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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 4 October 2007
Father Kolodiejchuk is the current Director of the Mother Teresa Center, the Postulator for her canonization and the editor of this book. During the course of his work he has had cause to collect all the information he can on Mother Teresa. This includes decades of letters she had written to her confessors. He has done an excellent job of compiling and editing this book, which has the approval of the Vatican. It lets us look at her inner feelings and conflicts as she walked the path that God called her too. It is interesting to note that she had requested that all these letters be destroyed upon her death.

The book shows how she was called by Jesus to start up her great work that we are all now familiar with, the Missionaries of Charity. While with the Sisters of Loreto she had communion with Jesus and heard his call. She answered it and eventually, with strong faith, received permission to go out and live and serve the poor with great compassion.

We see through her letters that as she moves down the path God chose for her she starts to find that she can no longer communicate with Jesus. And the more successful her ministry becomes, the darker the night becomes. She was living in a spiritual darkness were she felt a total absence of God. This Dark Night of the soul has been well documented and experienced by Saint John of the Cross. Many throughout the ages have felt this feeling of the complete absence of God as one progress through their spiritual path. But most, though some have lived in this state of darkness for many years, had eventually recovered.

Blessed Mother Teresa's Dark Night though is the longest in recorded history. By her own account it appears to have lasted almost five decades of her life with the Missionaries of Charity. Her letters reveal the depth of her loss and suffering. Like all who experience this Dark Night she could not feel God's presence at all. Everybody at one time or another experiences some doubt, but this darkness take sone deeper then just doubt.

How much pain do you feel when you believe that your God has abandoned you. Yet it is in the darkness were Jesus brings us the closes to Him. It is through strong faith in Jesus and love that one moves forward. For though we feel He may not be present, He is always with us. Mother Teresa's faith and love for Jesus was so strong that she was able to keep her commitment to Christ as she learned that His love for her was infinite. Her letters show us a life of true faith as she still prayed to get closer to Jesus. And as she learns to accept His love without experiencing it she continued to walk the path chosen for her and embraced the darkness.

This book takes you on an interior journey of sacrifice, dedication and love. The book is inspirational. It also shows us that everyone needs to have access to a spiritual director. This is a book you will want to keep in your collection. You will read it more then once.
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on 12 November 2009
Revelations about an amazing woman. Not a biography, but hundreds of letters (which she had asked to be destroyed). They are mostly written to her confidants, confessors, priests and her Archbishop. The revelation is about her inner desolation throughout her life; her courage and blind faith - for she received no consolation from the time she set about following what she was sure were God's wishes in founding her homes for the dying and destitute. Despite enormous success and her sisters spreading throughout the world, she received no joy but shared the loneliness of Jesus at the end of his life.
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on 25 June 2013
A little bit of me feels that I have been spying into another's privacy by reading this book. M Teresa's letters are so honest, it is almost breathtaking to read them. She holds nothing back unless she actually cannot find the words to express herself.

However, for anyone who has experienced any sort of dry period or feeling of abandonment in the spiritual life, this book is an amazing insight into how one woman coped with her situation. She hung on..

I am sure this book will help many - it contains such personal revelations that you end up admiring her even more.
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on 30 January 2009
Simply the most beautiful book I have ever read. Mother Teresa's letters reveal not only a profound spirituality, an unwavering devotion to Christ and the missionary life, and a true Christian humility of the highest order, but they also present a portrait of the fullness of the Christian life, a living faith. They show Mother Teresa to be a repository of Christ's love, a vessel through which his love was brought to the poor of the world, and an example to the world of the full meaning of the Christian life.

As St. Faustina taught us about the fullness of God's Mercy, Blessed Mother Teresa taught us about his fullness of his Love.
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on 15 December 2015
It's a very inspiring book showcasing the life the great faith and the state of mind of this wonderful saint. Could not help but be inspired by her story. I think that it's a book for all people not only Christians.
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on 2 January 2014
A beautifully written book, uncovering deep spiritual trials an tribulations for Blessed Mother Teresa. Her constant focus on the poor and her unshakable trust in God is extremely inspiring and helps the reader grow in generosity and naturally this is accompanied by a peace that the world cannot give.
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on 15 May 2016
Why do we keep venerating a woman who let a child die because she didn't believe in surgery (unless it was for her) a woman who said "The suffering of the poor is something very beautiful and the world is being very much helped by the nobility of this example of misery and suffering,", who was given a building to have a home in New York but refused because ada rules insisted on a lift and they wanted disabled people to be humiliated by being forced to wait until they where carried upstairs. This woman is on a par with Hitler not a saint
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on 25 June 2013
This may be an unforgettable and deeply disturbing book for many Christians. That is, that someone as committed as Mother Teresa should serve God not only without inward blessing but in such spiritual desolation as she lived with for so long. How do we interpret this? Was her chosen course of action - to found the Missionaries of Charity in Calcutta, and her work so lauded ever since by the world - yet outside the will of God for her? It seems unthinkable, but then she had been blessed beforehand in her previous work with the Loreto Order. Was Mother Teresa's spiritual desolation some prescribed, transitional 'dark night of the soul' as according to John of the Cross ? Or is this simply to put an unwarrantable gloss upon her suffering? She nevertheless bravely strove on, undeterred by her inward dereliction, accepted in herself the sufferings of Christ and presented the whole world with the most wonderful example of His love for all mankind. To use the expression about her coined in this book, Mother Teresa was in a very real sense 'a saint of darkness'.
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on 1 April 2014
A great little book which I have started but still have a bit to read yet. I am thrilled to capture something of her beautifulo spirit.
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on 12 October 2013
Excellent thought provoking gives a great insight in to the life of a godly woman, is an encouragement to all of us who struggle in our walk. It shows us also the steps of walking in humility
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