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on 30 October 2012
Having just passed my LGV and hitting the roads I've found this atlas invaluable.

I had been using my car Sat-Nav but soon found it wants to take me on roads totaly unsuitable for LGVs such as country roads just wide enough to get through and with unsuitable bridges. I now also use the Philips Navigator 2013 Atlas to view the suitability of roads before I set off. I recently had a problem whilst driving at night coming back from a delivery and used the atlas to help me stay on the right roads. It's definately a must for all road users who drive large vehicles or Caravans.

I have now also invested in a Truckers sat-nav which alows me to input the vehicles weight, height, width and length, and ensures I arrive at my destination by avoiding inappropriate routes.

This atlas is well worth investing in and comes with me all the time.
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on 12 October 2012
This road atlas is exceptional value for money,Being on the road all the timeI require a atlas with full details and details that you can read and understand.This is the best atlas of Britain that you can buy,not only for TRUCKERS but for car drivers as well.
I will recommend this map book to every body.
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on 15 May 2013
Excellent road map at 1.5 miles to the inch, the main reason for buying, and a good enough substitute for a sat-nav! Being an older motorist I feel safer with such marvelous details as well as being better able to explore the nooks and crannies of the UK.
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on 17 September 2013
Generally good, however the nearest low bridge to my house which is on an A road and has been there for years is not listed. This may explain why I have seen 2 Eddie Stobart artics trying to do u turns at this bridge in the last few months.
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on 11 May 2013
Bought it for the wife / navigator . Much more detailed and easier to locate where we are andhow far to turn offs and also low bridges etc as we are in a Motorhome ,
I also bought the Europe / version .
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on 23 September 2013
This is a superb map for detailed navigation by road in the UK. The scale is splendid and the "next step up" is the very detailed ordinance survey maps that are too cumbersome for roadway use.

There is however a problem as I found the last time I bought a similar map. That is, because of its size and number of pages, the paper and pages start deteriorating the more the map is used. In major part with the last map, the problem was with the use of ring binding as the pages came loose very quickly. However, with the use of thin paper, the pages also became ragged after a couple of years use. Note that in total that I have only used the map perhaps on average three days a month and this really cannot be classed as "very heavy use" and so the wear and tear is not that good.

After three years use, my last copy needed binning. Nonetheless, the usefulness of the map was and remains so great that I have bought a more up-to-date copy.
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on 16 January 2013
The protective cover was flimsy .
The pages of the map felt very flimsy & were that thin they were awkward to separate . In the copy I received the pages 19 to 34 were actually upside down & with the full circular binding it was impossible to attempt personally rectifying. Having read other reviews I felt confident to make this purchase but what a mistake it was, because of the overall size & bulk this item cost £8.80 in postage to return as standard & amazon will only cover upto £2.75 of that cost so all in all I could only recommend this item to people that I dont wish to associate with. I will probably just stick with the AA truckers map as I have done in the past as although it doesn't tick all the boxes it ticks more for me than any of the competition.i hope this may help good luck.
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on 17 October 2013
Opened the atlas on receipt, turned to the page with my town on it and I could immediately see that there were numerous errors and omissions. Two 6ft 6in width restrictions aren't marked, 3 fixed speed cameras are missing and one of the local attractions is marked about 2 miles from its actual location. There's also a 7.5 ton weight restriction on part of the road round the town and that isn't marked either. If there are that many errors just for my town then the rest of the atlas is probably just as bad so it can't be trusted. Phillips have also changed the colour schemes and printing style from my previous Navigator and this version is nowhere near as clear.
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on 24 January 2013
got this map as a birthday present from the kids but was most diapponted with it as you need the eye sight of super man the bridge height indicators are so small you need a magnifing glass to see them in day light hell nose what it would be like at night will be returnig this map please do not buy it without seeing it up close and in person it is hopeless for a busy trucker on the move all the time
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on 18 February 2014
I use a small motorhome and read this was a seriously good road atlas. I don't have width restrictions like the larger motorhomes, but wanted good information.
I am very pleased with this purchase as it gives better clearer info than yer standard road atlas, together with more street plans.
I have dropped it a star for the flimsiness of the pages- I think they will tear and crease easily when in use on the road.
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