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Customer reviews

4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
Format: Paperback|Change
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on 17 July 2017
Really enjoyed this. Great story line with really good characters. Felt really sorry for Annie as she had to put up with so much from Dan, who was so inconsiderate. Her dream job comes up which means a year away from Dan ... will he even notice? Will it make or break them? Would definitely recommend!
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on 2 December 2011
This was the first Claudia Carrol book that I have read, and although I really enjoyed the story, I got very fed up with her use of the 'word' anyroadup. I know to most people this would be a minor issue and would not detract from the book, but I found the way she kept repeating it over again extremely annoying. I don't like slang in any book unless it is in relevant converation, and this definitely wasn't. It would prevent me from buying any more of Claudia Carroll's books, which is a shame as I enjoyed the rest of it.
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on 30 November 2011
This is Irish author (and actress) Claudia's 8th novel although this was the first time I'd come across her work. High hopes quickly set-in with the back cover stating it is `perfect for fans of Sophie Kinsella and Marian Keyes', sounded like I could be in for a good read!

The book follows Annie, one half of an apparent perfect couple, Annie and Dan. Annie and Dan are childhood sweethearts, meeting at boarding school in Dublin in their early teens and soon becoming inseparable, despite family warnings they go on to marry in their early twenties. When Dan's father passes away they move to be with his family in Stickens a village which is a good two-hour drive from their happy city-life. We join Annie as she struggles with rural life, in-law family life and despite being surrounded by people her feelings of isolation and being stuck in a rut, becoming old before her time. Not only has Annie effectively put her acting career on hold since moving to the village - working in a small bookshop instead; she barely ever sees Dan who is busy establishing his veterinary practice and being `Mr Nice Guy' to everyone with detrimental consequences for the marriage.

Annie hits a point of no return just as she is offered her dream job - a part in a Broadway show. Will an already strained relationship survive this upheaval? We follow the story as Annie moves to New York for her twelve-month stint in the play. One final let-down later they agree to a 12 month break - a relationship sabbatical, a chance for Annie to live the life she always felt she missed out on, no strings, `no obligation..to call or check in or try to keep us alive. No pressure, no long-distance relationship, no stress'. So we follow Annie as she lives her life in New York with her Irish actress friends, question is, after this time out will Annie and Dan meet as planned in December at the Rockefeller Centre, even if they do, what next? With the Countess Dracula (Lisa) hovering in Stickens like a lion ready to pounce on its prey as soon as Annie is out of the way, will Dan even be interested in reconciling his marriage? Will Annie's head and heart be turned by the successful and handsome theatre director Jack?

I enjoyed this book from start to finish. The pace was just right throughout - there were no lull points and I felt quite sad that the book had to end at all. The book is written in first-person and I think that added to the empathy with Annie, you really do feel her frustration with Dan and you long for him to notice her and give their relationship the quality time it is so clearly lacking. You feel sad that a relationship so once full of love is flailing, and yet it's nothing to do with infidelity or money, something much simpler but perhaps less understandable to those outside of the relationship. This was captured perfectly.

I loved the contrast between Stickens and New York, I felt transported to New York and felt like I was living Annie's life there with her and Claudia captures the outsider's perspectives of New York well. It was also a very witty novel and I enjoyed the use of contemporary metaphors and similies throughout (e.g. `I've never witnessed anything like Liz's capacity for alcohol; honest to god, the girl can slosh them back like a camel fuelling up before a Saharan crossing'). For all the wittiness serious issues such as drug misuse are also covered which add texture to the story and the supporting characters.

You really do wish Annie a happy ending throughout; you just don't know what the right happy ending for her is for most of the book which leaves you gripped. It's hard to find any negative points, at a push all I could say is that some of the same descriptions are used to emphasise the same points in different parts of the book e.g. knots of tension in Annie's stomach.

Overall, a definite recommended read from me!
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on 1 September 2011
I am not a big reader, but I found it hard to put this book down. You really do feel for Annie (and Dan). This book stirred feelings of joy, sadness, frustration and tension ... among many others. What will happen to them? The writer does a good job of keeping you guessing.

