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Customer reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
4.1 out of 5 stars

on 14 August 2017
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on 18 August 2017
Great book.
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on 1 February 2011
i have read many of the torchwood books, and am a huge fan of the tv show. this book was a great quick read, full of action and the story kept me gripped. classic torchwood!
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on 1 April 2008
I like the book but contrary to the other Torchwood novels I have read before, it lacks depth. On a superficial level the book is entertaining but it is nothing special. The characterizations are accurate but the author didn`t do anything with them that adds something, that challenges them or even shows some interesting interactions. You can feel the bond between these people and find some nice touches of humour but there was nothing I found really engaging.

The story itself felt like a "connect the dots" exercise because everything was so predictable. This was a blood, gore and snot story in which these graphic descriptions seemed to be more important sometimes than actually dealing with the characters as people. We have a female monster in a beautiful looking package who is distributing its seed among the male population but in the disguise of what looks like a particularly unpleasant and painful flu epidemic. I hate the cliché used at the end and although I expected it, I was nevertheless very disappointed.

Although the book could definitely been better, for a quick, light read it is not a bad choice.
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on 14 July 2014
(Review written by my son aged 15)
I was originally interested in buying and reading this book for two main reasons. Firstly, I liked the title, as simple as it is, it basically sums up the premise of the book. Secondly, it was written by Trevor Baxendale. He’s easily my favourite “Whoniverse” author as writer of my joint-favourite Doctor Who novel : “Prisoner Of The Daleks”. “Prisoner Of The Daleks” was easily a five-star story and I hoped that “Something In The Water” would follow in the same footsteps. Does it? Nearly …

I’m not exactly an expert in the Torchwood novels, but I can tell that this story isn’t exactly special or has much significance to the overall narrative of the franchise. However, that doesn’t stop it being an enjoyable read. Some people have criticized this story for doing absolutely nothing with the central characters. Well, yes, I can understand where they’re coming from. However, I don’t think that this factor should make the story necessarily bad.

Whilst the basic idea of the story is a simple one, its also an effective one involving unknown epidemics and cold-like symptoms. However, the villains behind this plot are another tale. I really enjoyed seeing the actions of the main villains - the Water Hags. They were really creepy and had some very gothic descriptive writing going for them.

Overall, whilst this story isn’t going to live down as a well-known Torchwood legend, it’s still a good story. I can see it becoming a hidden gem similar to other Torchwood stories on TV such as “Sleeper” and “Something Borrowed”. I definitely recommend any Torchwood or Doctor Who fan to read this enjoyable story.
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VINE VOICEon 12 April 2008
The 4th Torchwood novel find the team up against a serious dose of strep throat, as an alien water hag spreads an infection throughout Cardiff...

For the most part 'Something in the Water' is good stuff - the water hag has enough historical background to be more than just another random 'alien of the week' and makes a viscious enemy, there are some enjoyable scenes of horror and action, and the regular characters are all true to their television counterparts. If the novel has a flaw it's with the ending, with the lack of clear rationale behind the creatures plans for the Rift dissapointing, while the fact that the adventure is concluded more with brawn than brains doesn't make this a memorable finale.

Nevertheless, despite the mild downturn at the end this is for the most part an engrossing, enjoyable adventure, and while it may not do anything radical with any of the main cast this is still fun stuff.
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on 4 January 2013
A lot of other reviews I read before reading the book had me thinking it wasn't worth the money but I disagree. I found it hard to put down despite being quite scary! I wouldn't advise younger people to read it particularly not at night ;)
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on 28 August 2013
probably one of the creepiest torchwood books I have read. I liked it though.
Hard cover book nice size for carrying in my bag to work
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on 26 November 2008
Perhaps the slickest and paciest Torchwood novel thus far, Trevor Baxendale's Something In The Water sees everyone's favourite gang of sexually explicit Ghostbusters going up against things that go splat in the night in the local bog. That may not sound like an especially appealing summation and its not - although what the Torchwood team investigate in reassuringly non-toilet based. And that's basically the plot summed up, really!

I felt Something In The Water was a far easier and more entertaining read than its three predecessors, which seemed to be marred by plodding and often unnecessary attempts at fleshing-out the TV characters. Baxendale hits the ground running a lot more here, and there's less time spent pondering the grief of working for an alien-hunting organization and more time spent dealing with the gruesome goings-on, with no shortage of zombified corpses, hideous infections, mutant alien baby-things exploding out of people's heads and then getting shot (you probably wouldn't see that on Doctor Who, now, would you?) and the whole Torchwood team on the brink of a decidedly nasty fate worse than death. Perhaps the only major problem with this bloody romp as with the other Torchwood novels is the story being basically a thin, one-idea monster-of-the-week type setup that's clearly been written to a very tight formula and word count - especially considering that the second batch of novels are fractionally shorter than the first. Cutting out the flab and being formulaic aren't necessarily bad things, its just that generally the self-contained nature of the story makes the whole endeavour feel a bit pointless. It would be nice if the Torchwood books could at least attempt a little bit of ongoing story-arc along the lines of the old Virgin and BBC novels from pre-new series of Who, but alas I suspect BBC Books have a more straightforward agenda here.

All in all a solid runaround and one to recommend if you enjoy a reasonably high body count, but for fans of the series wishing to see a bit more progression you probably won't find it here. Unless you count exploding babies as progression...
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on 3 August 2013
really good book and great plot.
one of the best books I have read
I would recommend it to any torchwood fan.
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