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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars
The Darkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld)
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on 28 April 2017
Love all of Miss Showalters books this one is no exception
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on 16 September 2014
I am thoroughly in love with all the Lords of the Underworld!! I get so engrossed that i cant seem to put them down!!
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Paris, the Lord possessed by the demon of Promiscuity, cannot shake his desire for the Hunter, Sienna. Even in death. And now that she's held prisoner by Cronus, the king of the Titans, who has had her possessed by the demon of Wrath he's determined to rescue her. Even if he's not quite sure what he's going to do with her afterward - since she may still hate him, he doesn't trust her, and the fact that he knows he will be obliged to cheat on any partner doesn't make for ideal long-term relationships. Now that she has the demon of Wrath inside her, Sienna can see people's lies and knows that she was deceived by the Hunters into joining them. She's desperate to escape from the prison where she has been held and tortured for months, to find Paris, and to make amends for her role in betraying him.

Like many other Gena Showalter fans, I'd waited for this for a long time and couldn't wait to see how she resolved the many issues this couple had between them - not the least being Paris's demon and Sienna now being both possessed by Wrath and, well, rather living-challenged. I was a little bit disappointed.

Paris and Sienna's ending was fairly convincing (as much as anything in this 'world' is!), but how they got there didn't always pass muster. GS cheated in her handling of Paris's affliction to avoid having him unfaithful during the course of this book. There are lots of rather more frank statements about his past deeds than in previous novels, but he manages to hold it together without a partner for several days while looking for Sienna - then is at death's door following a relatively short period of abstinence later in the book.

Showalter spends rather a lot of time 'developing' the character of the angel, Zacharel in preparation for his starring role in her upcoming spin-off series, the premise of which seems to be something of an amalgam of J.R. Ward's Fallen Angels series and The Dirty Dozen. Well, not so much 'developing' as having him beat the reader over the head with repeated iterations of the fact that angels don't have feelings. There's some hubris clearly waiting for him because - Lysander? Olivia? they are what exactly? Oh, yes, ANGELS! with feelings. No prizes for guessing who the hero of the first of the new series will be.

Despite a rather slow start, this book does have an exciting, fast-paced finale with some completely unexpected plot developments affecting the ongoing story arc that had me checking Showalter's website to find out when the next book is due out. I stayed up from midnight to read this and debated hard over the star rating - but, for me, although enjoyable at times it isn't Showalter at her best.

3.5/5 - losing ground for the drawn-out opening, the blatant set up for the spin off series, and for cheating readers by whitewashing Paris's affliction over a protracted period at the start of the book.
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on 27 August 2012
I enjoyed reading this installment of the LOTU series. I was excited to read Paris' story finally after waiting sooo long. I read reviews before hand and everyone kept commenting on the fact that they expected more but that didn't stop me from finding out for myself...

I must stay I enjoyed reading this story. It started off a little slowly for me and was eager to get to when he finally saved Sienna. Their relationship was similar to previous LOTU books.. Lord saves troubled girl, they have lots of sex, girl sacrifices herself for his happiness bla bla bla same old same old. I didn't expect any less in this part however; I liked reading it regardless

But I was really disappointing with the end, It all happened so fast. I won't give away any spoilers but the last few chapters, there was too much going on all at once and it took away the focus from the main plot line. I now know what previous reviews meant about expecting more from this story. It ended on a positive note for the couple and the all of the Lords which doesn't help carry on the story into the next installment, it doesn't make me eager to want to buy the next book which I'm assuming is on Kane.

I just hope that Gena can pull off another decent book from this series.
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on 8 January 2013
Err, I have to say I agree, this was not the best Gena story. Whether it's because I've been waiting for the book for a long time and had so many expectations or whether it was Paris (not my favourite lord) or just Gena or a combanation of all of them. Saying this I would still recomenbed this book, as I believe the the side stories are worth the read and get me excited for whats to come.

With Paris and Sienna's story being set up for so long I expected them to get together, or admit they loved each other much sooner. They kept creating annoying unnecassary problems for there relationship, I just kept thinking we all know your getting together so do it, everyone else is already creating enough drama you shoud stick together. Speaking of everyone else, what they did to Paris was cruel. None of the Lords have ever been majorly supportive of each others relationships especally lately with falling in love with hunters, but an intervention. They eccepted Haidee quickly enough, when they thought they could lose Amum and she had killed Baden.

New characters, well an almost new one first Zacharel. Did he get his punishment for giving part of love away? This wasn't really covered but it's the only thing I can think of. Especially considering how much he loves being an angel. (and he really must love them considering how emotionally repressed he is). Of course this is going to change, at least thats how it sounded at the end of the book. And whats with the black spot on his chest?
Now the new full time character Viola. I'm still undecided on her at the monment, she can be annoying as hell, but quite funny in her naricissum. But at the same time I feel like she's just another Anya, maybe a little crazier because shes single and doesn't intend on changing that.

Galen loves Leigion. Well not yet but one day, since they first met I've been thinking they would be perfect together, but how would it work and would Galen really get a happily ever after. But now being under the protection of the new Queen, maybe there relationship will grow, and Leigion can be happy again (I miss her).

