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on 29 January 2016
Can't convey how much I hate this book. Theo Wallclock? As another user said, they aren't jokes. They aren't even quips. Just the random thoughts of a balding, 48 year old Man-Child who has been dining out for years on the mild success of Lee Mack of all people.
I hope Tim himself reads this and uses it for a bit in his next stand up tour, at least that will mean he deviates from his tired and tested routine of spouting as many tenuous puns as he can in the hope that one of them generates half a laugh.
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VINE VOICEon 6 March 2011
I bought this for my husband recently and we took it on holiday with us - travelling for a month in S.E. Asia. The joy of this book is that you can open it at any random page and there will be one-liners to make you giggle. It's amazing how a wait at an airport or a long bus journey can be improved by a few jokes! We got some strange looks in restaurants sometimes because we were laughing so much.

Know someone who is down in the dumps? Then buy them this book!
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VINE VOICEon 21 March 2011
Stand-up is far, far more difficult than masters like Tim Vine make it look. One key thing I discovered though is that a good warm-up is essential and that a good mood = good comedy. The joy with this book is that not only is it funny, but all the jokes are no more than 4 lines (3 sentences) long and are tried-and-tested material from the punmeister.

Of course, you won't find all of them funny and I found it best to go through them with a pen to mark out the ones you like. But still, the majority are spot on and rarely leave you puzzled (although some may make you feel a bit slow on the uptake!)

So, if you want to be a stand-up comedian, then I thoroughly recommend this book as good raw material to get you warmed up or to inspire other material. That said, you should use your own material on stage although this book does help inspire creative juices in a way that compendium-style joke books (which aren't 'tested in the field') don't.

Last thing is to give you some of the best bits for a flavour of the book. All the below I found laugh-out-loud funny:

-I think the greatest trick David Copperfield ever did was getting Charles Dickens to write a book about him before he was born.
-I saw the US president is starring in a new ABBA musical. It's called 'Obama Mia'.
-So I went to the pet shop and I said, "How much is that Doggy in the Window?"
He said "the one with the waggly tail?"
I said "No - the one next to it."
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on 11 December 2010
......Tim Vine is the best 'one-liner' artiste in the world as is amply demonstrated with this book packed with over 1000 (1001 to be precise) of, mostly very clever and funny 'punch-you-between-the-eyes' quips. There are also quite a few of his cartoons which whilst good do not quite match up to his hilarious one-liners.

Being a deliverer of 'one-liners' surely must be one of the most challenging of all professions being that the fast rate that material is gobbled-up, particularly on television, must make the quest for new or different material relentless. Tim Vine seems to manage this quite well by combining his 'one-liner' live routines with an active and relatively successful presenting and acting career thus limiting his stand-up appearances.

This book is a master-class in this increasingly popular genre of comedy and is highly recommended. Even with this number of gags in it, it can be quite a quick read so it is better to read a few pages at a time and savour the humour bit-by-bit. If you want something that will fritter away a huge dollop of your time you'd be better of with a 'Pink Floyd' single.
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on 4 March 2011
After buying a couple of different "pouch type" cases for my iPhone 3GS; all poor.
I'm pleased with this one! it fits the phone well, without being too tight or loose, a problem with others I'd bought, it's also well made and feels nice too!
Don't bother trying to save a little cash buying a cheaper version, as you'll be disappointed, but not with this one. Worth the money!
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on 24 July 2017
I bought this book as a gift for a friend of my daughter, on her instructions to do so.
I generally hate joke books and tend never to find them funny.
When this book came I had a quick flick though and found myself having a little giggle , - so it must be a fairly good book.
My daughters friend liked it. - so thats what counts.
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on 28 October 2013
What's more to say about Tim Vine? He has another book out as well now which is just as genius. It is a great book to pick up whenever , however you feel. It will make you smile guaranteed. The jokes are all clean and they are very clever. To keep hitting you with clever and clean jokes suitable for anyone and everyone then that is a real skill which Tim Vine has down to a fine art and is a master in his craft.
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on 14 June 2015
A rib tickling book, broken down into easy to read sections to give you a break from too much laughter! Some jokes are corny, some you'll have heard from Tim Vine before - others are just plain laugh out loud funny. I plan to read it then pass it on - which won't be easy
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#1 HALL OF FAMETOP 10 REVIEWERon 27 November 2010
I bought two of these for christmas presents and have cheekily had more than a few dips into them before letting santa deliver them to their lucky recipients! This is a really funny book. Tim Vine as most know is the master of the one liner and there's loads in here for you to dip in and out of. Cracking reference material if you need to load up with a few before a night out to dinner with friends or family. I'm sure the people who recieve this little gem which is rammed full of jokes will be very appreciative indeed. I won't repeat any here as I wouldn't want to spoil it for you!
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on 29 September 2013
Ok, so what do you expect in this book? Of course it won't be completely full of 1000 jokes which make you laugh, but there are some fantastic ones in there. I have folded many pages for reference when I want to read them again. It is as silly as you'd expect from Tim Vine and there is nothing wrong with it whatsoever. Go ahead and buy it if you want a laugh!
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