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on 3 May 2016
I have the Kindle version of this book and was my bedtime reading in the run up to our Club Championship in 2015.
The prospect of a 2 day 36 hole medal was really playing on my mind as a higher handicapper but having finished the book the night before the first round I found myself calmer with less fear and even relishing the challenge.
Only managed a net 74 on day 1 and re-read part of the book in bed ready for a 7.50am start on day 2 (I am retired and hate early starts especially Sunday morning)
On the first tee I felt calm, relaxed and determined to enjoy the day and started with 3 straight pars with conditions perfect for golf.
I finished with the best net of the day, a 67, beating a field of around 80 players and finished 2nd overall in the net 36 hole competition.
For me this was nothing short of a miracle having won the Sunday medal and I now re-read my favourite chapters in the book before club matches and medal comps.

I am 69 years old playing off a 20 handicap and to have come so close to actually winning our Club Championship playing off the back tees is a dream come true and has proved to me the need to work harder on my mental game.
Golf can be incredibly frustrating and still is but I now have a simple and effective way of coping with the worst that this amazing game can conjure up. I no longer feel helpless when my swing breaks down far from the clubhouse.

This is the first and only book I have read which deals with the mind game and has given me the confidence to believe absolutely that I can continue to reduce my handicap down to 16 and play as well as I did when I started golf in my mid forties.
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on 1 November 2012
I've reached a point in my golf where my missed are down to mental conditioning rather than technique. Having read 4 of the Rotella books and a Joseph Parent book I found my understanding of the 'why' of mental conditioning and 'what' needs to be fixed but very little 'how' to fix the problem. As such I don't feel that they helped my game as much as I'd have liked. I then heard about Silent Mind Golf through a golf forum and based on the rave reviews on Amazon I bought it and have read it three times in as many weeks now. The book explains clearly and concisely the reasons for mental conditioning but more importantly (for me!) it gives several conditioning exercises throughout the book to start your mind along the right path. There's also a free downloadable audio file on the author's website which covers one of the exercises.

To summarise the last three weeks of adopting this new way of thinking on the course I feel like golf is less technical and there's less thought while on the course. I simply apply the three thoughts in sequence and hit the ball and it seems to be a vast improvement over my previous pre-shot routine both in terms of enjoyment of the game but also the resulting shot. I *highly* recommend this book to anyone who has a decent basic golf swing to begin with but finds their mental game letting them down, whether through over-analysis or excessive pre-shot routine checks.
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on 17 June 2013
I've got all the Bob Rotella books, and thought that he had the subject of 'mental golf' pretty well covered. However, although the same messages are given in Silent Mind Golf, they are put across in a simple, memorable way. Rotella (and Harvey Pennick) certainly had a big impact on my game, but I now find myself applying the memorable (although I didn't think it as i read) three steps before I hit any shot. Perhaps it's the dvd that helped. I thought it was a bit naff at first, but have listened a couple of times and it works, especially going into important rounds. This shouldn't be the only such book if you're interested in the subject, but it should certainly be one of them. Perhaps it's just getting the message in different ways that works - but work it certainly does! PS - Forget the Jacklin input, it is hardly significant, but a good book anyway.
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on 31 March 2017
The beauty of this book is the simple, easy to follow style in which it is written. The anecdotes fit in well with the instruction and make it an interesting read. Unlike others of the genre, the author does not confuse and over complicate the subject. Perfect for a student like myself! Would highly recommend to any keen golfer looking for that Nirvana of the game - Relaxed Concentration!
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on 14 September 2015
This book focuses on the mental game with nothing about techniques for a better swing. It's easy to read, relatively short, and based on three simple principals with key passages highlighted in bold so it's possible to skim read. In addition the book contains a number of mental exercises for improving your game that I'm incorporating in my practise routines. Good information in a nutshell!
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on 23 May 2016
This is a great book. After reading this book I played in a singles match play over 18 holes, and halved the match. It was a very close match, and normally I get so tensed up in matches I don’t even enjoy them. But I used the techniques described in the book to calm down and relax, particularly after a bad shot. Not only did I enjoy the game more, but I played better. If you want to enjoy your golf more, and play better, read this book.
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on 8 February 2014
The information and content of this book is similar to others I have read. I have the kindle edition and it talks about free downloads on his website which currently I haven't found. Apparently with the paper version a free CD is included. There are certain exercises throughout the book which must be practiced. The author makes it clear that nothing will happen unless you practice the meditations so don't expect any quick fixes. All I can say is that I am going to try it and see if it works!
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on 15 January 2011
This is certainly a must-read. It has transformed completely my whole outlook. Just how many times have we 1) messed up on the first tee, under the "pressure" gazes of your playing partners? 2) choked under pressure and fluffed shots we have done a number of times in the past and therefore should be simple? 3) allowed negative thoughts to enter out mind and sabotage our play? 4) messed up a shot before we've even executed it because we recall the last time we hooked/sliced it into the woods/water?

We've all been there and this book tells you how to avoid these "mind traps". It's very readable and I will certainly revisit it periodically. To paraphrase Tony Jacklin in the prologue "I wish I had found this book years ago!"

An invaluable aide is the CD which comes with it. I have listened to it a few times and even have it in the car, so I can listen to it on long-ish journey (my daily run is too short!).

Finally at the price you can pick up on Amazon, it's an absolute bargain! So don't ponder, buy it and see for yourselves. No golf lesson nor new club can help when it comes to the mind - this book does just that!

Happy golfing
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on 28 April 2014
As a mid handicap golfer I have always struggled in competitions to stay calm and focused, especially during slow play, so I decided to try and work on the mental side of the game by reading publications such as this. Following reading this particular book, I found that I was able to free my mind of all the junk that normally would wizz round during play and that by only thinking about where the shot would go my game and my personal enjoyment improved immediately. I am still working on it and re-read snippets everyday. Would recommend to anyone with an over busy mind and lacking in focus on the course.
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on 30 July 2013
Robert Bourne book a little deep to comprehend, needs the available discs I think. Cannot afford latter at this time.

Robin Sieger simpler to understand and no need for discs.

Both books great information but a long term experienced golfer, also well read on the subject of the need for an effective mental approach to any endeavour, I fear majority of players will be trapped in the excuse:- ''I only play for fun'' and will not bother to place enough importance or effort into this. It will be only the seasoned campaigners that will truly accept and appreciate this invaluable and very necessary info and then may take this on board.

I am planning an interactive forum on the above with the main theme being ''How to enjoy golf'' and have requested to include info contained in both above publications. Please consider guy's as that approach will help your cause I feel?
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