My one critisism mirrors another review - the annoying overuse of the term 'Anyroadup'. Twice across a double page at one point. May sound trivial, but believe me, the word stands out like its highlighted and it's use is unnecessary.
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Another blogger's excitement about Claudia Carroll's novels actually got me to pick this particular novel as my next read, and I'm glad I did!

Annie and Dan are childhood sweethearts, who after having met at boarding school as teenagers, married in their early twenties, and now live in the Irish countryside. After the death of his father, Dan decided to take over the family veterinary practice in Stickings, a small village approximately two hours from Dublin. Annie came with him, giving up her chances of breaking through as an actress to be with her husband. However, Annie continues to struggle not only with rural life, but also with her family in-law. So, when she is offered her dream job, a leading role in a play that is heading to Broadway, she simply can't refuse. The distance turns out to be one bump in the road too many, which leads to Annie and Dan deciding to take a one-year break from their relationship. No rules, no pressure. But what will happen when the year is up? Will Annie be able to resist her handsome director Jack? And what will happen when Dan is alone back in rural Ireland?

Personally, I struggled with the beginning of the book. I thought the start was a bit slow as it took me around 100 pages to really find myself getting into the novel and enjoying the story. I also thought Annie's behaviour was slightly frustrating. I just wanted her to take the first bus out of Stickens and get far away from everything that made her unhappy. However, as soon as Annie arrived in New York... From that moment I started to really like her as a character and I was hooked on the story itself and didn't want to put the book down. I loved the mix of rural and city life (and the descriptions managed to capture the two different settings perfectly), but the combination of Annie and the city turned the story into some exciting I simply didn't want to stop reading about.

Even though this is my first Claudia Carroll experience, it is already her 8th book. This shows in her writing, because the novel is easy to read and the story really started to live in my head. The repeated use of some specific words ('Anyroadup', Jack's 'cold' hands, Annie's 'blond' apartment) in the text slightly annoyed me, but the need to read on and find out what was going to happen made it possible to ignore that. Overall, I found this a really enjoyable novel and the fact that there are several other Claudia Caroll novels out there, waiting to be read, is definitely getting me excited!
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on 5 September 2011
A wonderful story of Annie and Dan and who've been together since they were childhood sweethearts and everyone sees them as the perfect couple. However, on the inside of their relationship Annie feels completely and utterly ignored and taken for granted, not only by workaholic husband and vet Dan, but also by his Mother who has Annie running around doing erands all over the place, and other people who just use their house (which used to belong to Dan's Mom and Dad and is also home to the vetinary practice that Dan's father owned) as their own. They live in a very small Irish village where everyone knows their business, they have no privacy whatsoever, Dan's mother disapproves of everthing she tries to do in her own house and everyone treats her like a skivvy, and generally takes advantage. There is no longer any spark or excitement in their relationship and despite her attempts to get Dan to spend time with her, he just can't tear himself away from the practice.

So when Annie agent calls and she get's the opportunity to audition for a part in a play, she's delighted to go of to Dublin to the audition where she meets up again with Liz, an old acting friend and she starts to feel just a little bit like her old life is returning and that she has more to offer. Annie has to wait for a good while to see if she gets the part and during this time, Dan didn't even spend Christmas dinner with her, as another "emergency" cropped up and she's left with his malingering friends and family. Due to Dan's habit of not listening to her and finding the fact that someone's horse has got the trots, far more important than paying attention to his long suffering wife, it takes her what seems like an age to tell him that the's been offered the part which is on Broadway and that they have asked her to go to New York for a year to take the part!

She really wants to take this opportunity as she has put her life on hold for a while to please everyone else so with Dan's blessing, she takes off and they try to conduct a long distance relationship an ocean apart. Does she miss Dan as much as she thought she would or does her new exciting life, experiencing a new city, living on her own, meeting new people and making new friends change what she wants?

To find out how it pans out, you'll just to read it yourself as I'm not giving away anymore of the plot. But it's an emotional journey which I feel I suffered myself! Once again, I lost myself in the plot of this book, becoming the main character and experiencing her feelings and thoughts in this new life which is so different to her old one.

