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Oh my my what can i say.

I received this a few days ago and picked it up to read this morning and literally could not put it down.

It is the story of Regin the radiant, a Valkyrie, and sister to Lucia and Nix who we have all read about in previous stories.

It does cover a lot of old ground though, for all the people that have read the previous books Demon from the dark, and pleasure of a dark prince, you will know that Declan Chase hunter extrodinaire, kidnapped and trapped and tortured immortals inside a prison under directions from the order from which there is no escape. Solid steel walls, bulletproof shatter-proof glass, and magical torques around their necks to dampen their abilities.

In those books we were introduced to the facility and what went on there, and so to some extent we have read the story before, twice actually but that doesnt matter, it does run concurrently alongside the previous 2 books.

However this is totally Regin and Declans story, and so you do see things from a different perspective, but at times i was reading and thinking, well i already knew that why do you need to go back over it, but a lot of authors do this, maybe to get us to associate with the stories again, after all it is rather long between releases, but for me that was the only downside.

Declan Chase is hot, scorchingly so in fact and i imagined him to be a bit like Henry Cavill on Steroids, dark hair, amazing body, soulful eyes, and haunted, but beautiful.

Regin is a total contrast, tiny, long blonde hair, petite, i imagine her to be a bit like Reese Witherspoon, sexy and sassy.

They seem to be the perfect match or are they ?

The attraction and sexual tension between these 2 characters is off the charts, even from the very beginning of the story, the pages seem to burn in my hands it was that sexy, but towards the end oh my the sex scenes were written in such a way you think why cant my sex life be that good, it is always better in literature anyway lol.

I wont bore you with a synopsis, for fans of the series you already know Kresley's style of writing and im sure you will love it.

Just one thing to note, the epilogue seemed to suggest that this was the end of the line for these books, it gave a very clear description of future generations of Regin and Declan stories so im confused as to whether this was the final ever book.

I think it certainly is the end of the line for these 2 characters, and maybe Kresley has had enough for now.

I really hope not, i do believe there are many more stories to tell, personally i would like to read about Thad and his rare hybrid condition, Natalya the poisonous Fey, Uilleam and Munro Macrieve, sexy hot werewolves, what more could a girl ask for, and Nix and Lothaire certainly have a past and a secret that i would ove to read about, in fact i can envisage a rather large love triange between Natalya, Nix and Lothaire which would make excellent reading.

As always with Kresly her writing is superb, you cant fault her characters or her stories, they transport me into worlds i wished i lived in.

For all the people that have come across this book and never read any of the other i am going to list them in order here so you may read them in order, it really annoys me that Amazon dont already do this

1. Playing Easy to Get (Immortals After Dark 1)

2. Hunger Like No Other (Immortals After Dark, Book 1)

3. No Rest for the Wicked (Immortals After Dark, Book 2)

4. Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night (Immortals After Dark, Book 3)

5. Dark Needs at Night's Edge (Immortals After Dark)

6. Dark Desires After Dusk (Immortals After Dark)

7. Kiss of a Demon King

8. Deep Kiss of Winter (Immortals After Dark 8)

9. Pleasure of a Dark Prince (Immortals After Dark 9)

10. Demon From the Dark (Immortals After Dark 10)

Very highly recommended ...
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on 24 February 2011
Yep that's right I have not only blessed this book and series with five stars but now it has in my estimation reached epicness and I don't see that changing any time soon. This is the longest yet and even though its time-line overlaps with Lucia's and Carrow's book, every page counts. This is one intense book and very addictive. There is a lot of story here and some great new characters, Natalya the dark fey was a highlight and we also saw a little of Uilleam. Unfortunately there was no development on Lanthe and Thronos, considering where we left them I'm in agony to find out what happened.

