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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2011
Wow- I cant really find the words to say how much I liked this book.
He explains the workings of the Transformation that people undergo, sometimes known as
awakening or enlightenment.

I felt I knew all the lovely people he interviewed, he treats them with Respect, admiration and affection.
The final chapter offering the tools of Transformation through , Detachment, Spiritual Practice and Awareness of Death is Inspired.

I loved New Earth by Eckhart Tolle but dare I say it to me this book is even better ( no disrespect to the Marvellous Eckhart).
Hopefully with this book everyone will in time find the Peace and Happiness Steves " Shifters" found without the need of the great suffering they all so courageously endured.
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VINE VOICEon 19 January 2012
OUT OF THE DARKNESS, as ive mentioned in my heading, is essential reading for fans of the genre and particularly those who've endured what some can still only describe, as a form of existential crisis. However, without going into too much depth, many people around the world are having some kind of "rebirth" at inopportune moments, and its mostly triggered by grief and/or a lengthy period of heavy emotional and mental stress.

Steve Taylor's rhetorical style is warm and inspiring. He never goes into quackery or hyperbole regards the experiences listed therein, which are the result of countless personal interviews with so many people who were brave and kind enough to share their experiences. Furthermore, Steve has broken the book down into very manageable sections and it reads fluidly and effortlessly towards the conclusion, without ever going into poo-poohing or patronising pseudo-speak.

It's well worth the 5 stars ive given it, in my humble opinion, because so many people out there need some form of reference guide as to compare and contrast their own experiences; especially when interpersonal relationships and even the other forms of help available isnt in abundance, as part of their own inner journey to self-actualisation.

An essential read for those on their spiritual journey and for those who are fans of the genre, of which this is one of the best and most concise "first hand experience" journals yet.
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on 5 September 2011
Steve shows us by his case studies that when we are at our lowest ebb we can awaken to our divine nature.
Luckily for most of us he suggests three ways to make contact with our true self without putting ourself through the same intense suffering. ( Conscious detachment, Spiritual practice, ie meditation and developing death awareness practice.. )
I found the section on the experiences of former alchoholics and the section on astronauts who have had awakenings, particulary interesting as well as a chapter on the experiences of some well known spiritual teachers.
A great joy to read and it just goes to show that there is something divine in us which is not touched by our mortal human suffering.
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on 14 December 2012
This is the second book I have read by Steve Taylor. The first book I read was titled `Waking from
sleep' in which Steve Taylor talked about awakening experiences. An awakening experience is
also known as a spiritual experience. You may have felt this experience for yourself but perhaps
didn't have the words for it. It's a moment when everything feels perfect, you are completely in the
moment, not thinking of the past or the future, but you feel at peace and at one with everything.
In `Waking from sleep' Steve Taylor explains these experiences perfectly. He explains the many ways
they come about and goes some way into explaining how to keep them.

In his new book `Out of Darkness' Taylor has picked one of the ways awakening can take place such
as: near death experiences, being diagnosed with a terminal illness, extreme suffering, and other
great life traumas. In this book he creates a kind of anthology of stories from many people that not
only had awakening experiences but also had a shift of consciousness that made them permanent.
Perhaps the most famous person who has achieved this awakening is Eckhart Tolle. In this book
there is a beautiful interview with Tolle in which he explains how thoughts of suicide lead him to
master his ego and the thoughts in his mind.

To understand the idea of awakening you must first believe that when we are in a form of
unconsciousness. It's the belief that what we know as reality might not be. Awakening experiences
often feel more real than normal life; certainly there is a feeling of intensely loving life. If you haven't
come across this idea before I would encourage you to read Steve Taylors book `Waking from
sleep' before this book. Although he still makes the subject accessible it's easy to get caught in the
personal stories.

What I took from reading this book is that no matter how difficult life gets, not just for us as
individuals but globally. You never know just how far we are from an awakening. Those difficult
situations are not an indication of how far we are away from love, but just guiding us to choose love.
The darkest part of night is just before the dawn.
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on 5 July 2011
Out of the Darkness - subtitled "from turmoil to transformation" is basically a series of interviews with about 35 people, mostly ordinary people but also some quite well-known ones, who have had some kind of spiritually transformative experience linked to a difficult event in their life, usually illness or a brush with death. It is one of the best books I have read for a long time and the best of the ones I have read previously by Steve Taylor, in my opinion. I enjoyed it so much that I bought a copy for my friend's birthday present and have recommended it to several other people. Also, my partner read it and found it interesting although it is not the sort of book he normally reads.
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on 6 May 2012
This is a fascinating and uplifting collection of true-life stories, I really had trouble putting it down. Steve Taylor's way of relating the experiences of each person somehow made me feel I was in their shoes, even though some of the stories are almost unimaginable. It was particularly fascinating for me, as I am what Steve Taylor refers to as a "shifter" - I had a near death experience, which led to an inner revelation many years ago, and it changed my life permanently. While my experience was perhaps mild compared to most of these stories, it's amazing to know how common this kind of "shift" is. I can imagine just about anyone would find it a captivating read - whether or not they have gone through anything similar. It's a window on a mysterious phenomenon, which may incorporate some hardship, but is ultimately extremely beautiful and powerful. The author's research alone is an incredible achievement. For me, and maybe for anyone, the book raises a lot of questions beyond anything that can really be deduced or proved, and the author would seem to have slightly different spiritual interpretations from my own, but that in no way affected my enjoyment of the book. The stories are absolutely real and alive, so they can be enjoyed as mysterious miracles in their own right. The title is absolutely spot on, I recommend it to anyone looking for a light of hope and inspiration - it's a real eye-opener.
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on 27 December 2013
If you think you're having a 'bad day" - go read this book - I found it truly inspiring and uplifting. Steve Taylor has a very easy style of writing and it feels as though he's just sat chatting with you over a nice cup of tea! Would also recommend his book "The Fall" - it helped me understand the behaviour of mankind over the last 10,000 years. Sounds heavy going, but it isn't. Thoroughly reserched by the author. All Steve Taylor's books are a joy to read.
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on 28 June 2011
This is one of the most life-affirming books I've ever read. Out of the Darkness takes us on a journey through the lives of many ordinary people whose lives were transformed through the experience of great personal difficulties. I was hooked after reading the introduction, and read this book in a couple of days.

This book answers the question; why should some people who experience extreme suffering through illness, addictions, disability and war emerge from the experience with less anxiety, a greater appreciation for life, and a sense of harmony with the world? The stories of the people interviewed in this book are vivid, compelling, and often touching. Through research and interviews the author suggests the reasons why some people undergo a sudden spiritual awakening and transformation when faced with great difficulty, and the ways in which we can learn from their experiences.

I can't recommend this book highly enough, it has been a real eye-opener for me, and a great source of optimism.
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on 22 April 2011
The Fall was a masterpiece achieving well deserved accolades Worldwide.

Reading this gave me the impression of the need to capitalise on "The Fall", and in doing so the author has produced a much lighter weight book, more akin to the kind of article that would be found in Readers Digest or Womans Own.I was disappointed.
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on 21 May 2011
A very disappointing book, it only records the interviews held with several people who apparantly had 'miraculous' enlightenment stories to tell. I found it difficult to accept that these people all had a wonderful transformation and were reborn to a 'permanent spiritual awakening' Did not convince me I am afraid.Out of the Darkness: From Turmoil to Transformation
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