think by the title and cover it would be a weak, happy go lucky tale about life on the road, but there is nothing wishy-washy about this book. Roxy does have some gypsy blood, how much becomes irrelevant. But there is evidence certainly in some of the family ways, like the using of separate bowls for different uses, of course.
The girl can write, there could be no argument about that, far better than those who have been educated much of their lives. She can build presence and draw you in and have you sample the life she was experiencing without any pity for herself, and she is astonishingly honest, opening her heart about things which could easily have been kept secret. Sometimes, bless he heart, it is just like reading her private diary. Which is part of the reason you warm quickly to her.
I found myself very fond of her brother, Rollin, the little lad who collected scrap at a young age, as he reminded me very much of one of my own brothers. And, in fact, much of those descriptive pieces, about the horses etc, made me very nostalgic for my own childhood and I could have read a lot more of it. Although her father, Dik, often seemed aloof and sometimes failed her and the family, he is none the less an intriguing character, and I would have loved a second book to establish a later family life, or even an account of Dik's early life.
Overall, this is a great book and Roxy has a such a powerful voice desperate to be heard that I hope this isn't the only book she writes, and if done with memoirs, goes on to write fiction. If so, I would definitely read that too.
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on 15 January 2014
I was moved by this book, even more so because it is a true story. The fact that Roxy managed to achieve so much despite such a tragic and deprived upbringing is an example to many. It does not provide a misty-eyed nostalgic picture of life as a traveller, as many of the "gypsy books" do, but the author describes it as it really is, and the reader feels part of the story. The ending is as exciting as any novel - I find myself awaiting a sequel.
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on 31 October 2011
I read little Gypsy after seeing Roxy on a daytime show. The book was fascinating and gave a wonderful insight into life without the restrictions of traditional living. As part of her story Roxy gave a very sensitive but straight forward account of her experiences of sexual abuse. This was very helpful for me to read as members of my family are currently going through a similar prosecution. Thank you Roxy.
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on 28 October 2013
Having read this book you get to understand a little of the difficult lives gypsy children face. They did not choose this way of life, they were born into it and knew no better than to make the best of it. I admire their courage and their ability to cope with their not so easy lifestyle. If you get to know them, you may find there are some lovely people amongst them, many with wonderful talents they have learnt on the way. Worth a read.
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on 12 November 2011
My niece directed me to this book knowing that I too have a travelling spirit and I absolutely loved it!

I adored reading about Roxy's childhood and life, in which she has experienced many of the things I can relate to: closeness to nature, travelling, Spain, alternative education... and I nodded and laughed along with many of her memories of sleeping (practically) under the stars, exposed to the elements and running generators etc (I live on a boat!).

Of course, there are elements of Roxy's story that are upsetting, but these parts have been written in an eloquent and sensitive manner, allowing her amazing outlook on life to shine through.

Highly recommended to anyone who enjoys reading personal accounts and longs to know more about alternative lifestyles.
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on 8 December 2011
Little Gypsy: A Life of Freedom, a Time of Secrets

This book now a number 1 bestseller! really takes you to the place and time and is wonderfull description of life in a young girl's life on the road Roxy Freeman born into a traveller family shares her life with you and how after a tough childhood a lot of great times and struggle in her teens against all odds Became determined to get an education and didnt give up until she graduated with a Masters decree she suddenly emerges as a brilliant swan we are taken to the fields and marshes of Kent to Ireland we experience her childhood an alternative lifesyle living from the land lots of characters here too! although good and bad the absolute unforgivable subject of child abuse which Roxy describes is so sad telling and emotive the love and closeness of all of her five siblings and of family ties her father's infidelity and the fondness that developed between herself and her half siblings also of the unlikely match of her kentish born father Dik from a Romany Gypsy family in Kent himself her mother Dixey who was just visiting the uk from a wealthy suburb in america and how the relationship grows! there are also a lot of references of the injustices and prejudice of traveller and romany gypsy families and how as a child other children who are so called 'settled' people can be so racist against a breed of people who choose a different culture and way of life
Just read it and be taken into her world i certainly feel as if i know Roxy personally her mother Dixey Freeman is now a fabulous artist and her work is there for you to view on Facebook If you dont read this book you are truly missing out so.....just read it!!!!
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on 29 September 2011
This book is fantastic. I live locally to where the author spent a lot of her life although I didn't know it when I purchased this book. Changes your perceptions of gypsy life and is also sad in places. What a clever person this author despite all the odds to get an education and learn to read and write and also live the life that she chooses. Good on her! Fabulous 5 Stars a must read.
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