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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 8 March 2009
The second book from talented writer Jane Costello, The Newly-Weds is witty, sexy, and completely unputdownable. Escapism at its best, the characters are so real you'll want to hang out with the heroine and run off with the drop-dead gorgeous hero. This author is definately the cream of the chick-lit crop, but be careful - once you start reading this you'll do anything not to put it down. (I nearly willingly missed my stop on the train just so I didn't have to stop reading a particularly gripping bit)! Let's hope we don't have to wait long for the third read.
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VINE VOICEon 23 March 2009
I really enjoyed Bridesmaids by this author so when I saw this one half price in WHSmith's a couple of weeks ago I just couldn't resist it.

This one in my opinion was actually better than Bridesmaids. I really liked the main characters Zoe and Ryan and actually think they were very well written and realistic. The small group of "British" nannies that were her friends was really good as well, is nice to read about people that are really friends and not pretending to be friends. There were some extremely funny parts to this as one point when I was reading at lunch time, I had to face the desk cos I was trying hard not to laugh out loud.

This is complete chick lit though so if you're not into this genre then you probably wouldn't like this.

I will definately be reading more from this author in the future.
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on 7 April 2009
Jane Costello has really hit the nail on the head with this one! It's a great Chick flick and summer read.
the opening to the story is great - Zoe is ditched at her own wedding, put's on weight, gets depressed then deciedes to leave the doom and gloom of everyone talking about her.. and takes a job in Hope Falls.
The story captures your imagination straight away - the way the character Ryan is discribed (sexy) the way the kids behave - it really gets you involved in the story.

Honeslty this is going to be one of the best summer reads! You won't want to put it down.
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on 15 November 2015
This book had some lovely moments and even made me cry at one point. I love Jane Costello's books - in fact I think I have now read them all. I liked Ryan and the children and I enjoyed the way their relationship developed with Zoe. There were no big surprises but sometimes you just want a book where you like the characters, there's a nice story and a happy ending, this is it!
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on 27 May 2013
When heart-broken Zoe finds herself stood up at the alter, she decides to take drastic action to make a new start for herself, leaving behind the comforts of home town Liverpool and jetting off to the States. Here she finds employment as a live-in nanny for the Miller family, looking after young and motherless Ruby and Samuel. Whilst she instantly adores her new young charges, their father is another matter entirely; Ryan Miller not only being officially the boss from hell, but a more or less non-existent entity in his childrens' lives. Soon Zoe finds herself trying to mend the broken rifts in this family, even as she tries to escape her own heartache; could her new life in the States offer her more than she hoped for?

This is another engaging read from Jane Costello, easy to lose oneself in, the short, sharp chapters simply urging you to read on. I liked the change of setting from Liverpool to Boston; the little things about home that Zoe missed, the frightening prospect of being in a completely different country on your own, and how she found her little clique of British nannies to hang out with. My only complaint would be the rather cliched way in which all the American characters spoke.

Zoe herself makes for a wonderful heroine, the kind that you really root for. Despite her recent heartbreak and humiliation, she decides to embrace a new challenge, leaving behind her loved ones at a time where she needs them most. Ryan doesn't exactly give her a warm welcome, nor make things easy for her, but she maintains her warm and enthusiastic manner. She's kind, funny, generous, and you so want her to have her happy ending. As for the other characters, the children are adorable, and Ryan's the sort of hero you can't help but love despite his faults. He and Zoe bounce off each other wonderfully, and its lovely to watch the gradual change in his character as he eventually lets down his armour.

As with all Costello's books, there's lots of humour and laughs; though the nature of the story this time allows a nice blend of more poignant moments as well. There are a few interesting twists along the way, though overall the story is pretty predictable; however its told so well that it doesn't particularly matter. Overall a great escapist read; perfect for a rainy day.
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on 6 June 2010
On the day of her wedding the last thing Zoe Miller expects is to be stood up, but that's exactly what her boyfriend Jason does. Unable to cope with everyone's sympathy and questions Zoe flees to America to be a nanny to a rich family. On arriving in New York, however, Zoe is told she will instead be heading to Boston to nanny R. Miller's two children, Ruby and Samuel. Zoe thinks R. Miller is a woman but he turns out to be a widowed husband named Ryan. The children love Zoe immediately but Ryan takes longer for Zoe to crack. What will happen, though, when Zoe's past catches up with her?

