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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 February 2011
When Abbey's best friend Kristen disappears near the famed Sleepy Hollow Cemetary, everyone assumes that she has died...everyone apart from Abbey. While trying to deal with Kristen's disappearance, Abbey struggles to understand what happened to her friend. Her search for answers leads her on a path she never anticipated, and the mysterious Caspian who keeps appearing in her life helps her cope. But Caspian has secrets of his own and, as Abbey begins to fall in love with him, she also begins to doubt her sanity.

I first read this book last year, and loved it so much I decided to read it again and review it. First off this is a massive book, over 500 pages in fact making it almost double the length of most young adult fiction. If you don't like long books, don't bother. I loved the quotes from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow that appear at the start of each chapter, and each one really sets the scene for what happens next.

The plot is well developed, but has quite a slow pace. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as an entire world is gradually created and there is both a mystery and a love story at the same time. The author manages to avoid info-dumping the reader, so plot points are revealed clearly and easily. There are several twists scattered throughout the book, and I didn't see them coming the first time I read it. Each one made me more determined to find out what was going on in Sleepy Hollow, so I read the entire book in one sitting first time round.

The characters are really well developed and unique. I loved how Abbey creates perfumes in her spare time, and the author has managed to include some beautiful passages describing each scent. Caspian is great, and again his character has been developed beyond the normal level as he is an artist. Usually in young adult books the protagonists, even if well developed, rarely have hobbies that are unique to them and I loved that here. The love story is well written and convincing, and I can't wait to see where it goes from here.

There isn't much I can say about the ending without spoiling the book, but I'll just say it was unconventional and I really like it. This is the first in a trilogy (followed by The Haunted out now and The Hidden out September 2011) and the ending, while complete, does allow for the trilogy to easily continue.

All in all, this is a haunting and evocative read and I'll be reading The Haunted next.

Plot: 10/10
Characters: 10/10
Ending: 10/10
Enjoyment: 10/10
Cover: 9/10

Overall: 49/50
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on 13 January 2012
I found this book ok. I wanted something to read and it was ok. It didn't leave me wanting to buy the next book. Luckily for me I did get hold of the next book and started to read it without expecting much. Wow what a difference! This trilogy is now one of my most cherished and favourites. I can see how the first book needed to be written the way it was but please stick with it because the next two books are utterly beautiful and worth paying for. The second book builds on the tension and the ending left me needing more instantly. The final book ties up all the loose ends in a warm nostalgic way.
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on 9 January 2011
Books should have a beginning, a middle, and an end. I felt instead of this book having that it was just the THE beginning... and it was a long one!
I got really into this book at the start as it held my attention with the whole mysterious missing friend and the strange boy in the cemetery. But as the book went on I started to get frustrated that nothing was really happening. The author kept writing and going into detail about insignificant things like when she was cleaning the office it went on for about a chapter! And getting up in the mornings she would go on and on about her getting dressed and having a shower and blah blah blah. I found myself often skipping a few paragraphs while I was reading just to skip these uninteresting and pointless long details.
I was intrigued though about the mysterious plot as it didn't really give anything away until the last few pages, that is what kept me reading.
I would recommend this book but only if you have patience!!
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on 14 April 2011
I read this book a little while a go and only thought the book was okay. I did manage to read it all the way through even though I didn't really do anything for me. I felt I didn't really connect with the main characters and mostly I found the book quiet depressing.

The only thing that I did kind of like was the relationship between Abbie & Caspian - which I found to be quiet intriguing. However, the end of the story left my very frustrated and for that reason I am yet to pick up the next book in the series. I haven't planned on reading the sequel but I may decided to pick it up one day.
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on 2 April 2013
the story itself sounded very intriguing although not dealing with a subject that hasn't been written about before- death- so called ordinary teenagers- and dark, mysterious boys.
Because I accidentally read the seaqual fisrt before this after my mum got this for me for Christmas, I felt I had to read this one first to understand the whole story, although there wasn't much to it.

I was 300 pages into the 500 paged book before I realised- not a lot has happened, and the story seemed to have droaned on without a conclusion and a sudden ending.

I loathed the main character- Abbey- because of how self concious she felt around her parents and how demanding she was of Caspian, even weeks after her friends death, the author seemed to desperately try to make her mourn Kristen's death whilst having a relationship with someone she met who was living by the place where her friend Kirsten was killed- despite that, she still met him up regularly- there could have been an obvious twist on that part, but even then- nothing happened.
and I tried to believe in the chemistry around Caspian and Abbey, but it ended up being another Rachel and Ross from friends- boring and a drag on.

