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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 26 June 2017
Loved it - my kindle is kept in my handbag ready to pull out and read whilst waiting for appointments etc. Ideal light hearted reading for a bit of fun
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on 16 May 2017
Up to her usual standard, brilliant.
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on 30 July 2017
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on 17 June 2017
Good read
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on 26 July 2011
If you like the Daisy series you'll enjoy this one.

All the familiar elements are in place - Daisy is in the wrong place at the right time, a selection of characters as a suspect pool, Alec roped in to investigate, interrogations for her to sit in on, and confidential confessions made to her.

After being disappointed with 9 and 10 in the series - this one is back on form. Daisy is at her best in a country house with a selection of aristocrats - one of whom is a murderer. Witty dialogue, "upstairs downstairs" atmosphere and familiar characters such as Lucy & Binkie who are very central to the plot of this book, as well as Sergeant Tring and DC Piper.

PS I can't help wondering if Daisy eventually sets up home in Midsommer.
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on 12 August 2011
I have not come across this writer before, which is odd as I am a prolific reader of historical novels and detective stories! This was on special offer in the Kindle sale so I grabbed it and I am now hooked!
I enjoyed the light hearted and elegant style of this, and found it an easy and enjoyable read. Its not for those who want a blood thirsty murder mystery, its very calm and dignified. I have already downloaded the next 2 in the series and no doubt will be grabbing the rest as well.
Very much in the Georgette Heyer detective stories style, a bit Agatha Christie 'ish!
Well worth a read if you like this sort of thing.
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on 4 March 2012
If you're a fan of crime writers of the old-fashioned sort, like Agatha Christie or Dorothy L Sayers, then you might like this modern take on a 1920s country house murder mystery. It's full of titled posh people with names like Binkie and Teddy, a mixture of cads and good eggs, and there's a Cluedo-like puzzle to solve - who didn't come down to tea/who was lurking in the conservatory? etc - before the final revelation of whodunnit at the end.
Or you might hate it for being a pale and rather pointless imitation of the real thing. I was torn between the two. This is my first Daisy Dalrymple mystery - up until now I've been put off by that twee name and the titles and cover designs - and I was surprised: this was more than just a pastiche and I quite enjoyed it. It was clever and it had an authentic twenties feel.
But in the end I found it all a bit too light and superficial. There's little sense of danger, fear or suspense: a ruthless killer was at large in this house yet no-one seemed to be taking it very seriously, so neither could I. Should the tone be so Bertie Wooster-ish, when there's a dead body lying on the floor?
There's no sex or violence of course, fine by me, but not a lot of real emotion either. It's all very well to mimic those 1920s stiff upper lips, but some of these characters come a bit too close to being caricatures. There are an awful lot of them, too, so the complicated family tree was helpful, but it's not a good sign when you keep having to refer to it to remember who's who right the way through to the end.
And would a Scotland Yard detective have been drafted in to take over the case, particularly as he knew some of the house guests/suspects, and one of them was his wife? And at the end, after ploughing through all that detail and all that police procedure, it's wrapped up far too abruptly. Daisy just pulls the solution out of a hat, which I found neither satisfying nor convincing.
If you're looking for an undemanding and inoffensive whodunnit to pass the time on a journey, then it's worth giving Carola Dunn a try.
I don't know whether I'll bother with any more, there's plenty of the real thing to choose from, after all - Agatha Christie alone wrote over eighty books like this.
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on 24 June 2017
Ms Dunn back to her best love the story line here, and the family involved, plus the characters from previous books involved which i liked as felt knew them which made you care for the people involved more. Diasy back to her interfering best (some say helping) good read and well written.
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on 5 August 2017
A great read.
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on 10 April 2012
The Honourable Daisy Dalrymple, now Mrs Daisy Fletcher and newly-pregnant, refuses to miss seeing her best friend Lucy Fotheringay follow her into wedded bliss, so is delighted to be invited to the huge 'bells-on' event at Lucy's grandfather's country house estate of Haverhill. Lucy, however, is less than pleased by the whole event, which she only agreed upon to keep her mother and sweet-but-gullible groom 'Binkie' Gerald Bincombe's parents happy. So she persuades Daisy to come down a few days early, without her beloved husband, Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Alec, to save her from the hoardes of family and hangers-on who will be converging on Haverhill for the big event.
As it turns out, the big event is not a wedding, but a murder, when the morning after Daisy's arrival, Lucy's great-aunt - the matriarchal gossip Lady Eva Devenish - is found strangled in her bed. The wedding is postponed, Alec is summoned early from London and instead of arriving at the house as a guest, is now in the unenviable position of having to find a murderer among the wedding guests, as well as trying to take care of his well-meaning but curious wife, who will insist on finding out things. Then there is another murder, and Alec now finds himself and his men racing against time to solve the crimes before the villain can strike again...

'A Mourning Wedding' is one of the better ones of this 'cosy' murder mystery series set in the 1920s. All the 'usual suspects' are there - Daisy and Alec, of course, along with Tom Tring, Ernie Piper, Lucy and Binkie/Gerald - with some interesting characters in the form of Lucy's numerous family members and their servants, many of whom apparently had motive or opportunity to commit murder. The solution is very satisfying, and one of those where you go 'Oh, yes...!' in your head! The only slight niggle I had with it was I found it a little difficult to remember who was who and related to whom at first, because they all had very similar names, if not the same surname, so I could have done with a list! But overall, well worth a read, particularly if you like this series.
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