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on 22 January 2016
How it was to serve the Fuhrer in the Adolph Hitler SS Division. This book covers the story of a highly committed and very capable german soldier/grenadier he was a specialist serving in the well armed tracked but speedy armoured cars of the reconaissance brigade in the meatgrinder that was The Russian Front Werner Kindle served in France Russia Normandy The Ardennes and finally in Hungary .

He served in the front line for some considerable time under Joschen Peiper the armoured breakthrough specialist that coincidence may not mean much to some of you but Peiper had the same reputation as the infamous Panzer Leader Micheal Wittman who had destroyed well over a hundred Russian tanks Wittman also stalled and severely blunted a major British armoured offensive in Normandy with his own company of Tiger Tanks alone! Wittman eventually fell victim to the deadly fire of a Sherman Firefly a highly sucessful british upgrade of the Sherman Tank the Firefly was equipped with the magnificent and deadly high velocity 17 pounder anti- tank gun. This marvel of a gun was fitted with the latest discarding sabot ammunition this feature unquestionably made the British 17 pounder by far the best anti tank gun of The Second World War.

Back to Werner Kindle and his boss Joschen Peiper Peiper was the man who led the Adolf Hitler German Armoured Division in Russia to many stunning victories and he went on to lead The German Armoured thrust again in The Ardennes in the Germans Final full blown Offensive against The Allies in the West. Joschen Peiper was blamed for machine gunning American prisoners in Malmedy this infamous act was called The Massacre at Malmedy and it drew a lot of publicity Peiper served ten years in prison after The Second World War ended for this War crime and much later he was aparently murdered for this act. During the trial it was revealed by the Canadian defense lawyer that The Americans had themselves publicly executed many surrendered and defenceless german soldiers on that same location only a week before The Ardennes Offensive took place, it was a case of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.

Since we do not live in that time what took place defeats our sense of rightness even though some of us subscribe to a ...high.... degree of commitment to some cause which could be as insignificant as an attachment to a football team This kind of mass hysteria seems alien to most of us today. I suppose we must always keep in mind that civilisation isn't civilised .........and be aware - is that possible?
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on 23 April 2014
Oh what a shame ! The author Herr Kindler has wrote a book here which could have been so much better. If you are expecting a first person account of the author's distinguished and exceptionally valorous time spent with the elite Leibstandarte SS Division (has I was), you will be left has frustrated as I became when reading this book. The author became a rare recipient of the Close Combat Clasp in Gold, for his bravery both on the Eastern and late war Western front's, indeed he earned over 80+ confirmed day's of this most personal, "hand's on " form of fighting. You will unfortunately be left exasperated by Herr Kindler barely describing in great detail any of these close combat engagements !
He writes in a format more appropriate for Divisional history books, mentioning the logistics before and after each battle the Leibstandarte (and he himself) takes part in, mentioning as if keeping a tally, "that was my 37th close combat day ! ". You end up "screaming" yes Herr Kindler, but what did YOU do ? However, you will acknowledge the prowess of his unit in action, and the bravery of his fellow Waffen SS Panzer Grenadiers which he portrays very well, alongside the constant theme of praise for his Commander at that time, the Legendary Joachim Peiper.
In summary, I would say if you require a more anecdote laden book on the Waffen SS, I would suggest the recent excellent book "Fur Volk and Fuhrer" by Erwin Bartmann, but if you need to brush up on the actions of the Panzer Grenadier formations pertaining to the Leibstandarte "Adolf Hitler", then this is your book
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on 9 January 2017
Still alive, thanks to that stolen gold the SS handed so readily to their American 'captors', so Kindler was not LOYAL UNTO DEATH. As a nazi, he's a failure as a human being. As a nazi who refused t die for the austrian corporal, that makes him a failure even as a sub-human.
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on 25 August 2017
As it says, Obedient Unto Death, no- nonsense Soldiers account of life in the Leibstandarte Waffen SS. Werner Kindler rates his battle buddies in bravery & campaign awards, & no matter who's side you are on, those achievements have to be admired. His straight forward accounts of almost day to day not stop combat against the Russian hordes had me on the edge of my seat. He seems to stand taller as his close combat days accumulate. The military genius of Jochan Peiper, & those he had around him, is legendary but told in diary like detail by the author. Don't pick sides just enjoy a factual soldiers account on survival through the Second World War. To survive they had to be Obedient unto Death.
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on 19 July 2017
A great book.
Not all SS men were cold hearted murderes,many were just young men fighting to save their country,and became brave,resourceful soldiers,respected and feared by their enemies,and the survivors were shamefully treated by Germany on their return home.
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on 12 August 2015
Another engaging memoirs of a man who went through the war in the waffles ss. If you have any interest in the history of LAH or WW2 it is important to read the accounts of those who were actually involved and this man was extremely involved. Some of the lists might seem tedious but are historically important and valuable aids for extended research
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on 28 December 2016
I must admit I was really looking forward to reading this book. All the author was interested in was his medal count. Battle accounts were skimmed over with hardly any detail. This is why I only gave it the score I did.
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on 25 August 2014
Whilst a good addition to my library - it is written with rose tinted glasses. This does not detract from the need to buy it as it is another piece of the jigsaw in understanding the people who fought as part of the Waffen SS. The facts are the facts but the motivation of the author is perhaps the important part, although he is vague in parts.
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on 18 February 2018
Like all wars the defeated are charged with war crimes and the victors are as pure as snow (we all know the truth).
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on 20 January 2017
A monotonous recitation of his movements and actions without any introspection or humanity. Of interest to an historian only - of none to the general reader seeking a subjective account of a soldier's experiences.
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