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on 28 April 2017
Excellent value
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on 20 December 2012
I do not know if this just a marketing bogus but the title is misleading. What with all the pastry and sauseges that are packed in number of the lunches? Also, if you are a busy mum and do not have time to make pastry and play food decorator in the kitchen - do not buy it. If you are planning a bake-in-home party for your kid and some of his/her friends, then go ahead.
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on 13 April 2011
I like some of the recipes in this book, but to me it is a bit basic. If you have never packed anything other than a cheese sandwich and a chocolate bar - this book is a must have, but if you know a bit about what should be in a kid's lunch box and have been doing healthy lunch boxes for a while this book does not offer that much. It is an incredibly important book for those who need to learn more about nutrition, there are great tips and information on how much fat/protein/karbohydrates children should have during the day.
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on 1 June 2010
This is an excellent book. It contains simple and easy ideas. I was stuck on cheese sandwiches most days, but this has inspired me to experiment much more, and gives me great ideas on how to sneak healthy ingredients into their lunches. Some I try several times at home first, to make sure they're used to it before having to eat it at school. You can borrow it from the library first (my friend had done so) to try before you buy.
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on 25 October 2010
This book should be entitled 'Healthy lunches for Kids of all ages'. I first saw this book in the library and there were so many lovely recipes in it I thought I must get it. Sticky Gingerbread, delicious with custard and the recipe makes 2 loaves so one can be frozen. Cereal bars, much better than any you can buy and you know what goes in them. These are just a couple of my favourites. With so many ideas for snacks, sandwich fillings, soups, salads etc, stay at home lunches are more interesting and enjoyable even for a couple of OAP's. I have reccommended it to all my friends young and old.
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on 10 December 2011
Great lunchbox ideas for people who have no clues and are not too fussy, but with regards to the "healthy" part of the title I was a bit disappointed. The book was nicely presented, glossy pages and photographs make it very appealing.
This book would have been great in the 80's when the food pyramid with its "5 carbs a day" recommendations was thought to be the ultimate in nutrition. Today however, the food pyramid may be the link to obesity levels soaring in America today.
While the author does have some sound nutritional recommendations such as fruit, and salad there are others that are warning bells.

For more health conscious parents, watch out for the following:
1. She recommends 5 carbs a day from the white bread, potato, pasta, rice, cereal category. There is not much in the way of whole grains, and more complex carbs, except possibly in the brown bread sandwiches. You will find pizza's, biscuits and sweet popcorn. In the intro she mentions that the processed white carbs will probably increase blood sugar surges, but then goes on to gives some recipes for these.
2. Lots of cheese, sausages, bacon and other processed meats make an appearance. These are full of nitrites.

While there are some good ideas, a savvy parent has to work around some of the ingredients. On the plus side you won't find chicken nuggets and fries and other high end junk food.
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on 8 November 2011
This is an excellent book. I try hard to make sure my daughter's lunch box has variety from day to day, but it can be hard to think of new ideas - many books I've looked at seem to suggest the only alternative to sandwiches is pasta salad or pitta breads. The book has lots of sections and also a good description of the ideal lunch box. It has lots of ideas for one pot salads and hot meals such as noodles and sausage casserole. The list of sandwich ideas is extensive and really helps. For instance there is pesto and cream cheese and a Greek salad sandwich - things my daughter enjoys but which I would've thought to put in a sandwich.
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on 3 February 2013
I bought this book to give me some ideas for my twins lunch boxes. It is brilliant, even the sandwich fillings which I thought wouldn't bring up anything I hadn't already thought of, did. The little treats and cakes are great, perfect size for a lunchbox and not too indulgent with a coffee for me! Lots of ideas for lunches in general or even family picnic. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants some inspiration for their kids lunch boxes or even your own lunches.
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on 27 March 2011
This book is really good value. I wanted some inspiration to try and get my children's lunchboxes a bit healthier, but also I didn't want them getting bored with the same food every day. This book tells you all about nutrition e.g. the amount of protein, calcium, fruit and veg children of different ages need, which is a really useful check.

There are lots of really easy recipes too - I have so far made the pear muffins, cereal bars, mini puff pastry pasties, and my own sausage rolls. This is stuff I was buying before, but now I make a big batch and put some in the freezer each weekend and I know exactly what goes into what they are eating. I've also varied from sandwiches to wraps, bagels and pitta breads too. Lots of great ideas in this book - I really recommend it.
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on 8 April 2012
this book is really good. it is not like other disapointing lunch box book that you buy and dont get new ideas. it is packed with new tasty ideas that are healthy . also gives u information about portion sizes
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