We've been teased with Regin and Aidan's story since book two and finally we get to see in the substantial prologue how Regin first met her perfect blond Viking Berserker...and how he dies before reaching Ohalla - a Berserker's only hope of immortality - gifted by Woden when they win their 200th battle in his name. Tragically for Regin that's just the beginning of her grief because his death also marks the beginning of a terrible curse which resurrects Aidan's soul only for him to die when he finds and remembers Regin again. This has happened three times when we meet Regin in this book desperately trying to re-unite with Lucia to help her in her quest to kill the terrible Cruach.

Though we know that Regin never meets up with Lucia, instead she finds herself in the same isolated prison for immortals as Carrow. I was insanely excited to read this book when in the previous book a recently vivisected Regin hits us with the bombshell that the newest reincarnation of Aidan is Declan Chase, the Magister responsible for her capture and torture. I really wanted to see how Cole would pull this off...The mentally unhinged soldier of the mysterious Order of humans, which have been kidnapping Lorean's to experiment on, submitting them to heinous tortures before executing them is her Aidan? Riiiiiiiiiiiight. He is seemingly the antithesis of Aidan; a black haired, tormented, drugged-up, messed-up Irishman who Regin has little problem seducing into remembering who he is knowing that this will lead to his death and her freedom.

What I really loved about this book was that it wasn't really about Aidan and Reginleit, it's about Declan and Regin. Declan isn't the evil unredeemable character he is introduced to us as, instead he is a complex character who became soulless and hate filled through decades of suffering, torture, lose, drug abuse and brainwashing. His fight to overcome these things was probably the most captivating aspect of book for me, does he atone for years of monstrous deeds? No but this book isn't about that, it's about both Regin's and Declan's struggle with the past, realising what they want and having the strength to see it through. Though being happy to commit genocide is perhaps not the best quality in a hero but Declan really isn't much of a hero to anyone other than Regin. She's his dark obsession, the only thing that eases his anxiety induced by previous lives clamouring for attention and it's her which makes him want to fight his brain-washing to be a better man. Although it makes sense that before he knew her he would seek to numb his pains by seeking revenge for what was done to him and his family by evil immortals and taking drugs, it bothered me a little that he never really seemed to acknowledge that not all immortals are evil or feel any deep remorse for his actions to anyone other than Regin.

Declan does seem to get more page time than Regin, which makes sense given how much we need to soften towards him. Don't get me wrong Regin is still very much the outrageous, funny, larger than life Valkyrie we've seen previously and Cole does a good job developing her, her turmoil over all she's been through with her berserker is heart-wrenching (there might have been tears) but she says it herself she doesn't do introspection and I felt like there was something missing in her emotional development with Declan towards the end.

All-in-all this is a great read, like all the IAD books its incredibly addictive reading, an intense, sensual and dark romance. I'm already obsessing over the next book which is out Jan 2012 and is Lothaire's and his mysterious bride. I knew who would make sense and who I really wanted it to be but after getting into his head -which we get to do a lot in this book and which proved very intriguing and amusing - it looks like that's not going to happen. I'd like to say that I'm less excited for his story but who am I kidding! Cole you tease!
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The book opens with Regin first meeting Aidan back when she was just a girl and still mortal. And this guy pissed me off. I mean yeah ok he wanted to protect the girl he sensed would grow to become 'his woman' but still. He pissed me off. And I loved that Regin left him. The girl has sass by the bucket load and she's 12!

I have to admit that Declan Chase did not endear himself to me either.. we met him in the last book of the series 'Demon from the Dark' and I didn't like him then but I really didn't like him now, not even when we find out what happened in his past. I wanted to reach inside the book and punch him in the...... well you get the message. However, as the book progressed he started to grow on me.

We've had glimpses of Regin in other books before and I love her (not like I love Nix) she's amazing. To see this side of her, falling in love, being hurt (both emotionally and physically) is great. I cant imagine what it must be like for her to watch the man she's destined for die every time they get close... There was a point where I truly hoped Declan would die and reincarnate for her to get the man she deserved.... and then I found myself breaking down at the thought that she might actually lose this man.