A very cleverly written book by Claudia Carroll, and a message to all the couples out there who do take each for granted because there are other more important things in your life that seem to take priority over spending quality time with each other.

Claudia's writing flows so easily and it's such an enjoyable book, that you don't notice how much you've read, and you just want to keep on reading. It's lively, it's colourful, it's realistic, it's exhilarating, it's just thoroughly brilliant. You can probably gather by now that I loved it! I've never been to New York so it was also about learning about and being a tourist in a fabulous city for me too and it's now firmly planted on my "places to go" list. Again, another new author to me whose work I found utterly pleasurable and I will certainly be looking out for her other books now. This is her eighth book.
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on 4 August 2014
As far as I am concerned, this was OK for a holiday read. The front cover says 'It bubbles and sparkles like pink champagne'. For me it felt a bit flat. I thought the prologue was so good and so painful that I had to stop reading it for a moment but the rest of the book did not grip me. I didn't really feel the emotions of the characters, I felt it not believable. I read a review which said how the repetition of the word 'anyroadup' annoyed the reviewer so when I came across it for the second time I thought 'aaaargh' but I think it only appears about 12 times in the book(, not counting but after the review it sort of leapt out at me.) Personally I hated the repeated use of 'feck'. Anyhow or anyroadup(!), I could put the book down, which was very different to how I felt about the book I had read before this one 'How to fall in Love' Cecilia Ahern. Other reviewers have written about the story line, I am just writing about how the book was for me. It was fine for an easy holiday read but I am not passing it onto my friend,not good enough. Claudia Carroll's 'Personally I blame my fairy godmother' was heaps better . This one was a disppointment after that.
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on 15 April 2012
I believe a lot of women can associate with the beginning of this book but what the book does is takes it to the next level and takes the risk by walking away. In my view the book did not truely address the reality of jealousy. I mean she learns her husband has failed to come and see her performance as too busy and then he has allowed his recently seperated old friend (who by the way has the hots for him) and her two children into her home and despite saying she is upset takes no action.
Also on learning this she then turns down the keen attention from her boss(which she was complaining was missing in her own marriage)hello reality check.
Dont get me started on her so called friend who is an addict. I must admit her speech made me smile but to get her job back i dont think so.
After all this returns to her life in ireland and mother in law from hell no doubt. on saying this Dan (husband) has made loads of promisies so can we have a sequel to see what he does and how long before mother in law starts interferring and rute sets in again.
The one character that did grow on me was dans sister. She practically grew up in this book.
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on 9 October 2013
Will you still love me tomorrow? is a wonderful fail of a hard marriage working itself out in end.
Annie is an actress who took some time out when her husband's, Dan, father died and he has to take over the vet clinic. Annie has to deal with the crazy mother-in-law, a woman who wants her husband and the little exaggerating sister. She also ha to deal with a husband who never speaks to her, or listens.
Annie then gets a job, however there's a catch. She has to be in New York for a year.
In that year several things happens, as well as marriage sabbatical, or 'gap year' where they can do as they please. Things happen in that year that makes both or them realise the silly mistake they have made.

When I was reading the book, I noticed that quite a few phrases had been repeated, sometimes several times in one chapter. Other than that I thought it was a magnificent read and can't wait to read more of Claudia Carroll's work.
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on 4 July 2012
This was my first Claudia Carroll book.

For me, the book didn't really get going until over half way through but when it did I found it quite an enjoyable read. The plot is different enough and I did find I cared what happened to Annie and Dan

Three main gripes though!

Like other readers, the overuse of the word "anyroadup" really irritated me! Also "bad burning feeling like indigestion" is lifted straight out of 'This Charming Man' by Marian Keyes. Finally I felt like she repeated herself too much - okay so Annie needs "half a can of serum to tame her hair otherwise she looks like sideshow bob" but did this really need to be repeated in its entirety every time Annie was doing her hair? It's as if the author thinks she's written something amusing and is repeating it in case the reader missed it the first time!

All in all it was ok but it hasn't convinced me to read anything else by Claudia Carroll
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