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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 2 March 2010
The most recent book in the series so far (Feb 2010) and definintleyne of my favorites. We learned about Lucia and Garreth in the first book of the series, 'Hunger Like No Other' and now we catch up on what's been happening with them.

Like all Lykae when Garreth first scents his mates while in the middle of a rugby match with the demons he can't help but be drawn to her. But the last thing Lucia needs is a lover, particularly a rough and tumnble Lykae. But Garreth refuses to give up on her and follows her round the world as with her sister Regin she tries to flee him, but is never quite able to deliver a killing blow.

Lucia has her own trials to face, including finding and using a rare weapon to destroy an evil god who has a hold on her. As she struggles on with hre quest it becomes clear that Garreth is as much of an asset to her as he is a pest. Constantly trying to get her to break her vow of chastity Garreth tries everything to win the Valkyrie warrior known as 'The Archer'. Surprising her with thoughtful and much coveted gifts and constantly asking his brother and cousin for advice, making him all the more endearing.

The story includes lots of our favourite characters from this series, some good, some bad and leaves us on a killer cliffhanger.

Garreth like Lachlain and Bowen before him is every bit the rugged, rogue of a hero that fans of this series will love. With his Scots accents and wolfy behaviour he's a heart breaker for sure. And Lucia is fine and fiesty and an excellent match for him. A truly wonderful addition to the series and in my top three.

How will I ever wait for the next one...
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on 23 September 2012
I've got all of the IAD series now but i've not bought or read them in any particular order. I spose it would've been better if i had cos a lot of the relationships and events are linked and therefore become reference points, BUT they can be read as standalones.(I reread them in order).
Pleasure of a Dark Prince centres around Garreth MacRieve (Lykae) and Lucia "the Archer". (Valkyrie). Garreth knows that Lucia is his mate but doesn't tell her at first for fear of scaring her away, but when he finds out that she is off to stop an Apocolypse by offing a verrry nasty god type, he follows her accross the world to see that she comes to no harm. AW! I'nt that nice! At every turn Lucia is trying to get rid of Garreth by blowing him up, shooting him and generally being a pain in the rear. At first this is because he is plain annoying but after a while even she has to admit that she wants him to stay away cos she doesn't want to see him hurt.
The problem is that she has a few secrets surrounding herself and said nasty god type, but won't tell the Lykae. Maybe if she did some explaining ? But NO! that would make things too simple. SO on they go, into the bowels of the Amazon.
I think this has to be one of my favourite IAD books because it's always full steam ahead, not slowing down even for the forty foot caimens or man squishing anacondas.
Apart from being a bit too secretive, Lucia isn't irritating, which is something i find all too common with these 'kick ass' females.
The one thing she does whinge about is understandable as it has huge consequenses.She gets on and gets the job done.
Garreth, wellll, even though you know that he wants to throw Lucia over his shoulder while roaring "MINE" at the top of his lungs, he actually manages to show some restraint for her sake. Bit of a plus if you like restraint i spose, if not, too bad. But of course there is nothing to forgive cos he is HOT!. Not just his looks, but pretty much everything about him. He is what the Lykae call a 'worthy' male.
All in all a great read with adventure, hot romance and humour aplenty.
Definitely worth the effort it takes to move your eyeballs from side to side!
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on 11 July 2017
Great book very good value thanks 5*
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on 14 April 2013
I discovered Kresley Cole by accident, long story but got one book through a second hand book shop and got hooked. Love her, makes the fantasy more of a reality picked up the book and can not stop reading it x. Love the thread of the other books leading you onto more of the immortals after dark series x.
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on 20 June 2017
In good conditions.
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on 8 March 2010
In A Hunger Like No Other, Kresley Cole introduced us to the incomparable couple of Lachlain MacRieve and Emmaline Troy. In Pleasure of a Dark Prince, Cole continues the story with Garreth, another equally likeable and lick-a-licious Lykae who also happens to be Lachlain's brother.

Pleasure of a Dark Prince seems more sumptuous in plot and visuals than previous novels, and Cole capitalizes on the innate banter that richly flows between the Valkyrie sisterhood, as well as the Lykae. You'll catch yourself laughing...frequently. The texting between Regin and Lucia, as well as the infallible Nix-isms is infectious and always delivers. It was definitely an enjoyable read, with the overall impression that more work went into plotting of this book. The key is mining back to that original story, and fans obsession with the Lykae, which I will admit, I am just as guilty of, as any other.

This time, Cole's arrow shoots true by continuing a story that remains on most readers and reviewers lists as their top favorite paranormal romance. The attraction between Garreth and Lucia is scorching hot and Cole has outdone herself with the whoopee scenes. Really, really sizzling! The stakes are higher, with Cole also hinting at the impending Accession in the Lore, and hot on everyone's heels. Action speeds up towards critical mass in Pleasure, but the characters have their own issues to deal with despite the impending cataclysm of warring supernatural factions.

Cole takes the reader back to the familiar territory of Val Hall in New Orleans, and the Lykae manse compound Kinevane in Scotland as Garreth tracks his Valkyrie/Skathian mate, Lucia the Archer. A new setting this time, Cole brings the characters to the wilds of the Amazon channeling some serious Dirk Pitt, William Race, and Lara Croft as Garreth and Lucia try to acquire the dieumort, an arrow that possesses the power to off a god. Lucia is desperate for this weapon of power due to the fact that the god they are trying to off is...her own husband, Cruach, aka Crom Cruach, The Broken, Bloody One.