I can't talk/write about the ending because I will give it all away. But on a conected note. In passed books Gena been setting up a lot of phophies/curses and history's to give us clues as to whats to come and now they've all chaanged. I feel like everytime William's curse comes up it's been changed, I know it's supposed to be really complex but I don't think she has any clue as to whats going to happen. and i know thats how she writes she doesn't plan ahead the characters tell her the story, but she need to make sure it connects.
In Aeron's book when he see Baden again, he said he wanted to die and that he let him self fall for the hunters plan because he couldn't live with the distrust, now it turns out that it was all Galen's idea that if Galen was aloud to kill Baden he would stop the war. I know it could be both reasons to some extent but the way it was written suggested Baden idea to die and it was done to add another evil dimension to Galen. (I'm not sure if he deseves Legion)
And Cronus's death, the many his many prophies and there inaccurates were cover slightly through misintrepretation. But they forgot that Saclett would kill her mother which in turn would kill Cronus and came up with a new one that said she would directly kill him.

Speaking of Aeron, he really should have played more of a role in this book especially since, he and hos demon miss each other. And his feeling on Legion capture. Its like she forgot about him.

I was wrong I thought Gena would save the birth till the last book, but no, and they sound so cute, I can't wait to read more about them if they grow at an exclerated rate or normal. (They already seem a little advanced). One thing that bothered me about the birth (apart from reminding me of renesmee birth in the twilight Saga) was that it took Danika so long to tell William what he needed to do, I mean can't you see Ashnly suffering.

And now Torin, there aren't many original character left meaning his book will come soon, hopefully after Kane's (who I think is next, but I can't find anything thing to comfirm this). So after being attack by his wife cronus makes a deal with Torin, giving him the all Key and a chance at what he wants the most with out consequence. Now with him being dead (yay) does that agreement still stand will he be falling in love soon I hope so. and he needs to tell someone about the key.
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on 4 August 2012
At last Paris, the keeper of the demon Promiscuity has the opportunity to track down Sienna, the woman who once betrayed him and then lost her life. Sienna may now be dead and house the demon Wrath inside her, whilst Paris cannot help but be unfaithful, yet he's determined to claim this woman as his own.

There is so much going on plot wise that at times it felt somewhat jumbled and chaotic. New characters are introduced, whilst the growing number of familiar faces all feature heavily; many having their own missions to complete or disastrous situations to overcome.

As expected, Paris and Sienna engage in plenty of sex, yet they didn't quite click as well as previous leading lovers, as I felt Paris was far more emotionally invested in their relationship than Sienna. **spoiler alert** I was also a little disappointed with how GS dealt with Paris' continued arousal around other women despite his feelings for Sienna.

The ending is somewhat conclusive, as a prophecy that has featured heavily throughout this series come to fruition, but not in the way everyone expected. There are the light hearted moments I anticipate from GS; normally surrounding William (particularly his sparring with the Lords and his obsession with his hair) and some tense, heart breaking scenes. There is overall a rather frenzied pace to this book, with plenty going on plot wise plus additional ambivalent characters introduced (such as Hades) but it was all a little too much. 3½ stars
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on 18 December 2014
Paris is one of my favourite characters in the LOTU series (who can resist him?) but I always thought Sienna was a bit of an odd choice for him. Though her actions paint her as brave (***spoiler*** she's the hunter who drugged Paris, after all), there was always something a bit 'weak' about her. Sure, she gets the chance to prove herself in this book, but I'll never consider Sienna a powerful leading lady like I would Anya, Gwen, Kaia, Scarlett (pretty much all of the others, in fact, bar the humans and Olivia), even if she is, in fact, powerful and faces big bad Cronus without flinching.

I must critique the resolution as well, for Paris, who is of course possessed by promiscuity, gets around his demon-problem a little too easily. Furthermore, it is stated many times throughout the series that Paris can't go a single day without sex or he severely weakens... this hold true in some parts of this book, but in other parts, he seems able to go a few days before deteriorating. More consistency please!

Regardless of this, I did enjoy the book, particularly the twist at the end that allows the overall LOTU story arc to take an interesting turn. Worth a read.
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on 13 September 2014
This is the story of the immortal Paris who is bound to the spirit who forces him to seduce someone new every night or die, but he can only carry out this act once with every woman he meets. The one woman "Sienna" he craves has never truly been his. Sienna who is possessed by WRATH is compelled to punish everyone around her, yet in Paris`s arms she finds peace and insatiable desire. As Paris & Sienna`s bond grows, it ignites a blood feud between ancient enemies. With battle raging between gods, angels and demons Paris and Sienna must fight a supernatural war that could destroy their love.
A book unsuitable for children, parts of it can be very explicit, read on to find out what happens???????
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on 5 April 2012
Finally Paris's story has arrived.

Did I enjoy it :- Yes BUT something didn't quite keep me glued to this book like the others, and I have no idea why that is. It still had Geno Showalter's crazy funny sense of humour which I adore.

There was lots action and epic moments which left a feeling that this book was bringing everything to close, even thou we still have Kane's and Torin's story still left to be told.
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on 18 January 2014
I read the first two to three books in this series but each one was a bigger disappointment. For me the characters are not strong enough and they all seem a bit rushed. I did like Paris and hoped with all the build up of his HEA and Gena fighting with them to get their story on paper it would be better. It's good, but I just would not put it on my keepers list. Sorry, but I will not be buying anymore of Gena's books.
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