When an author can make you change your opinion of a character so much you know they are amazing. I borrowed the first 2 books in this series from the library, I enjoyed them so much I bought the entire collection on ebook but as the series has gone on I have realised how much I love it and so I have been purchasing the paperback versions too. Cole has definitely made it into my 'must buy' list of authors. If you havent started this series yet you really should. You wont be disappointed
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I know this has had some mixed reviews and I can see why and fully agree with a lot of the points made but to me this was still a fantastic book which I couldn't put down. I think that it is not only the actual romance in this series but also the little bits of total humour that Kresley weaves in that makes them so addictive. I don't want to ruin the book for anyone and won't but there is one sentence from Regin at the end of chapter 56 that caught me off guard and had me laughing out loud.....something to do with hounds.....! Despite the book having a lot of torture going on there are plenty of funny moments in it too that do lighten an otherwise dark scenario such as Nucking Futs Nix and her new 'Echolocator' pet Bertil the Bat!

This is the story of the Valkyrie Regin the Radiant and Declan Chase aka the Beserker Aidan the Fierce. This book overlaps the last book about Carrow Graie and Malkom Slaine and also the book prior to that about Lucia and Garreth MacRieve which I actually liked as it gives more insight into the other two books. The story is centred around The Order's facility where Regin and Carrow among many other immortals have been imprisoned and are being tortured, vivisected etc by The Order. Declan Chase is the magister (man in charge) of the facility and absolutely hates immortals little knowing that he is in fact a re-incarnation of Regin's Norse Berserker lover Aidan the Fierce. I won't go into the storyline as I don't want to ruin it for anyone but I will say that I thought this story was absolutely brilliant and even though I really didn't like Declan at the beginning by the end of the book I had totally changed my mind even with his misdeeds included. I have always liked Regin and have been eagerly awaiting her story as she has always come across the funny wild one out of the Valkyrie clan.

I also liked how Lothaire is included in this book as obviously the prequel to his story coming out next year which I can't wait for:)

I loved reading this book and would definitely recommend it not only to series fans but new readers however I would suggest reading them in order otherwise it may not make sense. Although this is the 11th story in the Immortals After Dark series, two of them (Playing Easy to Get & Deep Kiss of Winter) were only short stories as they shared their books with other authors stories so technically this is the 9th 'full' book.
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on 31 March 2011
In the 9th full length book of this highly recommended fantasy romance series, smart mouthed Regin the Radiant finally meets her destined mate (again). Unfortunately she is cursed to lose the latest reincarnation of the mighty Berserker warrior she almost gave her heart to centuries beforehand.

Set almost completely in the facility that housed Carrow the witch in previous book "Demon from the Dark" Regin finds herself locked away and scheduled for torture by Declan Chase; the reincarnation of Aidan the Fierce. Yet Chase is now warped by events in his own past and determined to destroy all immortals, although something about his latest captive; a beautiful glowing woman, has him stalling her scheduled vivisection.

Despite the lack of a variety of locations found in the majority of previous books, this in no way hinders the action in "Dreams of a Dark Warrior". The sexual tension is constant as Chase battles his feelings for a woman he considers an enemy, whilst Regin finds herself torn between kissing Chase and reawakening his memories of her (and bringing about the curse to end his life) and kissing him to ensure his death after witnessing his callous disregard of the other immortals imprisoned with her. I'll make no bones about it; Declan may be drawn to Regin and reluctant to hurt her, but he is more than happy to torture, betray and kill other characters.

