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on 11 March 2014
Certainly this book can be categorized such as practical. It shows how a shop application can be create using Zend Framework library. Each step is built upon the previous so skipping content is not recommended. Some of the examples are left uncompleted on purpose expecting the reader to read analytically and to apply knowledge from the former chapters.

I would recommend this book to each seasoned PHP developer who needs to shift his skills up to the next level.
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on 22 March 2010
As an experienced PHP developer with no ZF experience, I found frustration with the lack of complete application tutorials available on the Zend Framework website or other web resources.

The problem with any book covering Zend Framework is that new features are released so frequently that it is soon out of date (ZF is currently version 1.10). In my case I wanted a tutorial that covered building a ZF application that used Zend_Application which was released as part of ZF1.8.

Having no experience of ZF, I found this book really helpful, however, it does have many typos and a few errors. Although, I found that none of these things actually meant I mis-understood the point; they were just annoying.

The Apache Ant usage would probably have been suited as late chapter rather than early on. However, it is quite easy to re-write the few lines of code in order to run the examples without Apache Ant.

The chapters covering model data resources, and forms are excellent tutorials in their own right. I would have loved the coverage of functional testing using PHPUnit to have been more in depth.

If you are seeking to learn how to develop Zend Framework applications then this book, although not perfect, is probably the best available right now.
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on 12 June 2011
This book is a good starting point for PHP developers wanting to enter into the Zend Framework.

It doesn't get 5 stars due to:

1. Providing examples with a bootstrap that is a deviation of the Zend standard one (the one created by Zend Tool when one creates a new project)
2. Adding code on the examples that isn't on the book, neither explained on it (mainly Ant scripts)
3. Using Ant scripts to do tasks for the sake of it (Ant is a great tool, but, on a book like this, it's place should be on an "advanced development" with Zend, it's use has a deterimental effect on the book as it stands).

Apart from those issues, it covers the bases.
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on 11 November 2010
I have read a lot of Zend Framework books but this is one the best books i have bought so far. The author has deep insight in Zend Framework and I can't fault his understanding of Web application development. He provided a good introduction for entry-level php or mvc programmers and was sincere about the scope of the book. Also provided a practical e-commerce.

However, I thought he should have provided an alternative for the 3rd party components mentioned or at least more explanation(apache ant,e.t.c).
Can't wait for the next book from the author. Thumbs up!!!
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on 6 November 2009
This is the best Zend Book I have read. It manages the perfect balance of being thorough yet accessible. It does not insult the readers intelligence by skipping over details of the Framework but, at the same time, explains everything in a clear manner. Great for learning and good for reference. If you are familiar with PHP, comfortable with the idea (if not necessarily the practice) of OOP, and you want to learn the Zend Framework start here.
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on 21 September 2010
I agree with the other 5 star reviews, great resource tool for Zend Framework, very well explained.
More detailed reviews over at Amazon.com.
Didn't notice any spelling mistakes, perhaps because it's Americanised which is very common in this field.
This book is advanced and not a beginners guide to the Zend Framework, but worth a read if you're new to Zend.
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on 21 February 2012
Good book, but the author has no idea of what he is doing. Book is a good start to understand Zend philosophy and structure, but this is it. No advanced functionality will be found here.
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on 18 December 2009
I like the approach of this book and it is well formatted, logically clear and try to help you on the first wiggly steps trying to master the Zend Framework.

Sadly, in its zeal to present you the perfect development environment it introduces the PHPUnit, PEAR, xdebug and Apache ANT components to "help" you. Depending on your knowledge of apache and PHP this could be potentially disastrous to your productivity. I was running the Zend Server CE on Windows 7 and struggled for a couple of hours to get everything running but sadly had to give up this (I have a perfectly running PHP development environment already installed based on the Nusphere PhpEd IDE with the Nusphere debugger and managed to mess that in the process with only myself to blame).

Failing installation, the book is reduced to a simple copy-paste exercise from the downloaded examples and a struggle to manually do the configuration carried out but the ant framework. This clouds the actual learning of the Zend Framework.

Furthermore, the book is based on the 1.8 version and does not make use of the Zend_Tool system to create controllers etc and that is a great mistake by the authors as Zend_Tool is the standard way of managing the projects.

Before buying make sure your PHP installation and development machine is able to run: Apache Ant, xdebug, PEAR and PHPUnit otherwise you will have a rough time before even starting to learn Zend Framework.
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on 8 January 2012
This book demonstrate techniques used to create a shop using the zend framework.

Everything would be good if it did not deviate so much from the standard framework. The examples uses libraries that are not even included in the book, so when the time comes for you to build your own app, you will need to fall back on the zend framework manuals.

The book has a lot of detailed information about the framework components, ie. the standard router etc; however, it falls short when coming to giving you a concise starting point, so you can develop your skills with the basics already presented.

This is not the case with this book. When one buys a book to learn a computing framework, I would expect the abc, and the rest I would learn as I develop.

Probably with all the best intentions in the world the author created examples that uses complex levels of abstraction, and examples that use code outside what is covered in the book, and deviated away from the framework. For that reason, I am sorry to say that this book has disappointed me.
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