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on 28 February 2013
Bought this for my son who is following a "reading order" of these books. He was absolutely thrilled and has thoroughly enjoyed reading this.
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on 26 May 2017
Excellent price and condition
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on 23 March 2009
If you're new to green lantern, get rebirth.
if you've read that, read this. nowhere near the monumental significance of rebirth, but this is perhaps a tricky project to tackle - Hal Jordan getting back into the swing of things.
well paced, and with a good balance of action and story, enough to explain what was who, and to refer occasionally to what has occurred previously. artwork not to my taste, and a sudden change for the last chapter, not sure the reason behind that, but can assume a change of artist.
in essence, it's what you'd expect from a top writer writing a fairly uneventful phase of a top character's arc.
Love green lantern and geoff johns though, so i was well pleased with it.
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on 10 October 2009
After a long time Green Lantern is living up to its potential again. Hal Jordan returning to the position of Earths Green Lantern was long overdue and the way it was handled in Rebirth was superb. It is followed up excellently in this the first collection of the latest volume of Green Lantern.

The art is from various pencillers but always of very high quality particularly Darwyn Cooke and Ethan Van Scriver. The plot shows Hal Jordan reconnecting with his super hero persona and his personel life both of which need a lot of rebuilding. Geoff Johns skillfully intermingles classic elements of Green Lantern history such as the Manhunters and Hector Hammond among others whilst laying the groundwork for what is one of comics best ongoing storylines. A storyline that leads to Blackest Night which is currently ongoing.

I recommend that any fan of comics and/or science fiction give No Fear and all the subsequent collections in this series a look. It is super hero comics at its finest.
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on 3 September 2014
The greatest Green Lantern of them all is back. I really enjoyed Green Lantern: Rebirth, Hal's resurrection and redemption was complete, now its time for him to get on with his life as Hal Jordan and as Green Lantern. No Fear was the follow up and the re-launch of a new Green Lantern series penned by Geoff Johns. The book collects the first six issues, I wanted to get this because I like origin stories and stories early in a hero's career. I was interested too because it is an earth bound Green Lantern story. It featured two antagonists that I was unfamiliar with. The opening segment is beautifully illustrated by Darwyn Cooke, his work is a joy to behold but in my collection of graphic novels is scarce. The opening of the book is Hal flying with Kyle Rayner, without him Hal would not have gotten a second chance and Hal is very grateful and appreciate of that fact. The story could never be as good as its predecessor but is still good. It is a new start and introduction to the series and Hal's life on his home. I enjoy his new relationship with General Stone, calling on Green Lantern when matters arise. There is some great action scene's in this story, especially those involving The Shark, a gruesome villain. The book is great and I really enjoyed the earth bound element of it all. I liked the "What Has Gone Before" cosmic recap of events. The book was great but for now I'll skip the next two books and go straight into the next big event;The Sinestro Corps War is coming soon.

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on 12 December 2014
"Green Lantern: Rebirth" ushered in a long and prosperous run on Green Lantern from superstar writer Geoff Johns, and saw the return of Hal Jordan to heroic status following more than a decade of disgrace as a hero driven mad by grief. The first volume of Johns' run post-"Rebirth" had a lot riding on it. It had to prove that Hal Jordan could work in the modern era and that his adventures would be worth reading. But does it succeed? In a word: Absolutely.

The volume begins with "Green Lantern: Secret Files and Origins #1" effectively a recap of Hal Jordan's origin as well as an establishment of his character and philosophy. This is a good jumping-on point if you missed "Rebirth" or don't know much about Green Lantern. The story itself sees Hal Jordan take fellow Lantern Kyle Rayner for a ride in his beloved fighter jets. It's a solid prelude to the volume.

When we truly begin, Hal Jordan is a man out of time, feeling lost after his time being dead, but refuses to let fear rule him. Hal's plight is mined for all its inherent drama, and you really get into his head and identify with what he's thinking and feeling. Meanwhile, he gets a new job as a test pilot at the Edwards Air Force Base and a new supporting cast. Establishing the new status quo is given a decent amount of time, but never distracts from the story.

And speaking of the story, a robotic "Manhunter" has come to Earth with goal of locating another of its kind and destroying all life on the planet along the way. There's also a subplot about the Green Lantern Corps being rebuilt in wake of "Rebirth". The story is action-packed, and the art is energetic and expressive. The action really sucks you in and hypes you up as the story gets moving.

To sum up, "Green Lantern: No Fear" is a brilliant introduction to Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern mythos, full of energy and action and of course full of depth and character. Highly recommended.
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on 22 May 2009
After the excellent Rebirth, this is the more difficult follow up that works on familiarising newcomers with Hal Jordan and also pushing the series forward.

Geoff Johns writes the character perfectly and has a great grip on the Green Lantern universe. The story is solid with a lot of variety and an overall plot that is intriguing.

The art style for the most part is excellent, especially around the middle of the book. At the end of the book, the climax features a different artist. The art style isn't quite as good but it is still good enough to compliment the story.

Geoff Johns really can do no wrong with the character and unbelievably the Green Lantern series goes on to be even better than this. However this is still an excellent part of an excellent run.

Green Lantern really is the best book from DC over the past few years.
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on 13 February 2012
"Hal Jordan has returned from the dead and has once again sworn to protect all living beings in Space Sector 2814 using his power ring, the most powerful weapon in the universe. Discover how Hal re-establishes his personal life as a jet pilot for the Air Force while reconnecting with the super-hero community he once betrayed."
I bought this for my partner and he really enjoyed this. He's found the series easy to read/follow and the images are amazing (I agree). Geoff Johns's Green Lantern series is a must for any green lantern fan whether you are new to the series or have followed the adventures from the beginning. Follows straight after the events of Rebirth.
Full list of Green Lantern Series in order can be found on Comic Vine.
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on 7 March 2016
Sublime and excellent comic book story telling, Geoff John's is truly a master, and responsible for so much of the architecture of the DCU from the last decade that it's fairly mind boggling. His contributions to both the Flash and GL cannot be understated, and his efforts here are as excellent as you will have come to expect if you've read any of his previous entries such Green Lantern; Rebirth or Flash; Rebirth. Highly recommended to comic book lovers everywhere!
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on 21 March 2014
If you are new and unfamiliar to the green lanterns, or specifically Hal Jordan, then this book would be a good read. But for people like me who already know about the character and everything to do with the green lantern universe then i would say there is no need to buy this book.
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