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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Twenty fifth volume in the series of hardback books which collect the comic strip Peanuts.

This contains all Peanuts cartoons from it's final year, 1999-2000.

It follows the same format as others in the series. Starting with a one page introduction, in this case from Barack Obama, you then get the year's worth of cartoons. With three of the daily strips to a page. And the longer sunday ones to a page of their own. Although it does end on a sort run of sunday ones. And the famous final cartoon in which Snoopy types Charles Schulz's goodbye.

The amazing thing about reading through this year's worth of them [one hundred and sixty four pages worth] is just how great the standard is. Given that the cartoon had been going since 1950, that is a superb achievement. You don't get the running storylines that there were occasionally in the cartoon in years gone by, but some themes do carry over for a few instalments. And some, such as Rerun doing underground comic strip art and his desire for a dog and/or a bicycle, do keep cropping up.

So many of them do make you laugh out loud. So they are quite simply a delight to read.

But that's not all in the volume. The second half of it, over 140 pages, features L'il Folks. A cartoon that Schulz drew before Peanuts, which appeared in his local newspaper. There's a two page introduction all about. Then a L'il Folks strip on each page following. These are one panel gag cartoons, three to four of them to a page. They are in many ways a proto Peanuts. They're a bit more conventional, although you do get a dog occasionally doing funny things. You do also get a character called Charlie Brown on occasion. And one of one panel gags was actually reworked into the first Peanuts strip ever.

It is also, as a whole, pretty funny. With a great many of them that will also make you laugh out loud. This is the first time this cartoon has been properly released in any format like this, so it's a fascinating addition to this series and a really good read as well.

The book concludes with an index to the Peanuts strips, and a two page summary of Schulz's life history.

A product that couldn't be bettered. A really great read and a great way to preserve classic cartooning for posterity.
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on 26 February 2014
As years go by, I grow still more fond of Charles M. Schulz' "Peanuts". Many of today's comics are just that, comic, meaning funny.Sometimes they try to be funny -- but "Peanuts" had the full package. Sometimes the strip is just silly, sometimes it's very serious, and behind the comics stands a man who don't hesitate to quote from the Bible or from Shakespeare. Schulz didn't talk or write or draw down to the audience.This is volume 20 in a series of 25, covering every strip from all the years --. how impressing these strips are. Here is a daily comic, who have been going on and on and on for 40 years, and it still seems new. Other writers of comic strips have something to learn here.
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on 11 June 2017
I'm making my way through the peanuts collection and this is no exception to the wonder and delight these characters bring to my life! Don't know if anyone has watched the film, but give it a go, because it brings these to life. Not a bad word about these books and I will get the collection. My parents have the old collection, and you can't beat an old, battered and loved book, but this has given me (in my thirties) a renewed love of the peanuts characters and an opportunity for self-discovery, now I feel I'm old enough to appreciate the wisdom of youth and the realities of life. I'd recommend this book to those who fancy a bit of nostalgia and those who were hooked by the film and who want a piece of art to look after for future generations.
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on 11 May 2012
Having lost touch with Peanuts around the early 80's I am reading most off these for the first time. Until now I had it in my mind that Schultz had gone off the boil around this time. Definitely not the case, it may have changed and had certainly evolved but it is still as sharp and funny as ever. I guess most of the people buying these collections are already solid fans faithfully collecting each new book every six months for the last 9 years or so but each book is a delight in it's own right so if you just fancy a peanuts book or know someone who would then go for it.

I would also recommend the book Charles M. Schulz: Conversations (Conversations with Comic Artists) as well primarly for the last interview with Gary Groth who manages to get at least a little way past the protective fence Schultz stands behind in most of his interviews.
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on 9 May 2013
These two years show changes in the Peanuts comic strips. In 1987, Sundays cease being introduced with "Peanuts featuring Good Ol' Charlie Brown"; it'll just be "Peanuts" from now on until the end of the strip. But more importantly, in 1988, the strip breaks from the four-panel format which Schulz kept for nearly 38 years.

While not as cynical as the strips from the 60s, this book provides a lot of laughs. One thing that was improved through the 70s and 80s is the drawing, in my opinion. Some hilarious drawings in this one, such as Charlie Brown winking at the Little Red-Haired Girl (page 6/7), and Linus pulls the funniest facial expression ever seen in a Peanuts comic strip thus far (page 16).

These strips are always well presented (except for one or two little errors in the index, but who really cares?) with a great cover design style. I get a bit OCD when bringing these books to the dining table (two sheets of kitchen towels below the book to keep it clean), because I want them to look good and last a long time - these are books to be treasured.

Must-buy for any Peanuts fan, casual or hardcore. Obviously. Don't wait for Canongate Books to publish this one; at the time of this review they're only up to 1973-1974.
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on 13 March 2017
Doesn't reach to the knees of the best ones from the late fifties up to the early seventies, but I still enjoy reading about our small friends. 10 pages each night before I go to sleep - with a smile on my lips.
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on 18 July 2011
A wonderfully presented hardback of classic Peanuts (in black and white) for the years stated. Most of the characters you know at there wry best. The adult world in microcosm. A gift for someone young enough who did not see then TV shows, let alone read the comic strips and it was great to see how the true world of peanuts (rather then the wall posters/ T-shirts etc.) opened up. A new fan - a timeless work, which is still as relevant today as when it was drawn.
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on 7 January 2016
All arrived safely, and now have completed my set. This was not quite as full of the old cartoons as I had hoped, but is a very special addition to the collection. Am very pleased.
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on 31 March 2006
One can't praise enough Fantagraphics Books for reprinting the complete collection of one of the most insightful, funny and loved strips of the past century. in this books we see Peanuts rapidly evolving towards its mature and golden years, with Lucy's first attempt to make Linus get rid of his blanket, Schroeder, Lucy and Beethoven's triangle in full gear, CB's misadventures with kites and baseball, and towards the end, Snoopy sleeping on his doghouse roof! A great piece in a splendid collection!
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on 26 April 2016
I read a week each morning from this series, and I always get a laugh or an insight into life.
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