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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 9 September 2010
This book is amazing. It's the first book I've found that actually WORKS. I've read many, many books on spirituality and also on depression, my frustration has been that they tell you to change your thinking but don't actually tell you clearly HOW. This book does, simply and very effectively.

The author is kind enough to give the steps early on in the book, not right at the end, so you can start working very quickly. Then discovering the different types of demon you can identify which you need to work with. It's well written, sensitive and I would say the best practical spiritual book I have ever read. I feel liberated :)
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on 1 May 2010
A fascinating book combining elements of psychodrama with Buddhist Ancient Wisdom. Not only that Tsultrim Allione teaches us not to fight our demons, she explains us how to accept them, give them a form and feel their very deep needs in order to transform them into allies, helping us thus to surmount our own dramas, old or new, surpass our fears, for the benefit of ourselves and all sentient beings. With astonishing effect. A book to be kept :-)
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on 30 January 2010
Tsultrim Allione has written a superb piece on a very ancient practice and has made it very accessible to us here in the West.
I particularly enjoyed reading of her background and how her life related to her own journey through the practice of Chod, which is what the book relates to - the 5 step way of dealing with your demons.
Very thought provoking, but by no means too heavy-going either.
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on 28 March 2012
To read this is a rare opportunity because the writer has been recognised as an Emanation of Machig Labdron on whose practice of Chod the book and technique is based. So, she is both a western woman and Lama, with deep links to the practice, which she has then been able to re-word for modern times for any one needing the help the practice can give- an outstanding achievement.
This book, and the writer, are "The Real Thing" as you might say. She was recognised by authentic Tibetan teachers as a manifestation of this lineage and for carrying its teachings forward.
What is so impressive is the way she makes the benefits available to anyone without a background of Tibetan Buddhism in such a simple and direct manner. It is an extraordinary book and will I suspect become a classic of spiritual literature. Her Motivation is the key factor behind the book and it is that that elevates it into a different place from a 'self-help' book as the benefits will be profound. The last chapter is probably the most important when you realise how much the modern word could benefit from applying the insights within the book.
She gives the 5 step process very clearly early on in the book and the examples of how others were helped by it it are very useful. There is a useful brief summary of it at the back you can turn to when working with it. She covers many problems and the likelihood is you well have been affected by one or some of them and could gain benefit from addressing the problem, moving through it and out the other side to a new strength by using the effective process given in the book.

If you are interested in knowing more about the original practice of Chod it is explained in Chapter 5 of Words of My Perfect Teacher by Patrul Rinpoche-"The kusali's accumulation:destroying the four demons at a single stroke" (perhaps a better translation than 'destroying' in the light of Lama Tsultrim's insights would be transforming maybe.) If you want to know about the actual Tibetan Buddhist practice Patrul Rinpoche's is the most authentic explanation of the actual practice.
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on 7 January 2013
This book is an interesting take on the ancient Tibetan meditation practice called Chöd from an accomplished teacher of the traditional form. However, this book does not present Chöd as it is traditionally done by Tibetan Buddhists. That usually involves ritual instruments, complex visualizations, chanting in Tibetan and initial empowerment by a recognized teacher.
Instead Lama Tsultrim has taken the core principle of Chöd, that of "feeding our demons" - or working in compassionate way with our neuroses, and created a practice that can be done by non-Buddhists. Although the practice presented here is not Buddhist in form, practitioners of the traditional Chöd forms may also find it interesting for the light it sheds on the key psychological processes that underpin traditional forms and the deep understanding of the practice that the author clearly has. Yes, it can be a bit "self-helpy" in places which may put off some more traditional Chöd practitioners, but bear with it, as there are some really interesting insights too.
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on 26 September 2010
I would really recommend this book. Initially I didn't think I would enjoy it that much and I found all the case studies a bit tedious but the biographical detail of Tsultrim Allione herself is very interesting, as it was in Women of Wisdom. I think the Five Steps are really practical and helpful and it's quite a brilliant adaptation of the Chod practise for 21st century. Whether you are Buddhist or not this simple practise can really release alot of problems and tensions in your life.
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on 11 May 2011
This book is fantastic! Not only is it written in an easy to follow, informative way, it also has just the right amount of case histories and personal experiences from the author. No need to have a Buddhist perspective here as Tsultrim Allione has expertly blended Eastern wisdom with Western cultural understanding. What's more the practice really works! I know, I've tried it!! And if you get the chance to attend a workshop, it's a life changing experience...
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on 17 March 2016
So I've used a very similar version of this practice for a few years. It is very effective if you stick with it. This book is really helpful.

The practice is clearly explained and the examples are very helpful. I gained a lot of additional insight from this book.
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on 22 November 2009
[[ASIN:1848501730 Feeding Your Demons: Ancient Wisdom for Resolving Inner Conflict] Feeding the Demon is a wonderful book, I would recommend it for anyone who wants to resolve conflict and understand what life really all about.
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on 24 January 2016
A powerful technique for liberating yourself from fears and negativity based on the ancient practice of Chod from Tibet. Your demons are your fears and blind spots, negative emotions and self-defeating patterns of behaviour – in other words, your shadow. It seems counterintuitive to feed your demons, but it makes a lot of sense. Rather than denying or repressing difficult emotions, you turn towards them and make friends with them. That way, you can discover the real reason the demon was created and so heal the problem. If you try to attack your demons head on, they’ll fight back and cause more problems. But when you feed them, you treat them with compassion and understanding, and then they become your friends.

Full of useful examples and guidance on how to befriend your worst enemy - you!
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