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on 24 July 2013
This is quite literally Kevin Smith's blog, but in hardback form. If you enjoy reading his sense of humor, this is a good place to have even if you only have a few minutes to read. It's not a novel, nor does it have any coherent storyline, it's a diary/ journal of his live and what he does daily.
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on 7 March 2014
i had hoped it was ironic but this book is deathly dull
let me save you the trouble of wading through it
gets up
takes dump
goes on computer
eats unhealthy food
spends 2 minutes with daughter
argues with wife
then goes to bed to tivo'ed simpsons
my my and i paid for it
more fool me
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on 8 January 2011
If you're just looking for a casual book to read I wouldn't recommend, but if you want a look in to his life its well worth a read, you read about friends being car jacked at gun point, him doing the dirty with his wife, movie scripts and autions being thrown around and sometimes just a big old bit of pie and Tivo'd simpsons in bed. Also one other note the diary is from 2005/2006.
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on 19 August 2008
First up, I'm a fan so take these comments with this in mind.

This is a great train book. You can dip in and out like any diary book and you will find something great every time. This said, it is Kevin's "boring ass life" and sometimes he just gets up, lets the dogs out, takes a poop and falls asleep to TIVO'd Simpsons. You'll understand this when you read it.

There are some cracking stories, which, if history is anything to go by, will, in some form or another find there way into one or more of his movies in the coming years. That is if he can stay off the processed sugar foods long enough so he doesn't die before the decade is out. This guy's diet is scary!

There is a very touching story about the death of his father, and the list of "What I learned from my father" will bring a lump to your throat and should form the basis for every eulogy written from here on in. Look for the excellent story of "me and my shadow" which should make it into a film , the Die Hard 4.0 (Live free or die hard) filming/writing story which is laugh out loud funny and the Catch and release story which is also pretty good.

There are plenty of good "inside the film industry" insights that made me shake my head in despair and wonder how any films get made, ever. Interspersed with all this gold is the hum-drum day to day stuff that we all have to do and suffer from.

Critcs schmitics!

This only thing that has ever bugged me about Kevin Smith is his need to publicly fight with those critics in the business that have no time for him or his movies. He recognises this "failing" in himself as overcompensation and there are some good examples of this in the book. On reading them I just thought "Sir, let it go".

These events are an excellent insight into the movie business, the complete uselessness of critics in all walks of life, and Kevin himself. The group of stories scattered through out the book provide the evidence for the simple truth that film critics know nothing about the movie business. As for the man himself his retorts, whilst unnecessary, are at least witty and done with some flair and style and any spite is quickly neutralised by his own self deprecating personality.

He's a pretty normal bloke.
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on 4 March 2013
I used to like Kevin Smith movies a lot, and from what I knew of him, he seemed like a nice, funny guy.

Then I read this book and now, I think he's an egotistical, touchy jerk and I'm even finding his work less appealing.

The book is essentially just a reprint of certain parts of his blog, in diary form. You learn about all the minutia of day to day life for Kevin Smith- rich successful guy living in Hollywood, surrounded by an entourage of friends, family, and employees.
You find out all about his toilet habits, sex life, diet and exercise, how he lets the dogs out every morning, how he picks up his daughter from school, how he drives his wife to her medical appointments, how he checks his email, how he blogs, how he furiously responds to any online criticism with lengthy sarcastic diatribes listing his achievements, how he signs merchandise, how he travels around doing interviews and Q&A's- making sure to note how he "nails" each one and how funny he is.

Occasionally he encounters other filmmakers or celebrities, but the only detail he usually includes about their conversation will be to repeat any compliments they pay him, including his own incredibly self-deprecating, real, and humble response to them.
Then he'll go back to describing his lunch order.

At one point he is hired as an actor on a rom-com with Jennifer Garner, and with a staggering lack of self-knowledge, blithely describes his selfish, sloppy behaviour on the film in a rosy light, clearly considering himself to be quite charming. "I was late, but it was cool" etc.

In one section, he gets a lot more descriptive and involved while he talks about his friend Jason Mewes and his struggles with drugs, and his own heroic and dedicated efforts to help him get clean. He emphasises over and over how thoughtless and selfish Jason is, and how often he betrays his great friend Kevin. It doesn't seem, to the casual reader, that this would have a positive effect on Jason Mewes and his recovery, but maybe I'm wrong? Maybe having his old friend tell the world about how hopeless a junkie he is/was will help him live a clean life and feel strong.
As he feels it's good for a laugh to describe (with sock puppet hand mimes) how he was solely responsible for Jason Mewes performance in "Clerks" during Q&A's, I guess he knows how best to be supportive of his clearly fragile friend.

It's hard to understand how he could really dedicate himself to any one thing long enough to produce a feature film, as he never seems to concentrate on anything- even when he watches a DVD, he will be blogging and checking email. He does talk a bit about making "Clerks 2" and "Zack & Miri Make A Porno", but he still keeps flipping back to his favourite subject of what he's eating, what sex he's having, whether he's gone to the toilet or not.

