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on 11 August 2013
There is an paradoxical sentence which sums up the whole book and is found just under two thirds of a way through 'these guidelines all sound familiar, but that doesn't reduce their effectiveness'. There is much here that is not at all new, even though at times, it tries to appear so with lists of do's and don't s having a familiar ring, making perfect sense, yet do not carry any judgement with them.

The seemingly contradictory spiritual/science philosophy of mind-body/mind-brain dualism verses evolutionary materialist reductionism and spiritual cosmic godly reflections makes for quirky reading as the narrative flits between neurology and inner enlightenment - yet they jostle nicely against each other.

That is until the final three chapters and God pops up with more dominance and qualia, a most difficult of thing at the best of times to define, comes along. Consciousness appears to trump the brain with materialism falling away as science has been unable (yet) to explain the premise of qualia. However the way this consciousness is expressed as 'the brain cannot have experiences' is interesting none the less.

As neither a scholar of mind nor of eastern philosophy, yet interested in both, I view this book as a conundrum. The suggested 'ideal lifestyle for the brain' cannot be anything but a good idea; eat properly, be nice to people, exercise all unsurprisingly come out on top as possible ways in which to live a long and enriched life. Conscious control is ours.
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on 20 December 2012
I have been a Deepak Chopra fan for years and this latest book, in collaboration with Rudolph E Tanzi, does not disappoint. Fascinating to read about new discoveries about the human brain and although it would be a really interesting read for almost anyone, I do feel that it is especially relevant for people of my age group, (middle age ish!), as there is a lot of good advice about how to ward off the dreaded dementia and Alzheimer's Disease.

I really got a lot out of this book and am now on my second reading as while the authors manage to make this difficult subject (the human brain and how it works), understandable by the layman, there are some passages which need a second read to fully grasp what they are saying.

All in all, I heartily recommend this book


Just as an update - I have finished re-reading this book and it is so worth doing as you grasp so much more the second time! The chapter entitled "The Reality Illusion", is quite simply, stunning! This is probably the best book I have read in this genre.
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on 7 August 2013
I must say started was finding it hard to get engrossed with this book as I have with books written in the past by deepak but then I found something in this book that I will forever be greatfull for not that long ago I had reconnecttive healing and that changed my life and with help from books I believe I have truly been enlightened and my way of thinking has changed so dramatically I would of never have seen my self saying thank you to God my life is so different now .I been saying that my healing has been the cause but now I can say that I have been enlightened .not saying that I'm not still learning but if you New me before and now you would see. It's like you just no that without a doubt that everything will be ok and there is a reason for everything and everything is connected and I am a creator and when I need some divine inspiration it will be there thank you Dan age 33 life is just beginning
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on 22 July 2013
I found this book so fascinating to read. It gives a really clear understanding of how we can use our brain to remain holistic in our lives and steer clear of becoming creatures of habits. It has left me with lots to think about! I found the several lists they use in many chapters to help you identify with your own behaviours particularly helpful - their are several instructions on how we can move to make our brains more active which will help combat 'old age' coming too soon, but also how we can expand the brain and improve our own lives by adding variety and new experiences. Top marks- recommended to anyone- I am only in my 20s but can see how it would be very interesting to old generations too- with chapters dedicated to issues surrounding Alzheimer's etc.
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on 3 October 2015
He check mated Richard Dawkins in a one on one interview on You Tube. The book actually makes a lot of sense thus far and introduces the reader to new research in brain function that once upon a time 'science' said was fact and sacrosanct.

This book further supports the notion that science, in my view, is dogmatic and doesn't like change, or should I say proven wrong with the test of time.

I have not completed reading the book completely, but it makes sense to me. Age does not have a limit to mind youth or growth.
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on 10 November 2013
This is a great book to read. It guides you how to set your mind apart from your brain. I never had this experence before. I always, unconciously, considered my brain/toughts as ME and sufferd a lot on this account. Brain has ruled me for over many decades and still it does, but soon as I get the reawakening/reminder, instantly I get apart from the brain and, distinctly, start seeing thing entirely from a different prospective. I am greatul to Tanzi and Chopra for coming up with this simple, easy and yet scientific book like this. I will recomend people to read and ponder.
Apart from that its price is very very reasonable, with nice print, and I got it on time.
Ghulam Hussain
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on 13 December 2012
I expected more about neuroscience interwoven with the current understanding of consciousness and spirituality from the pairing of these two heavyweight contributors- I was disappointed. The book is padded out with unhelpful lists and repetitions, with very little for the reader to get a hold of. A book for one quick read and off with it to the charity shop - what a pity.
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on 20 April 2017
Reasonable. Seems like Deepak Chopra wrote it from start to finish without much input from the other guy. If you like Deepak you know what's coming as he pretty much espouses his own brand of spiritual/science. I can't say it's his best work though.
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on 7 July 2016
I have had problems with concentration, particular with non fiction boos so I got this book in Audio Format through Audible.co.uk
I have been listening to it on and off for several months and i have found that new ideas have started seeping in and are influencing my behaviour. It has also helped me to see the cognitive benefits of exercise, creativity, varying your activities, being adventurous brave and open to new hobbies. I have restarted the book and this time I am taking notes - i should just buy this book and highlight it!
Get it on Audio if u can it is brilliant!
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on 1 September 2016
I am a big fan of Deepak Chopra and having read Super Genes, which was well written and informative, I decided to buy this book as well. I have almost finished reading it and would say it is also excellent and well worth the read.
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