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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 5 October 2009
Not bad for a Torchwood novel. Makes good use of all the main characters, although there is a Mary Sue guest character that seems quite out-of-place and fairly purposeless. The team investigate when a house that used to belong to Jack suddenly finds itself haunted by all its other previous occupants.

While the characters are used, none except for Jack get any decent storyline, mainly being there to hold up the plot and keep the dialogue full of witty one-liners. Jack has some emotion, and has a nice little sub-plot down memory lane, but its a shame the others were just there for decoration. The ghosts themselves are well written, although the explanation for their presence is a little weak and could certainly have done with a little more exploration and hinting throughout the earlier parts of the novel.

What I really love about this book is its in universe references. Adams has cleverly snuck in organic references to a number of previous books in the series which while standing out enough to make the reader smile don't feel uncomfortable or forced. This makes it much more believable than the usual 'put-the-toys-back-in-the-box' sci-fi tv-tie-in novel.

Overall I did enjoy reading this one, even if it only lasted a couple of days - it would have fitted in nicely as an episode of the tv series. The descriptions of the ghosts were spot on and the creepy old house really well portrayed.
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on 23 August 2009
Definately my favourite of the 3 newest ones. I had it read cover to cover without stopping, and thats because I didn't want to take my eyes of the page. The fast paced story telling means the whole book can be turned on its head in a single word!

Though there are parts for you to get your breath back, such as where you learn even more about Jack's elusive past and what the hell he got up to in that century stuck on Earth.

Spine chilling descriptions will have you only looking up from the book because you've heard a creak of the floorboards or a tapping on the windows, top tip for this book, don't read it whilst your alone, don't read at night. But, if you want a challenge, why not? I'd love to hear how you get on! Which from what I'm getting of the book, probably won't be too well.

As ever with Torchwood, i know you won't be able to resist!
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A new novel based on the tv show torchwood, telling an all new story featuring the main characters. it runs for 239 pages of relatively short chapters. There's no strong language but quite a few adult references do mean it's not suitable for younger readers. It is set in between the second and third seasons of the tv show.

The story involves mysterious deaths that are happening in the vicinity of an old house. meantime, whilst jack is recruiting an old acquaintance as a new medical officer for the team, gwen investigates and finds that the very first tenant of the house back in 1906 was jack himself. torchwood investigate the building but they and the latest owners are faced with a battle for survival as strange and nasty things begin to happen.

the first ninety or so pages are all scene setting and build up and the main investigation of the house doesnt occur till almost one hundred pages in. but decent characterisation and lots of goings on mean it's all very readable, the depiction of all the main characters being well in keeping with the way they are portrayed on tv.

events in the house are never desperately scary but that's perhaps because it does strive to be different from a normal ghost story [there are some good scenes with jack explaining rational explanations for this kind of thing to one of the owners] and it that respect it's quite original. there are some flashbacks to jack's past that quite memorable.

the new medical officer is also quite a decent character, alien and brilliant and not the most polite individual around. the whole solution to the dilemma nicely avoids one torchwood cliche but can seen a bit sudden and is one you might have to think about in order to fully get to grips with it.

so all in all a perfectly decent entry in the range
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 25 September 2011
This is the twelfth Torchwood novelisation, and features Jack, Ianto and Gwen trying to find what lies behind a house that seems to have links to mysterious and rather gruesome deaths in the neighbourhood over a period of time.

The chapters flitted between the narrative from the perspective of several of the characters - Jack, Gwen, and the residents of the house which lies at the centre of the mystery - making some of the flow of the narrative a little stop/start but a good literary device in that it gives us, the reader, the very precise perspective of the person who is experiencing the action.

I've read all the previous Torchwood novels, and have enjoyed them. This is no exception - the characters are well presented, the story flows well. I did feel just a bit disappointed at the way the storyline was resolved - a bit rushed? Or a bit convenient? But if that was not great, the story did offer good insights into the earlier life of one of the main Torchwood characters, and that is always good to see in a long-standing series of novels. Highly recommended.
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on 17 August 2009
As previously said in another review, probably the best of the 12 books available. I would suggest readers pay attention to character names or you may find yourself going back to check out an identity. A well paced story, which leads up to 'a must finish this' finale. I liked the way past stories were hinted at, like Skypoint, and what had happened at the end of the last series, excluding Children of Earth. Well recommended.
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on 24 August 2011
I had read negative reviews but after listening to the radio plays just before series 4 began I decided to give this book a try as I have no interest in series 4.

The premise of this book an apparently haunted house that Jack used to own sounded interesting although we have a few flashes into Jack's past relationships its nothing major and ties in well with the story. Gwen and Ianto are well used in this story and we get really friendly chat between Gwen and Ianto.

Nothing too exceptional or unexpected in here but it is a good tale all in all a good read and a story worth revisiting again and again.
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on 13 June 2011
I was bought this book for Christmas because I love the series. I wasn't really that bothered and left it in my drawer until I had a weekend to read it. Wow! The great writing took me on a fantastic journey through my own imagination - the insightful character references gave me food for thought and I found it rather pleasingly chilling in places. I would definitely recommend this to any fans (or non fans, as you could enjoy it even if you hadn't seen the TV series)as a great read. I hope that we have some more Torchwood books from this great writer!
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on 24 August 2009
Funny, scary, mind-bendingly twisty tale of one house that seems hell-bent for hell's gates. Packed with more enjoyable scenes and dialogue than ought to be legally permitted (including more name-dropping of the author's friends than one would suspect, for that matter). Adams has the right mix of saucy, cheeky, intelligent tale spinning to make 'TV Tie-In Novels' actually respectable. And, given his nature, that's the most surprising thing of all. Read it. Read it NOW! Do it!
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on 19 April 2013
I could not stop reading this. It is the first Torchwood book I have read and it was a fantastic read. The characters are written very well and I found Alexander a very funny character. This book is amazing and I could see it being an amazing episode. Exellent read, very reccomended.
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on 20 August 2012
Only just getting into it, haven't had time to read it much, we find out abit more about capt jack and what he was up to during his time at Torchwood.
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