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on 14 February 2015
I bought this book after seeing it at the library. I am a beginner knitter and I originally thought this might be a bit advanced for me, but I bought it more for inspiration and have already started the storage jar bands (which are easier than they look). I never buy a book unless there's a couple of items in it that I would make and there's definitely 4-5 items in here that I would make at varying levels of experience. There are quite a few items that have seen elements but I'm a multi crafter so this doesn't faze me and I think it actually makes the items look more polished. One word of warning, if you are a beginner there isn't much description of the terms and techniques, but in this world of you tube, I can always find a demo video and would rather have more constructed patterns than a 'how to knit' section. I'm glad I bought this and think it's a great addition to my craft book library.
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on 23 March 2013
I always think home knits are a bit tricky, as there aren't many things around the house that look good knitted (in my opinion). I think Debbie Bliss is very clever here to include some garments too, along the theme of loungewear ie what you'd wear in the home.

The cape coat, waterfall jacket, shrug and wide cardigan all look very snug but also relaxed, and are stylish enough to wear out as well as for slobbing about the house in (although perhaps a bit middle-aged for me; I think they'd be more suited to my mum). The trapper hat - lined with soft fake fur fabric - is technically an outdoor knit but is really fun, and the zig-zag pattern slippers are gorgeous. My only problem is that the slippers only come with instructions for one size (UK size 5), unlike the cabled socks (knee-high, with fun pompoms and super snuggly-looking) which can be made for UK sizes 4-5 or 5-6. It's quite a complicated-looking pattern and I think you'd have to be a very experienced knitter to adapt these for other sizes, which is disappointing.

The four themes of the book work well:
Pamper contains patterns such as the sleep mask and lavender hearts, which would be nice to give as gifts;
Cocoon includes the trapper hat, slippers, cabled socks, a slouchy hat, a snood and a nice throw;
Detox, which seems to be about organising your home, includes an accessories holder (to store knitting needles, stitch holders, scissors etc - very handy and would make a good gift for a fellow crafter), decorative wine bottle holders (hmm), a filing rack (again, hmm) and some hanging pockets (useful);
Indulge has the requisite cushions - two, one beaded and one chevron patterned - as well as a lacy shawl, watch strap, headband and lace collar.

It's beautifully presented, but over all I would probably only want to make a couple of the patterns - the slippers and trapper hat (which aren't really for your home!).

As a reviewer I've given it 4 stars although personally I would give it 3; it could just be a bit middle-aged for my taste, so if the ideas described here here appeal to you then I would recommend it, as Debbie Bliss achieves the patterns with customary finesse, style and professionalism.
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on 11 May 2013
I was really looking forward to this knitting book as previously Debbie Bliss's books have been great. However, I felt that this book is one of the worst knitting books from Debbie Bliss. Normally, her books are gorgeous with unique and beautiful patterns. This book, unfortunately, did not live up to her previous books.

There are horrible, shapeless garments, like a boyfriend jumper which made the model look x3 sizes bigger than she is. There was a vile tunic which, was knitted in an awful colour and again it was shapeless. Other clothes in the book were ok but why would you knit something in expensive wool that is 'ok'. There were some horrible socks that were so baggy they looked like they didn't fit properly. It doesn't give you confidence in the pattern.

There were other patterns like a slouch hat or a head band but these were bland and nothing you couldn't find in any otherr book or on the internet. This seemed to be a theme. A lot of the patterns in this book were very generic and nothing you couldn't find for free on the internet.

A few patterns were nice like the pouffe but it was knitted in an expensive dk wool which need 22 balls (I think). So for me I just couldn't see myself knitting it.

This whole book felt like it wasn't Debbie Bliss writing the patterns. Instead it just seems like she had picked patterns from other people. Nothing in the book was really special or unique really and at least 4 garments were baggy and shapeless and just looked a mess. How they were ever let them in the book is a mystery.

I think I only liked about 2 patterns in the book. Considering the cost of the book (£12) I felt it was a rip off and I sent the book back! I think this book might be ok if you are looking for generic patterns. I would recommend before buying it seeing it in a shop or borrowing it from the library.

I am a massive fan of Debbie Bliss and I love her wools. I was very disappointed by this book and I hope this is just a one off and her next book is back up to her normal standard! Though it does make me hesitate about buying her books now
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on 20 June 2013
Disappointed in this and a few other Debbie Bliss books. When you get them home you find that many of the patterns need material sewn on. I am a knitter, I am neither keen on nor good at sewing. The books should make this clear before you buy them.
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on 23 September 2013
I have already made one the projects in this book, it was easy to following the pattern and when completed it really looked like the picture.

There a lot of different levels to go at in this book, which is great as your confidence grows you can tackle the more adventuress projects.

Great book really pleased with this purchase.
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on 1 November 2013
amazing items to knit. wonderful book. excellent debbie! very pleased reader. utterly inspiring doable projects with clear instructions. modern but homely patterns.
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on 20 May 2013
Love this. Great selection of projects for beginner to advanced. Very stylish book with projects to match.... Selection includes all areas of the home and garments
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on 24 October 2013
Nice book with lovely photography as ever from Debbie Bliss and a great selection of patterns to suit all abilities.
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on 12 June 2013
Very interesting ideas here. I am an avid reader of knitting books and I have already knitted one of the items .
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on 19 August 2015
Wanted to add this to my Debbie Bliss pattern collection. Great book. Great price.
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