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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2009
"Pocket Book Of Boosh" has the SAME content as "Mighty Book of Boosh" which is the larger hardbound version. "Pocket Book of Boosh" is just a smaller, paperback version (with new 'denim pocket' slipcase).

What no one in any review, not even in Noel's (Vince) and Julian's (Howard's) review established, is that the content for "Pocket Book of Boosh" is the same content, page for page, as the original, larger, hardcover "Mighty Book of Boosh". (Get with it, Noel and Julian! In that video above, you didn't once show us the inside of the book/s, nor mention what the content was, nor indicate that it was the same content as "Mighty Book of Boosh".)

Finally. I've done it. I did what needed to be done and what no one else would do.
As usual.
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on 19 September 2008
i fell in love with this book as soon as it dropped through my door, (thanks to pre-order on amazon i got it very fast) its like watching a boosh episode without dealing with your dvd player. beautifully animated and perfect in everyway, it is sheer heaven for any boosh fan.
you just sit back, relax and sink into that wonderful world of boosh that we all love so very much, with laugh-out-loud snippets on every page.

its a must have for every booshista around, now i cant wait for the book signing!!
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on 11 September 2008
WOW! there is so much stuff crammed into this, i'm about a 1/4 of the way through it now.
I preordered it so i could get it as soon as possible which i did (nice one amazon, v speedy) you get to hear from all the boosh characters and they all have there own little stories to tell (i especially like naboos magic acting sock story)
Owning this book is like taking a trip to the mighty boosh's apartment and having a good old nose around at their photo albums and other keepsakes, and don't think it's all pictures and no funny stuff after all it is the mighty boosh this book'll have you giggling like a child witnessing the best prank ever at school, this is a complete must for all those booshians out there.
you could even buy several copies and distribute them around woodland areas like bollo.
The book covers the mighty boosh from every series so you can be sure to see your favorite character.
It shows some great artwork from noel (vince noir) fielding.
A lot of never before seen material in there.
A definate must buy book.
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on 30 December 2008
any boosh fan will love this book - crammed with a complete collage of comical chuckles! all your favourite bits from the boosh - the stories, the crimps, the jokes - in one beautifully presented book. loads of backstage photos etc make this a fantastic purchase for anybody, but especially those who have followed and loved the boosh from the start. well worth the money, a great gift, i am amazed at the variety and quality of this booshin book.

long live the boosh!
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on 14 September 2008
Amazon delivered this book extremely fast. I read it from cover to cover the morning it arrived. It really is a must have for all Boosh fans! There's paintings by Ol' Gregg, Stories from Vince, Howard's Jazz Detective Novel and logs from the Tundra, emails from Tony Harrison and Saboo, Bollo's letters to Peter get the picture. It's jam packed with Booshy goodness and I'd highly recommend it.
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on 13 September 2008
A must buy for any Boosh fan. Visually stunning, as you would expect, and in the creative and surreal style that we have come to appreciate. It's no lightweight book either, it took a while to get through and I was surprised at the size.

Expect to see all of your favourite character sand more besides. My favourite bits were Bob Fossil's Vietnam stories and the sample of Howard Moon's foray into the world of publishing, but no-one is left out - whether you like Bollo, Old Greg (and his disturbing paintings), Naboo and his Shaman crew, or the many Villains they encounter, there is something here for everyone. At this price you'd be crazy not to buy it.
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on 23 August 2015
This is a good companion to the series as well as being a great read, this is my second copy as the first ever copy I got when it first came out got lost (well stolen) so glad I could find another copy after 3 years of looking in shops couldn't find a copy anywhere which was puzzling but now got it again (after paying out the same money once) finally find it and can enjoy again. I recommend it to any fan of the Mighty Boosh.
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on 26 November 2008
Sorry it's taken me so long to get this review written but Bridgette Bardot put me in a time capsule with a drawing of an orange cat holding an air rifle.

A great excuse, I know. It's not mine I'm afraid but just one from Vince's Book of Excuses for Being Late Volume III, one of many tiny treats housed within this incredible tome - as just one slurp from a whole selection of soups.

