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on 5 November 2015
I really enjoyed this,and Serena has obviously got a talent for writing.
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on 9 August 2014
a wonderful read and very inspiring
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on 23 June 2014
When I first heard that Serena Dyer was writing a book, in my head I started to judge her immediately. Of course she was going to write a book! Being Dr. Wayne Dyer's daughter a publishing deal would be handed to her on a silver plate, wouldn't it? Whereas those things may be true the fact is that I got a lot out of this book and I am grateful she wrote it. I made the decision of buying it a long time before it came out, after I read one of Serena Dyer's newsletters and it resonated with me. I dropped my judgemental thoughts then when I thought "Oh, she also felt that growing up?"

In truth, Serena and most of us had very different backgrounds but that does not mean that her own upbringing made her life challenge free. Personally, in many areas, I needed the views of someone younger who lives in a world where the pressure to go to University is high and you're left confused with what to do with your life at the end of it. Having a university diploma is not the key to your life purpose, as many of us find out a little too late in the game. Whereas when Dr. Dyer was growing up, or my parents were growing up, that was a sure passport to landing a good job and multiple opportunities. Yes, her case is different because of who she is, but it doesn't mean she doesn't get pressure from society (she just doesn't get it from her family).

And yes, Serena is going to repeat a lot of what Wayne Dyer readers already know. But God knows I need things repeated to me over and over - maybe one day it'll sink in for good.

I loved how honest she is about how far she still has to go spiritually, what areas she still struggles with and I realised that despite having such different backgrounds we're probably at the same level spiritually. OK, I am 8 years older and that may mean I am a little behind but my father wasn't Wayne Dyer, so I am doing pretty well all considering (I say this jokingly) . This book also gives us an insight into the life and beliefs of Marcelene Dyer, Serena's mother.

I absolutely loved the "synchronicity" stories, or coincidences. Even though I've had enough proof in my life that the impossible happens, too often I find myself doubting what I lived and dismissing it as merely coincidence. Reading other people's stories gives me that confidence to believe again. And, again, reading Serena's experiences makes you realise that you don't have to meditate all day, pray or have lovely thoughts all the time for things to manifest (I suspected this anyway, as even I have manifested big things). It's more about becoming aware of your thoughts, correct them without guilt or blame, and try to be better where you can. Of course it'd be desirable to have control of what goes on in your head all the time, but we're just human. I always say that awareness is half the battle, and that is pretty good when we think how many people around us are living completely unaware of their actions and how they affect their lives.

Dr. Dyer comments at the end of each chapter, which added a nice touch.

This book felt informal, as if you were in a room with the author and she was relating those stories and experiences to you directly (then Dr. Dyer would come in, sit on the couch, and give his view). I didn't want to finish it. Nowadays I find that I prefer to read about experiences people have and what challenges they face themselves, than reading books full of formulas, what to do/think/say/eat, etc, to achieve whatever result.

If you enjoyed "You can create an exceptional life" by Louise Hay and Cheryl Richardson this book has the same feel to it. I recommend both if you haven't read either.
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on 20 July 2014
A truly inspiring book. While reading this book it was like Serena was sitting with me and she was talking to me. I love her honesty and openness in her delivery. I love that she is not claiming to get life right and that she is still working with her habits and issues to resolve. Using her family as the books title explains "my experience growing up with spiritual parents, gave me an insight into different ways of parenting. What honour and respect both parents tried to instil in their children, for themselves first, then others, I loved the personal family sharing especially about Serena's mums labour and thank her mum for allowing this story to be told. I think Serena is a brilliant author which I resonate easily with. I could feel the love in her in every page. For me it is not a book to be read, rather to be felt. Thank you Serena for giving me the opportunity to know you and your wisdom. I feel Serena and her dad work well together, however she is a writer in her own unique way.
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on 9 July 2014
I have read wayne's books "You'll see it when you believe it" and "there's a spiritual solution to every problem". They have been life changing to me and naturally because of my interest in his work and books, I found out about this book from Serena Dyer.

I read it and loved it. It's a nice book, feels good and it's easy and fun to read and has an impact on you. The last chapters even made me cry and not because I was sad :D

I think it's a wonderful book and I plan to read it again and continue underlining it. And I have to say that not often in literature you will find a book that is so well written as this one, it's very easy to read and follow and it's great to hear the wisdom from another perspective this time.

Absolutely recommended :)
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on 27 October 2014
This is a beautiful, profound and moving book. Before I read it, I also had some thoughts about it being by Wayne Dyer's daughter, however I found it to be a very courageous, loving and insight giving contribution. I would like to read it again. It helped me think about my own issues and self talk and encouraged me in my own self-love.
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on 19 August 2014
Thank you Serena, you wrote with such honesty. You chose your parents very well and yet indeed had many life lessons to learn despite the spiritual environment into which you were growing. You speak so lovingly about your parents and siblings, it is a joy to read. You are truly blessed to have each other and are an inspiration.
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on 31 October 2014
Inspirational but at the same time down to earth this book makes so much sense. Definitely her fathers daughter. Ive recommended it to family & friends & I shall also read it again.
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on 4 November 2016
I just loved Wayne Dyer. I love his writings of course. It was lovely to see his daughter Serena s take on the situations too. Lovely book.
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on 23 October 2015
Incredible, couldn't get enough...every word is like a diamond....thank you, thank you, thank you. Let it be love which moves the world..
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