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on 30 December 2010
June Elleni' s book is an incredibly clear and useful guide to the creation of Mandalas and how they can be used to transform life and manifest dreams. She very simply provides a description of how a mandala can be used as a powerful tool for improving various aspects of life and living. The mandalas she uses include those for 'self enquiry', 'clearing', 'healing', 'manifestation' and 'Life line ' or 'Future self'.The forms of mandala described are Visual; Audible; Consumable: Aromatic; Tactile and Multi-Sensory.

I have attended a number of June Elleni's workshops at the College of Psychic Studies which have been great fun and have always produced positive results - from dealing with issues at work to creating space in my home. This book very succinctly draws together the wealth of experience that June- Elleni has gathered over the years and presents much of her work in her very relaxed but informative style that is easy to access and immediately apply.

Every chapter is punctuated with inspirational quotes from the likes of Carl Jung, Gandhi, Einstein, Van Gogh and Leonardo DaVinci.
The book is deceptive in that it is short and sweet and yet very, very powerful.

I would recommend it to every household - ENJOY!!!.

Bernie B xxx
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on 4 December 2012
I thought it could have been improved with some colour pages and examples of peoples mandalas to help get you started on your own. Unless you had done something like this before I think you would be unsure where to start.
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on 8 July 2009
I had read June-Elleni's first book - 'The art of being psychic' and was so impressed by its fresh new and WORKABLE approach that I attended her wokrkshops and also learnt how to do Mandalas. Being as skeptical as the rest of us, I did not quite believe it could work but it did!!!
The idea that your intention in a mandala can manifest your dreams is something attainable but one needs the correct teacher. June-Elleni is one such person, she has integrity, is gifted in her field and her book shows you how to do it too.
And now one beautiful house later, (my first mandala), then my health in peak condition (2nd mandala) and now I am tempted to make a mandala for the perfect partner - so watch this space.
Go on buy this book and treat yourself. Its small, to the point, easy to read and shows you what to do to manifest what you wish for as long as its for your highest good.
I can't recommend this book strongly enough. Its small and super powerful.
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on 8 June 2009
I am one of those people who recommend books when they impact me the most, when they get into my consciousness and get my energy moving in some way. Sometimes they are books that ask me to go and do something, perhaps some mediations on a subject, maybe go plan something using the tools I have just read about.

The thing is, I often have the best of intentions but then put the book down, and go do something completely different, leaving the book and it's ideas on the pages, rather than in my life. Why is that I wonder, what is it that gets in our way when we know we have been given all the tools, all the information has come to us, all the contacts have been made to move to the next stage, whatever that might be.

I did want to share, however, that I actually got up and did one of the exercises from the book I have been reading, `Mandala - The Art of Creating Future', by June-Elleni Laine. It just leapt into my head that here was something I really believe in, here is something I know works, so why not go and do it? The answer was simple, what if it works, what then? I would have to take responsibility for the manifestation, and more importantly, I would have to decide what I wanted in the first place.

`Using the Mandala is central to help us realise that we are definitely co-creators. That we can; in fact we MUST, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for creating our lives, our world, and our reality. Through the simple act of realisation, we become empowered to do this with awareness. The `magic' begins in our mind and ignites what is; what we are. We are powerful, we are capable, and we are just beginning to get it!'

So what did I choose for my first Mandala, well it's something I have been `choosing' for some time now, so I just wanted to put my foot firmly on the accelerator and get on with it. I've called it `Be Fully Present - Now', and I can tell you it really is working.

I share it now in the hope that you might be inspired to start creating your own reality, knowing that you can, knowing that it's your choices that make your own world spin magically, just for you (well and the rest of us too, for we are co-creators are we not?).

Why not try June-Elleni's book, create yourself a Mandala (or two) and start creating the reality you `really' want?

With Love,

Colin Whitby.
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on 20 July 2009
I liked this book very much. It is very well written and very easy to follow.

I have read her other book and hope she continues to write more on this topic.

Most authors on the topic of psychic phenomena, seem quite spooky and eerie. I have steered completely clear of the.

June's books though don't seem like that and she makes it so there is no scariness or creepiness.

I have applied her techniques in this book and good things are starting to happen for me.

I can't wait for her other books.

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on 31 May 2010

I very much enjoyed this book because it has completely changed my out-dated `knowledge' (!) of what a Mandala IS and CAN BE-and/or what ART IS!!!
We don't need to know how to paint in order to create our own energy-art AND FOCUS INTENTION!!!!
Soon after having attended June-Elleni Laine's Mandala-seminar I read her excellent book!
Referring to Sanskrit, `MANDA-LA' is explained as `container or vessel for essence, energy or spirit'.
In this context, everything IS a container of energy: Music - food - home - colour- decor -voices -words- the way we dress, and even US! Accordingly to Ms. Laine, we are `living multi-sensorial mandalas ourselves'. The call is `to be `the best that we can be'.
After an introductory definition and a look at ancient and to-date Mandalic traditions, chapter 2 focuses on `Right-Brain Divinity'. The following central chapters are step-by-step guidelines how to create your own mandalas. These can be intended as tools for Self-Inquiry, Clearing, Healing, Manifestation and/or Life Line.
Further chapters extend on the effects of work with mandalas into the `field of consciousness in which we all exist', the `boundless energy field of pure potential'.I FOUND THIS CONNECTION TO THE NEW-PARADIGM FASCINATING!!

The Mandala becomes a `universal tool for co-creation' , an `instrument for focussing intention in line with ancient traditions of mind-focus and prayer'.
Brilliant book, beautifully written!

Excellent notes plus Appendix - NORMAL FONT SIZE - with a) references for further exploration of the ideas mentioned-in form of small essays, and 2) containing `feedback from experiments instigated by June-Elleni-Laine using mandalas she created.'
I also loved the section: `About the Author' with full info on mandala consultations,workshops, retreats, private readings and address, incl. e-mail.
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on 9 January 2014
I have read other books about Mandalas and have a collection of different colouring books for children and adults alike. So far this has been the most complete book for my purposes. I'm impressed as it contains so much in such little reading material, with 105 pages, it is a superquick reading tool that will explain to you what a mandala is, talk you through the right-side of your brain and will take you through the steps to create your own mandalas, specifically how to make five types: self-enquiry, clearing, healing, manifestation, future self. It also has feedback from mandala experiments which are great for you to have an idea of what othe people have accomplished with the help of mandalas.
You will not find any pictures in this book. If you do not know about mandalas or havent worked with them before I would recommend a Mandala beginner's workbook first.
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on 10 December 2011
This book is a gem when it comes to explaining the meaning of mandalas and how we can use the art of mandala-making to create our futures: easy to read, not too heavy on the history.
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on 31 May 2012
I was expecting something more technical on how to draw mandalas. I was happily surprised to get a wonderful book about the energetic processes around creation. Love it!
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on 30 December 2015
bit obscure, not what I expected but nicely wrapped.
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