Mostly the book is just hypnotically boring, and I found myself skimming through faster and faster just to get the thing over with, vaguely amazed at how dull he manages to make everything sound, even when he's talking about potentially interesting subjects. I got very tired of his quoting statistics to prove how successful he is and how much money his films make- yes, he is very successful. No question. Or, was successful. This book came out a while ago, and since then he seems to have had problems getting projects greenlit, which is really a shame, as he does make funny films. He seems very caught up with other, non-film projects though, so his fans needn't worry- he may even publish another section of his blog as another book, so that anyone wanting to catch up on the progress of his anal fissure or check out his diet habits or find out his favourite breakfast/lunch places won't have to wonder in vain.
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on 8 July 2008
I am a very big Kevin Smith fan and as such could not wait to read this book, I agree with other reviews which state that there are a lot of mundane activities and sometimes to start with this book could be boring to anybody who is not a big fan.
However, I am not a big reader in-fact apart from this book I have only ever finished one other book, this is not because I cannot read it is actually because no book ever keeps me interested long enough to finish them.
The perfect thing about this book for me is that because it is separated into days I know I can read a day at a time and not worry about getting lost or trying to find where I stopped last time. Because of this I have found this by far the easiest book I have ever read and towards the end hoped it would not finish.

The almost separate book inside this book entitled `me and my shadow'- the story of Jason Mewes addiction to Heroin, is brilliant its harrowing while at the same time bringing drug abuse to somebody who has never thankfully had to experience it before. I was so impressed by this section of the book I have passed it onto a friend who, also does not read allot however I have told him he has to read that chapter.

I would recommend this book to any Kevin Smith fan but also to anybody who has had dealings with drug addiction, because from outsiders' eyes it shows how much you have to love somebody to help them with their demons.
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on 15 August 2010
Let's get one thing straight before going any further. I love Kevin Smith. I love Jay and Silent Bob. Hell, I even *look* like Dante Hicks. So, this review is going to be biased. For fans of the Askewniverse, this is a MUST READ. People who've been following Smith will know the material already from his online blogs, of which this book is made up. There are some brutally funny moments, and some deeply sad moments (notable the death of Smith's father). Whilst you won't read great swathes of the book in any one sitting, you won't start reading another book until you've finished this one either.
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on 2 April 2013
Let me summarise this book to save you wasting a few hours you'll never get back:

(Insert date and time):
The dogs woke me at 6.45am, I let them out, take a leak and then go back to bed. I watched some TiVo. I met some people and drove to the store.

I had sex.

Just repeat the above scenarios about a hundred times and you're more or less there.

I suspect he thinks the title is tongue in cheek and that he is a very interesting guy but, Jesus wept, it is actually bang on.

PS - I see that this is an updated version of the one I have but won't be buying it as I suspect he has just added in his dumps as well.
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on 17 January 2008
I like Kevin Smith a lot, so any comments I make here should be taken with that in mind. He's a good storyteller, he makes me laugh and he has a relationship with his audience that most writers can only look upon with sick envy. He also seems to be a reasonably straight-up and decent person, which is a miracle in a Hollywood director.

Having said that, I have no great appetite for reading about the lives of celebrities. 'My Boring-Ass Life' is nothing more than the print version of Smith's blog, which blog is basically a bare chronicle of his life. Since his life appears to consist mostly of letting out dogs, looking at the internet, having sex with his wife, watching TV, eating and driving around, it really is pretty boring-ass. There's not a lot here in the way of Bressonian reflections on the nature of cinema, or erudite, Paul-Schraderesque analysis of masterpieces of world cinema, or even anything as outright haunted and manic as Steven Soderbergh's very funny and absurdist 'Getting Away With It'. As books by directors go, this is easily the most boring I have ever read, or rather dipped into.

And yet. The middle of the book is taken up by 'Me and My Shadow', the story of how Smith's friend and (sort of) protégé Jason Mewes became a heroin addict, and how he ultimately kicked the habit, and it's riveting stuff. You wonder why it hasn't become a movie; but maybe Smith doesn't want to tell a story that cuts so close to the bone, despite the happy ending (Mewes has apparently been clean for a couple of years now.)

So, it's worth it for the Mewes bit. But otherwise, the only time I have found appropriate to read this book is at 6.50am when I'm feeding my infant daughter; half-asleep seems to be the right frame of my mind to absorb something so undemanding and forgettable as Kevin Smith's diary.
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on 3 March 2012
i think he is a brilliant writer, actor ect... he is as we all know and like typical kevin smith, i am a big fan of his, I brought this to have a look at his writing before his latest book comes out in a couple of weeks, Iwill be buying his new book too... brilliant book and the delivery was very quick.
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