Some of the other instructional passages in this book are Bob Fossil's A-Z of Animals (where the elephant is `Grey leg-face man'), The Phases of the Moon (`The full moon, the main moon, the chalky white ball-bag hanging in the sky like a screwed up letter from a paedophile'), Eleanor's Top Sexpressions (`Turn me over and record all over my old DVDs') or Howard Moon's Advanced School of Acting Expression (why not try pulling his `Bakers's Confusion or `Contemplating Gay' faces). So lots to be learnt then, but it's not all self-help.

If you've ever seen the TV series, the live shows, the festival music sets or heard the original radio episodes and wondered where all the surrealism, animal-obsession and array of characters come from - this is a fruitful glimpse into their Zooniverse. It will answer questions you never even knew you had like: What are Bruno Mindhorn's other poems like? What goes on at The Shamen Lodge when they're not holding committee meetings? And who did Old Gregg use as a muse before he happened-upon Howard Moon?

It's nice that they've had the chance to flesh-out some of the characters a little further. Naboo, who has only really grown in standing (if not in stature) since the Boosh took full flight now has our ear, if we will lend it to him, to demonstrate his knowledge of black magic: "The image of the blindfolded horse is a common one in the occult. Another image that you find in books of this nature is the image of a puma in an eye patch or the eagle in Raybans".

Bollo too has space to air his concerns about gentlemen's publications being the only kind of written material being left lying around in woodland: "Now don't get Bollo wrong, on the whole, Bollo have many a good feeling about porno, Bollo subscribe to Monkey Pumper, Cheeky Chimps and What worry Bollo is that porno is only book you ever see in woods. . .This is why squirrel and fox come into the city".

So anyone who's anyone in the Boosh has been granted a platform - but what of our two favourite keepers? How did they agree what would make it in - given they normally can't decide on the best way to tackle a Polar Bear. A sense of ongoing creative disagreement is tangible between the two giants in their respective fields of jazz exploration and glitter rock crayon stories. For example, Howard's `The Evolution of the Table-top Globe' has been crudely pasted over with Vince's hand drawn original story `Ace Frehley Fights the Space Jackals'. You can't help but feel that if Howard had been given the chance to retort before the final version went to press, it would have been removed and replaced with a warning next to his original lecture to all glam buccaneers and busy-faced jazz-fearers out there.

Howard's bookish pedigree is clearly much better suited to this volume than Vince's interests, which tend more towards the frippery of releasing fruit and yams onto music audiences, talking to the animals and having too much fun in general to write. Having said that, his children's story series featuring Charlie is back and stronger than ever.

On top of all this, Mrs Giddeon, Rudy (he goes by many names) and The Mutants (yes, there is bacon) all have something to say which make this Christmas stocking-filler perfect grazing material for anyone who even slightly enjoys the jazz stylings of Howard or the hair stylings of Vince.

Whether tootling on Howard's Trumpet Full of Memories or reading Charlie and the Black and White Rainbow, this is one book that neither Naboo, nor anyone else, should ever turn their back on.
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on 3 November 2009
I am very much a fan of The Mighty Boosh, and am responsible for getting many of my friends into it; there are many who could say the same, as the show is one of the great word of mouth phenomena of the new millennium. As a fan, there are many reasons to enjoy this book, including lots of in-jokes, new stories, and photos of the boys up to various hijinks. Also as a fan, however, it is clear that the uninitiated ought to stay away, as they will simply find it a mish-mash of hysterical nonsense (this is, of course, exactly what it is, but if you've seen the comedy series, you will understand it), and will simply think they've bought a scrapbook created by a rather abnormal personality. Personally, though, I love it.

To sum up, if you've watched The Mighty Boosh (all of it preferably!) you - and the jealous friends you won't be able to resist showing it off to - will love this. If you haven't, buy these DVD's first! The Mighty Boosh - Series 1-3 - Complete [DVD]
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on 28 December 2009
Well, I have this lovely book here! I love the slipcase, rather cute. Made out of cardboard though, not denim... :D I love this little book, however it's pages look familiar...why it has the same content as 'The Mighty Book of Boosh' A larger hardback version, which came with some lovely stickers, before this little pocket one was released. If you are buying this and expecting to find something different to 'The Mighty Book of Boosh' ( you are sadly mistaken. It would of made sense if they released both versions at the same time..the hardback and the paperback, so not to lead to confusion.. but hey, I'm a die-hard Boosh fan, so I don't mind...good for the old car, bus and train journeys I suppose :)
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