For readers just discovering Cole, I highly recommend reading a Hunger Like No Other and Wicked Deeds on a Winter's Night just to familiarize themselves with the Immortals After Dark series as well as the schism between Valkyrie, Lykae, Vampire Horde as well as Lachlain and Emma's story. Pleasure was a memorable, scrumptious read, that most likely I will read to tatters just like Hunger, especially since we have been left a Lore cliff-hanger of epic proportions. Greedily looking forward to what is revealed when Cole's next installment, Demon from The Dark is released!

A Fiendishly Bookish Review
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on 1 March 2010
Firstly I disagree 100% with the previous reviewer. This story was awesome. I was so engrossed in the book that I didn't notice the time until I'd finished and it was 5.55am. I am a huge fan of the Immortals After Dark series and eagerly await each story as they are so good.

The story is about a Lycae called Garreth MacRieve (as the previous reviewer mistook for Garth) and a Valkyrie Huntress called Lucia who is bound to be chaste and an archer for the Goddess Skathi.
There is an instant attraction between the two and it continues throughout the book despite Lucia trying not to succumb to the temptation, as she has a mission to focus on.

I can't really say much else without going on about how great it was. There were parts which made me giggle and several parts where I couldn't read the pages fast enough to find out what would happen as they gripped me completely, even one part which made me shout "NO!".

I can't wait for the next Immortals After Dark series book. I am sure it will be matching the great standard of all the others.
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on 1 March 2010
Well, the last reviewer told you everything you need to know about the story and I have to agree with them and dissagree with the first review! I loved it! I'm a massive, and I stress MASSIVE, fan of KC's and of the IAD series and waited for this installment with bated breath, I read it in one 8 hour sitting, and have read it again since. It might have combined a little of the earlier books with some heavy hints for the future but I don't think this deminished from the story - or the characters and their relationship - one bit. In fact all it's made me do is salvate for the next 3 in the series later in the year.

And the epilogue was fantastic!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 6 March 2010
In an explosively hot passionate and fast paced adventure, Lucia the Archer, a Valkyrie who must never miss her target or face unimaginable pain and werewolf Garreth MacRieve; the younger brother of Lachlain from book 1 of this series set out on a quest together for very different reasons. Whilst Lucia intends to face a forthcoming battle she re-enacts every five centuries to thwart the release of a God dedicated to sacrifice, MacRieve seeks to protect the fiery Valkyrie who is his mate (not that he admits this to her) and claim her as quickly as possible. Of course despite the mutual attraction, the path to true love never runs smoothly in KC's world. This new Immortal couple; like those before them, face a barrage of misunderstandings, an array of paranormal beings trying to kill them and several vows and curses that cannot or should not be broken before they admit their love to each other.

MacRieve is one hell of a hero. His continuous pursuit of Lucia, from Louisiana to the deepest Amazon is admirable considering the knock backs he receives from her, along with the arrows that not only pierce his body, but set alight inflammable objects around him or cut through ropes that happen to be dangling heavy objects over his head. There is however a little too much internal battling on the part of Lucia as she weighs her options; become intimate with the man she loves and therefore lose her uncanny skill with a bow, or stay chaste and thwart a forthcoming Armageddon by killing a God. Let's face it, despite her protests that she cannot be intimate with MacRieve, Lucia is a goner the moment she catches sight of him and doesn't stand a chance in the face of his determined seduction.

With input from familiar faces such as the wonderfully crazy NÏx, the mouthy Regin the Radiant, a not so timid Emma, plus Lachlain and Mariketa, there is never a dull moment in this book. The enemies prove wily and treacherous, there are moments of humour to be found, plus some heart breaking scenes in the later chapters. I find KC's world building to be exceedingly well done, and every character seems important no matter what role they may play in the events that unfold around them. The new ideas this author includes in this story line are also clever and intriguing, particularly those surrounding NÏx; leaving me almost hating KC for not making her the leading lady in the next IAD book (but not quite ;)). I am now left eagerly awaiting the release of book 8 in this fabulous paranormal romance series and thankfully it's not too long a wait. In "Demon from the Dark" witch "Carrow the Incarcerated" is matched to Malkom; a demon vampire. Considering the epilogue of "Pleasure of a Dark Prince" Carrow has some interesting adventures ahead and I am left strumming my fingers until this book's publication date in August.
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One of the things I love about this series is the way the stories all overlap. We get snippets of other stories that we've already seen, or yet to see. For instance, although this one features Lucia and Garreth we also get to witness scenes from Lachlan and Emma's story from an alternate view... and oh what a view it was.

Garreth MacReive is by far my most favourite of the Loreans (so far). Or at least the male section anyway. (I heart me some Nucking Futs Nix). We have had the swoon worthy Lykae with that knee trembling Scottish accent in the shape of Lachlan and Bowen, and what fine examples of men they were.. but neither can hold a candle to Lucia's werewolf. His determination to claim his mate without scaring her off.. his attempts at wooing her... they way he puts her own needs before his own.. the way he says her name... Lousha. It all adds up to one sexy as hell alpha wolf that not only wins me over but manages to break through Lucia's defences.

As I have found with all of the books in the series so far, I was able to lose myself in Cole's world effortlessly. There is no awkward readjustment trying to assimilate yourself back into the world of the Lore, even if it has been months since you last visited. I have loved every minute of my time in the Immortals After Dark series, but this book has been my favourite. This is the first one that has made me cry. So be warned, this is not just some fluffy romance novel with some very sexy scenes thrown in... this is a story of substance, with feeling that will have your heart breaking. And crying ugly tears.
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