It's told entirely from Zoe's point-of-view and Zoe is an immensely enjoyable character. Zoe reminded me of Paige Toon's female characters; being funny and ultimately quite clumsy. The writing is also similar to Paige's - it's simple to get into and has very funny moments interspersed with more serious moments. For example, Zoe shoots Ryan in the eye with a toy bow and arrow (hilarious!) but a few pages later, Samuel has a bit of an incident which was quite scary! Jane's writing captured me immediately and I was hooked, the book really was easy to follow and I just couldn't wait to get through it to see what happened with Zoe and the Millers.

I thought Zoe was the perfect character to carry the story. She was witty but she was also human. She acknowledged her flaws which made her much more likeable. She seemed happy in her own skin and I just loved her. I thought Ryan and the kids were also great. Ryan came across a bit moody and distant but after a while he began to thaw and we saw who Ryan really was. Ruby and Samuel were great child characters. I love reading about children in books particualrly when they are written so well as Ruby and Samuel were. For me, the best part of the book was reading of Zoe and Ryan's changing relationship. Jane did that fantastically well and I had no idea what would happen next with those two. It was like being on a very enjoyable, but very topsy-turvy, rollercoaster.

I also loved the inclusion of Zoe's British nanny-friends: Trudie, Amber and Felicity. They made quite a group. Trudie was by far the most involved and I thought she was brilliant. She also had hidden depths which surprised me. Amber amused me with all of her strange ways, I have to say. We're meant to think something is up with Felicity and I admit I had an inkling of what it was. The only other main characters were Jason, of course!, whom I disliked and Zoe's parents whom I loved. I could feel why Zoe's mum Helen was worried about her as any parent would. I also hoped that whatever it was that was wrong with Helen wasn't anything serious.

The book is an incredibly easy read, with short, snappy chapters which move the book along well. There's hardly a chapter goes by without something stupid/funny happening. I loved that Jane decided to set the book in Boston rather than New York or LA as most authors do. I probably would have liked a few more descriptions of Boston itself though, but since Zoe was there to be a nanny it's to be expected she wouldn't venture too far away from the Miller household.

I thought it was an incredibly enjoyable read. Yes, some might say predictable especially with what happens in the last 30 or so pages of the book but I was fine with it, and knew that ultimately Zoe would make the right decision! Sometimes predictability is a good thing and the fact is Jane writes so well it's easy to forget how predictable it may or may not be. This is well worth a read as it's immensely enjoyable. I just wish I had Bridesmaids so I could start it right now.
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on 18 May 2013
My favourite author at the moment.

Poor zoe escapes from the embarrassment of being dumped at the alter and accepts a job in America as a nanny for Ryan's 2 children. Ryan lost his wife 3 years earlier and was on a road self destruction not caring about anyone including bonding with his children. Ryan has met his match in zoe and slowly they grow to be the best of friends. Zoe's ex decides he made a mistake and zoe races back to the UK.

Can zoe give up life in America with Ryan and his beautiful children who adore her and want zoe as their mummy or will she go back to the UK and marry the ex that left her at the alter.

Your need to read it and find out, you won't regret it. Worthy of the 5 stars.
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on 18 September 2013
Another fabbie book from Jane Costello!!!! It is so funny and ad me laughing out loud....a lot in fact my family kept asking me wot was so funny :-). The story is easy reading and the hapless heroine is a bit of a pushova to start with but soon finds her stride, it's a will she won't she kinda book but won't give anything away you'll av to read it nd see....
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on 16 January 2012
I dont usually read chick lit unless its Sophie Kinsella, I have tried to read others but find I trail off and can find them boring. I am very pleased I read this book, it wasnt quite as good as I find Sophie Kinsella but it was good all the same. It was funny in places, light and uplifting and I just found it to be a nice relaxing read and I couldnt wait to read it when I got the chance. Will definetely be reading more Jane Costello books.
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on 29 July 2013
I'll get straight to the point -- if you love chicklit, you will love this book. I couldn't put it down & didn't want it to end. This was the first Jane Costello book I've read and I'm going to get some more!
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