Although Jessica does give us a little background story of the settings history, weather it was a fictional place or not, she based it on 'The Legened Of Sleepy Hollow'- which the town based their name on- The Hollow although it was intriguing, and the very medeocre ending tried to make it sound interesting by making it not just a 'legened' I was not convinced and was desperate to finish the book and move on to something else.
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on 7 February 2012
I love this book...despite been sat on my bookshelf for over a year,i kept picking it up and putting it back down...so i decided to dive right in and read it and i have no regrets. I love the setting and the use of the Washington Irving tale of the Headless Horseman...it does take a chapter or two to get into but once I got going i could not put it down. A perfect story of a loney girl who has just lost her best friend and because of her love of the cemetry,meets caspian...it is kind of obvious from his name,he is not of her time but i love the way the author made him seem as if he was, for example his clothes...a black shirt with jeans. what made it more interesting was abby's perfume making which i hope is used a lot more in the next book...which i am just starting to read. The old caretaker and his wife gave it a hansel and gretel feeling and i was totally surprised to find he was the bad person in this story..well done,jessica verday.
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on 17 October 2011
This book was just alright - I enjoyed parts of it but on the whole, it dragged quite a lot. I really liked the idea of it and the fact that it is based around the Sleepy Hollow legend is mysterious and fascinating - I think that this setting is what made the book enjoyable for me. The premise is intriguing, but it didn't completely captivate me. The whole revelation at the end was expected and definitely not a surprise. The protagonist was quite a passionate character - I liked her passion towards perfumes, the thing she really enjoyed, but apart from that she was really quite weak. I don't like the typical YA romance - where two people have an encounter and all of a sudden they're in love and perfect for each other - and unfortunately this is what the romance was all about. Caspian felt like a bland character to me and not trustworthy at all.
One of the main issues for me was that we're told that the protagonist's best friend, Kristen, has died mysteriously by a river - this is infact one of the reasons why Abbey visits the cemetery - however, Abbey doesn't seem all that bothered. Sure, she is a little sad at points but apart from that, I think her grief could've been expanded upon and explained. Abbey goes from wondering how Kristen died to basically forgetting about it and instead obsessing over a boy she hardly knows. There is a little insight into Kristen having a sort of double-life without Abbey but after that, there's nothing else about her - perhaps in the next book more will be revealed and those could be more successful. Even though this was over 500 pages long, it feels like nothing really happened and it did drag quite needlessly. Saying that, I think it really did have potential and I loved the setting.
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on 5 November 2010
First words
I brought THE HOLLOW back in 2009, and it was one of the first YA paranormal romances that I'd read. I really enjoyed it back then, and after reading the last book in the trilogy, THE HIDDEN a short while ago, I decided it was time to go back to one of the places it all began.

What is it about?
Abbey won't believe that her best friend is dead. She can't even begin to believe the rumors that she took her own life.
As she attempts to find any other answer that could explain Kristen's on-going disappearance, she meets Caspian. Kind, mysterious and utterly gorgeous, she finds herself becoming more and more drawn to him.
But then, she discovers the frighting truth of the boy with the striking green eyes, and starts to question everything - including her self.
Has love finally found a boundary even it can not cross?

Thoughts and opinions
Without a doubt, the first thing I need to say about this book is how stunningly lovable, I find Caspian and Abbey.
Sometimes, male leads can be a little 'bad boy' or 'the stunning unreachable boy', which we see time and time again. Of course though, they are used for a reason, and that is because they work , and are popular with readers.
Caspian, however isn't either of these. There's no other words for it - he is just very sweet! Sweet in the 'why isn't there a guy like this' way, and so kind you want him as your best friend. Honestly, you just want to reach in and pull him from the page!
Abbey, is brilliant for a couple of reasons. One; you don't want to kill her. Okay, so that's a tad theatrical, but sometimes reading a book where the guy is very cute and kind, as a reader you don't always feel that the object of their attentions really deserves them. Abbey, however is one of the most likable voices I've read, and you only find your self routing for her.
Secondly, is how believably she acts. Now, talking about believability with books usually annoys me, because it is often used in the context, 'that could never happen', yet they are reading a paranormal, book...
However, I am talking about how the character acts to said situation. Instead of falling into the unbelievable truth she learns about Caspian, she questions everything around her, including her own sanity.
On top of both of these wonderful characters, the story its self twists and turns right up until the very end, leaving you itching for more.

Final verdict
Defiantly one of, possibly even my very favorite, paranormal trilogy. With beautifully written characters, and a story that will pick you up and take you to the town of Sleepy Hollow, it's a must read for all YA paranormal lovers.
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on 13 September 2010
When I first heard of this book I was worried about reading it. It seemed to be one of those hit or misses. However, I am sooooooo glad I picked it up. This book really captured my imagination from beginning to end. With Jessica's beautiful writing style that makes you feel like you are there allow side Abbey. I really felt all the things Abbey was feeling. When she cried, I cried. (well I cried from start to finish lol)When she laughed, I laughed. She was easy to connect with and I felt like I have gained a new friend. When Abbey meets Caspian (who btw is cutie in my imagination)she starts to feel again from the lose of her friend. He awakens all new feeling in her. However, he did annoy me just a little as he always seemed to taking "two steps forward then five steps back" as Abbey said. However, in the end I loved them and can't wait to read the rest of their story.

This is Jessica's debut novel and she has did an amazing job here. Not only has she produced a fantastic and emotional novel, she has made me want to go out and read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow.

I recommend this to someone who enjoys reading books that are emotionally intense, gripping from start to finish and with some mystery.


I feel like no matter how much or little I wrote about this book I can't do it justice it just has to read.
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on 13 September 2012
When reading the description for this book I thought it sounded a bit different, and although it looked a bit 'young' for me I downloaded it anyway. It started off alright but then just didn't go anywhere. I felt like I was waiting for something interesting to happen for the whole thing.
I got a total Twilight rip-off vibe when Abby was bouncing a bit between Caspian and Ben. I was half expecting a cheesy "aaah he's a warewolf/vampire" ending, but was even more disappointed to read the whole "everyone is a ghost" thing. Felt like such a cop out, and I would have been prepared to deal with it if it wasn't for the non ending of an end. It just sort of finished with the whole yeah I had a mental breakdown blahhh and doubting if the whole thing even happened! Er, hello?! May as well just have said I woke up and it was all a dream. Also the whole thing with Kristen was never even explained, and it seemed to be the backbone of the story to uncover the mystery but she just gave up. Who was this mysterious D? We'll never know, hey.
However I am giving it 3 stars because I think younger readers would like it. It had the potential with the whole Sleepy Hollow edge to it, but failed to deliver with excitement and suspense and I regret paying 4.99 for it!
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