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on 22 October 2014
A detailed expose of the corrupt EU bureaucracy, Should not be read by Eurosceptics with high blood pressure. Supports a lot of what Nigel Farage has said about the EU.
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on 16 September 2017
Everyone who voted to stay in should read this - it changed my mind! Was recommended by UK Column
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on 23 July 2017
You soon become swamped with figures and numbers gave up on it quite early.
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Buy this for every remoaner you know, that has been conned by the EU elite and is convinced the EU exists for their good. It may wake them up, to how they have been scammed for the last 40 years.

I have bought copies for all my remoaning friends and all have seen the light and realise what a scam the whole EU thing is!

A retirement home for failed domestic politicians and a way of creating legislation, legislation's sake.

Leaving should never have been about immigration or whether we will be £1000, £2000 or £5000 a year worse off per head. It should always have been about the British public, being able to remove those from parliament, that make laws, we the general public do not like. As 80% of our laws now originate from Brussels, how can we do that.

Remoaners, YOUR democracy has been taken away, peacefully and right under your noses and you don't care!!!!!!!!

What is democracy, if we the people cannot remove those that govern us???????????????????

That is the reason that wars have been fought down the centuries. THE RIGHT TO GOVERN YOURSELVES!!!!!!

I'm delighted we are leaving!!!!
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on 28 February 2016
Topical book as EU in/out vote due in a few months. This explains in brief, easy to read, and no uncertain terms the simple facts behind the EU and why we need to be very, very OUT of it -

Do you like spending about €2500 per man woman and child in the UK to the EU per year and getting only a fraction back in highly publicised 'ain't we great' EU subsidies / grants.
The EU claims it only costs about €250 a year per person in the UK. It 'forgot' to add on the national governments price tag for enforcing the EUs rulings. Its red tape and admin etc, etc which multiply this figure drasticly - all listed for your pleasure.
The EU citizens elect the EU parliment - It has no real powers. It sits 3 HALF days a week and votes through 2000 plus laws rules and regulations per year - spending about a whole 30 seconds debate per law.
The above laws come from the secretive, unelected EU Commission who do as they please and have zero accountability. Its powers are limited only by its own decision to become involved in any area it deems worthy of involvement or not. The Commissioners even speak of a 'post democratic age' - were the public are to 'thick' to deal with the complexity of modern economic and political matters and thus voting is waste of time.
The EU court of Justice is an equally delightful, unelected and powerful institution which has unlimited powers to interfer and meddle where it pleases and acts as an even more aggressive EU Parliament with no interest in crime and justice or justice of any kind - its constitutional job is to expand the power of the EU against national (properly elected and democratic) governments.
The Commission and Court now have control of about 80% of all national governments law making processes - did you get to vote on any of these constitutional changes never mind all of them. No they were slipped and sneaked in. The few votes that were called in some nations were ' no thanks' - the EU respondonce - vote again and this time get it right.
The entire European governments pay and perks are left bare for all to see - it will make you very, very angry.

The book also points out that security and defence are compromised by the EU - we are in NATO and at current have lost control of our borders. EU hates NATO and wants to rival it and insists in free movement of people in the EU.
It also points out that the endlessly hyped threat to trade/jobs is not a myth but an utter lie. We pay in far more than we get out (Thus losing investment funds we could have made directly into the UK) Like Norway and others we are part of the free trade region of the EU and thus our economic position would remain identical weither in or out. (Under international law/treaties this situation is further cemented.)

The EU - FU - let's get out and good riddance.
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on 26 May 2014
5 stars, definitely ! I write this on 26.5.2014 ; one day after the Eurolections in which UKIP had a landslide ! THe EU is a grand IDEA and as EFTA it worked but the Common MArket for which I campaigned in the 1970s has very little relationship to the bureaucratic nightmare that has morphed into the EU. The monstrous waste of money needs to be curbed ; Europe is in the depths of a recession and details such as the cost of moving Parliament from Strasbourg to Brussels to satisfy French sensibilities have become ridiculous. If the French want the EU in Strasbourg ... no problem ... let the French pay for it ... ! HOPEFULLY the parties that want to reform the EU so that it actually becomes democratic ... WIll succeed. Otherwise the outlook is grim indeed. A super book; informative and occasionally funny but the subject matter is no joke !
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on 30 November 2014
Clearly written in simple everyday english, this book should be read by anyone interested in how Europe is an ever growing part of our lives...
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on 19 November 2016
A very informative/intersting account of how the EU operates makes decisions and wastes our money - if you are a re-mainer and not bothered about democracy - the post democratic age is coming as the world is so complex that it's not longer appropriate to allow the ordinary citizens to have a say in how they are governed according to our EU rulers - accountability - how your money is spent - being answerable to an elite group of non- elected bureaucrats who cannot be removed - to an over-bloated commission who hasn't had their accounts signed off for 19+ years because the book don't balance - and think the housing/NHS/Schooling/pensions problem will come good in the end - and the EU army is a flight of fancy banded about by the leave campaign - and think the EU is for the ordinary people - and don't want to take the lid off the status quo and peek inside - then you won't want to read this book as you won't sleep at night wondering how the EU can spin the facts and make it sound we're in Eu-topia!
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on 21 February 2015
Very well researched and presented, it would rate 5 stars but for the fact that it needs updating. Shocking facts, although I regret to say I was not shocked at all - I am beyond shock where the EU is concerned, and that is the problem; we are all so inured to endless and incredible tales of incompetence and corruption that it now just washes over us, which is no doubt how the EU likes it. It all adds fuel to the fire of certainty that the UK should leave this putrid sewer of corruption asap, especially since so many of our so called 'anti-fascist' left-wing political leaders seem determined to keep us in, and continue to fervently support this particular exemplar of anti-democratic fascism disguised beneath a fake facade of posturing liberalism. Do we really suppose that the EU has so ruthlessly mounted its creeping decades-long coup, culminating in their acquisition of absolute power over us with the Lisbon Treaty, with no intention of ever using that power? Its supporters claim - without evidence - that to leave would be ruinous for our economy. No doubt in the 1930's they would have said: 'Well, Hitler might be a power-crazed homicidal megalomaniac, but we should still let him invade and take over our country since it would be good for European trading opportunities.' Utter madness.
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on 21 June 2016
This is simple disgraceful . Given the state of most people's finances in Europe. Especially Southern these people should be ashamed of themselves. But they probably don't understand the word.
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