I found the story line highly entertaining, the few love scenes positively scorching, plus characters Regin and Nix are an absolute joy to read about. But "Dreams of a Dark Warrior" lost a start because Declan's crimes against all creatures of the Lore (good and evil) are just too harsh to be forgiven, no matter how deeply he falls in love with Regin and tries to right the atrocious crimes he committed. The story line includes snippets of Regin's life with previous reincarnations, and I think she may have been better off with one of them.
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on 19 April 2011
I am a loyal Immortals After Dark fan and this book was another brilliant laughing out loud addition to the series.
I just wonder how funny they ll all be after they are all paired up and married?! It seems that very few Valkyrie have remained single, Nix being one of them. I am so curious to who Cole is going to pair her up with, i hope its Lothaire, as he deserves Nucking Fats Nix as his bride!! There was a moment they shared towards the end, that have me the suspicion it may be her, but we ll have to wait and see.
Regin and Aidan/Chase story was great, i was not fond of the reincarnation bit as it messes with my head a bit as a concept (everything else in the Lore doesn't and that does?!) but I loved Chase's character arch and how he changes, also Regin is such a feisty, funny Valkyrie that their story had me glued to the pages (well, the Kindle) till I consumed it in one go.
We get to see the other angles of the Immortal Island drama (saw it from Carrow's perspective in the previous book, Lucia's in a much earlier book) and it was great to discover more of Lothaire, who may not be as wicked as we thought of him to be (ie he was not the one to capture Furie, the Valk Queen).
What intrigues me is how they are all going to get along, since there are so many vowed enemies and revenges to satisfy and they are all getting related through these pairings, but I guess the evil side will make them join forces....
Anyway, loved it again and cant wait for December '11 for book 12.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 15 April 2012
I love the Immortals After Dark series, I have followed it devotedly from the beginning, even buying anthologies so I could get my hands on the shorter tales in the series. But this time, despite a riveting plot and the building of a steamy relationship between Regin and Chase I found myself getting frustrated.

First of all, here we are, back in The Order's island facility, reliving the same period as in 'Demon from the Dark' but from Regin's cell. I'm hoping we don't go through the same again with Lothaire...?

Secondly, Cole's obsession with a Celtic accent is clear from both this and other series she's created, and previously, with the Scottish Lykae it's worked. But I was more than frustrated that the accent intonations used through this story (no', lass, boyo etc) to demonstrate Declan's Irish brogue did nothing but come across as Scottish and Welsh. I'd rather the accent was implied that unsuccessfully demonstrated.

I have high hopes for Lothaire when it comes out in paperback as he's always filled me with intrigue. But if I am taken back to the facility again I don't think I'll be able to go through with it.
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on 26 March 2011
Maybe it was just me, but having read everything that Kresley Cole has written and actually, re-read it often, and loved it, this one was a bit of a drag...and in fact I left it half way for a few days....but maybe it was just me...
I honestly think that the fact that the situation for the most part of the book wasn't entirely new, since the confinement of different creatures in this compound had been introduced in the previous book, and knowing since then that Aidan was there, etc, I think the element of surprised wasn't there for me.
I absolutely adored the very first part of the book where we are introduced to how the pair met. I think it was beautifully written, and in fact I read it twice, but the main part of the book kept me hoping for something, thinking that I was about to be surprised, but no.... and I thought the end was a bit predictable?? not sure...can't find the right word....
It did however, made me hungry for Lothaire's book....
I definately recommend it though, if you are fan of Cole, and I no doubt will read it again, and perhpas discover a different angle.
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on 23 August 2014
Regin has always been one of the funniest characters so it was great that she finally got her own novel. What I like about these novels is Cole's ability to keep track of an ever expanding world with intertwining story lines - it's best to read them in order to really appreciate them. Only one little critique - seemed like Declan's accent was more Scottish than Northern Irish (e.g. the word 'ken' is used repeatedly). A little slip up from the author which I found frustrating.
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on 10 March 2011
At last my book arrived. I devoured my copy in two nights; just loved that it was so thick but it was finished far too soon.

There are two or three excellent Reviews before me so all I will add is my voice to the positive votes. So full of detail, characters, simmering passion, and, so very funny! I laughed out loud and wondered how KC thought of those lines. Reading this book again will be a priority and also to make a note of the humour.

Now, I am longing for Lothaire but have a feeling we will have to wait a while, because surely he must top it all?

Loved it, loved it........

Oh! Just re-read the reviews again and discovered the next book IS Lothaire's; Now I wish my time away until then!
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