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on 24 October 2015
A number of people whose musical taste I respect suggested this was a must read. Sadly I seem to be out of kilter in finding it pointless and stodgy and not full of fun as has been suggested.

The great American road trip of the authors seems to be a ragtag mix of half following a rock n roll dream and half seeing where the mood takes them. It introduces us to a largely forgettable cast of oddballs as the book seems to meander with no real goal.

For me it was all summed up by the duo turning down the chance to meet one of their country music heroes - Emmylou Harris. That incident seems to sum up the book. It promises plenty but delivers little. Neither did I find it greatly amusing although it was an easy read. Central to the road trip is one of the authors' love of the music of Gram Parsons. I'm afraid his music leaves me cold and most of this book had a similar affect.
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on 23 October 2013
I'm not in the habit of writing poor reviews but fear I must in the case of this book.

The whole thing has the feel of,'We know the music business, let's take a few weeks away from our families etc, invent a spurious reason for writing a book about our trip around the US, show people what witty and amusing writers we are and, maybe, make a lot of dosh into the bargain'.

Well, it didn't do for me. It told me almost nothing about the US that I didn't already know. The revelation that many Americans eat lots of fried food and are fat may have surprised the authors but won't have shocked any of their readers. The attempts at wit are pitiful and formulaic, Harland's contributions being particularly impoverished in that regard. The whole thing was tedious from start to finish.

Price's enthusiasm for The Lemonheads, The Shins, Michael Nesmith, Emmylou Harris (and Gram Parsons and Billy Joel to a somewhat lesser extent) which I share, was the only pleasure I got during my time reading this tosh.
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on 11 July 2012
Holiday reading on the go, I have just completed Ronnie Wood Biography, Tony Sanchez Up and Down with the Rolling Stones, and Marianne Faithfull Memories - so on to next book, LFDY. Having read a deal about Gram Parsons, and also a book on LA Music scene etc. was not disappointed, but the best thing about this book is the lol relationship between the two bickering and arguing like sulky school boys, plus the US backdrop - which makes you want to buy a ticket and hire a car and zoom off to Monument Valley. Humour abounds, wise cracks, lol observations 'turkey jerkey' 'got the kit but still full of sht' etc. A great holiday read, will cheer you up no end, and I am keeping it to revisit. Buy it - you will love it!!
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on 15 May 2017
Great product & service, wouldn't hesitate to order again!!!
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on 18 April 2016
Funny and compelling read.
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on 12 August 2014
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on 11 April 2015
Great read get packing to live the dream and hit the road takes you away from it all nice work
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on 13 May 2010
Thoroughly enjoyable book written by two guys who know a thing or two about spinning a good yarn. I found myself 'google-ing & wikipedia-ing' lots of people, songs, places so it was educational too! If you like AA Gill or Stuart Maconi's travel writing you will enjoy this. Fans of Nick Hornby will be familiar with music fanatisism which both makes you cringe & nod in admiration. There were many laugh out loud moments & popular culture references which make the mid 30s - mid 40s reader sigh with nostalgia. Chris & Joe's styles are complimentary which makes the book flow smoothly throughout with a sort of good cop/bad cop vibe. Great to read in one sitting, or in chunks.
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on 18 February 2012
Road trip document, rock n roll dream diary and a testament to a friendship forged in music but fed by so much more, Live Fast, Die Young... is the kind of book you devour in a sitting or two. It beautifully captures that feeling of wanting so much for someone you care about to connect with something that moves you, and the lengths two friends will go to share / translate the joy that their two very different musical vocabularies bring them. In the same way as Bill Bryson does, Chris and Joe make their journey seem magical, with their sense of wonder tempered by a very English sense of humour... and where much rock and roll writing can be either bewilderingly specific or a little little non-inclusive to the casual reader, the authors spread their net wide and talk about songs we all know (Wichita Lineman), artists we might not, but maybe should (Gram Parsons) and bands we couldn't avoid if we wanted to (Red Hot Chili Peppers), all without condescension or assuming prior knowledge.

It made me laugh out loud and want to listen to music; to jump in a car and just drive; to subsist on a carbs-only diet. And it moved me, too. If there'd just been some sex scenes, it would've been perfect. Actually, strike that... It was perfect reading for anyone interested in music and what it does to the heart and soul... Inspires a rather beautiful and very engaging madness, apparently. READ !
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on 14 September 2010
"Live Fast, Die Young - Misadventures in Rock and Roll America" is a square book with a round title. It won't surprise anyone that it contains drugs, death, Satan, Charles Manson, corpse burning, facial hair and a whiff of sex, but who could have foreseen that Price and Harland would also squeeze in the invention of Tippex, the difficulty of buying stamps in the States, the gruelling workflow and subterfuge of shared blogging and the Terms and Conditions of car rental contracts? These are two dudes with their encyclopedia turned up to 11.

I laughed... often where the authors intended me to; I cringed... often where the authors intended me to; I was impressed... often where the authors intended me to be.

4 stars, only because I can't find the way to 5 stars on this bloody map.
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