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on 19 March 2016
This book gave me quite a few laugh out loud moments, a few sniggers and alot of chuckles. I particularly liked the chapter on North korea, The Great Leader and The Glorious General. Dom Joly is a dark tourist here, travelling to places we are supposedly in fear of going to. Although, in the world we live in today a trip to North Korea, Cambodia or Chernobyl will be like going to Disneyland compared to some countries thst are truly no go areas now.
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on 7 December 2012
Being an "Armchair tourist", too lazy and cheap to go anywhere this book really appealed to me and I was not disapointed. This book gives us some insight into Dom Joly's travels through Lebanon, Ukraine, North Korea, United States, Iran and Cambodia. The stories have just the right mix of facts, travel insights and comedy to make this book an interesting and fun read which has also expanded my horizons that little bit further since I knew almost nothing about several of the places featured. I also enjoyed Dom's style of writing as he doesn't come across too preachy or patronising but he does get over quite a bit of information in a conversational tone, which I liked.
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on 16 January 2012
I read this book over a Christmas holiday. I admit to being a fan of Dom Joly's type of comedy, and it does come out in the book, a kind of dry and depreciating humour, poking fun at himself in situations, and subtly at others. His description of his arrival in the US as a Lebanon born UK passport holder, recently having visited Iran is particularly good, especially if you've experienced the joys of the welcome that US immigration generally provides. I also was in stitches at the early part of his visit to Kiev (on the way to Chernobyl). I would highly recommend the book for an outlook of places you may never visit, but also from the sheer humour used throughout.
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on 11 March 2018
Love Dom, love dark travel... perfect combination. Easy to pick up, difficult to put down!
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on 13 June 2011
This book looked right up my dodgy street, as I am also a wannabee dark tourist, though never with the guts to go darker than the South Bronx in a cab. I find Joly's persona on TV too bumptious, and not as funny as he thinks it is. He is, however, an entertaining writer. The experiences range from the genuinely hairy (shoot out in a Cambodian night club) to the benign (tour party in DPRK), and whilst I felt he may well have embellished for effect in some areas, it was very hard to put down.

The biggest mystery for me remains his schitzophrenic eating habits. He constantly mentions his vegetarianism (hence the turd-shaped North Korean omelettes) but eats a "steak and cheese" sandwich in the US, and chicken in Lebabon. Sounds an odd form of vegetarianism to me!
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on 27 June 2013
Well written and entertaining. Joly visits some great locations and has some fun interactions, but ultimately I was hoping for a little more excitement. He essentially goes to potentially dangerous locations and finds no danger. Still an enjoyable read and certainly lifts some of the fog surrounding those locations that the average tourist might not be too keen to visit.
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on 1 May 2013
I bought this book after hearing the author, Dom Joly, bang on about it on Twitter. Well, he was right to shout about it - it's a fascinating read.

Dom visits Iran, the USA, Cambodia, Ukraine (Chernobyl), North Korea and Lebanon. Not your typical tourist locations, and that's kind of the point. If you are at all interested in travel, foreign culture or learning a bit more about events in the countries listed above, then this book is a must read. It is well written, educational (I didn't know a great deal about Lebanon or Chernobyl prior to reading), eye opening (North Korea!) and funny. The awesome adventures and more sombre experiences are regularly punctuated with snippets of brilliantly observed humour. Most of all, I have come away from this book feeling inspired to broaden my horizons and travel more.

Definitely one of the most entertaining books I've read for a long time, would highly recommend.
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on 3 April 2014
I enjoy Dom Joly's work. I think he is a funny guy. As I read this book I could hear him saying the words. He gets up to some bizarre things in this book. Chernobyl fascinates me, and I quite fancy going there myself, same with North Korea. If like like stuff like that, Dom will give you an insight into what goes on there, if you eventually do go, in his own way of course. Well worth a read.
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on 8 February 2018
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on 2 May 2018
great book and very interesting
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