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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 February 2006
I bought this book for my 8yr old daughter and 5yr old son knowing they like all things silly and rude. Its all about certain bodily odours, if you get my drift and while reading it for the first time I became a child again giggling at the humour. My children both love this book and still have hysterics when its read to them.
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on 8 March 2006
I had already bought Dirty Bertie because it was a funny book and my 2 daughters love chanting the chorus "No! Bertie! That's Dirty Bertie!". When I saw this book, I bought it without even looking at it. I knew it would be along the same lines as the first book. It is hilarious. Again my 2 daughters love it. I don't see why anyone should be offended by the words 'poot' and 'boff' to describe the passing of wind. I can think of worse words... It's not to everyone's taste - if you're embarrassed about that kind of thing, but most kids aren't and would find it highly amusing.
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on 23 June 2006
My three year old daughter loves this book and also 'Dirty Bertie'. Given that the supposed "offensive" language in this book is 'parp' and 'toot' I hardly think it's likely that this book will corrupt your child compared to their peer group at nursery! This is a great book as it is short (some of my daughter's books are like junior versions of war and peace), funny and it is easy for children to start reading it themselves due to the repetition factor. A fab little book about something we all do.......
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on 14 July 2008
This is the funniest children's book I have ever read. My 2 daughters (aged 4 and 7)and I were nearly crying with laughter the first few times we read it together. I have bought a copy for my brother (aged 31) as he is greatly appreciative of trumps of all kinds, especially his own. To the reviewers who hated this book, quite frankly, if you're going to be offended by bodily functions you shouldn't have picked up this book in the first place - the clue is in the title, it might be an idea to read the title before you buy a book in future. To all those who love a good boff, read on!!!!!
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on 20 October 2006
I haven't yet read this David Roberts book to my 2-yr-old but I'm certain she will love it as much as 'Dirty Bertie'. She loved the pictures and shouting 'that's dirty, Bertie' after every incident. To Kerry of Banff I'd say 'you've missed the point Kerry, the author/illustrator has tapped directly into what makes (intelligent) children laugh. Many children can be quite sophisticated when it comes to humour - unlike yourself, it seems.' And to 'A reader' (4 Mar 2006) - with your standard of English you are in no position to criticise any writers. Until you improve your grammar and spelling you will 'learn your children nuffink at all' What a cheek you have writing in at all! More books soon please Mr Roberts.
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on 8 March 2016
Brought this for my son he really loves this book and reading about berties family members that all toot!! In different ways, and places, good little book that is inoffensive, and quite cute in its innocence. Makes my son laugh all the time
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on 9 February 2016
Bought this after watching Bookaboo the TV series where it was read by Al Murray - very funny story, if your sense of humor rotates around farting (which luckily my wife and daughters, sadly does) - would recommend as a funny, entertaining and well drawn read
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on 11 March 2013
Come on, we all know we let a little gas off once in a while.
I know the majority of people will read this review and tell me to grow up. Every now and again its good to be silly and have a giggle with your little ones.
Its not like on a regular daily basis I talk about flatulance with my child.
But, with following one little boys adventure of how its not only him but other family members who let rip, this book can be a huge laugh.
It tempts the reader to try out different voices for Grandma, Mum, Dad and big sister Suzie along with making an attempt to put your own sounds to the "boffs" and "poots" that all emit from their rear ends - not to mention the cat that goes "pip" and the dog who wafts his smell about!
All in all a very fun read which leaves your little one wanting more.
Buy it! Its a hoot! (lol)
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on 3 December 2014's pretty crass. I haven't read it to my 3 year old daughter yet, I'm sure she will be delighted, but I can see this one getting really tiresome really quickly. Once you've read the extracts you might as well have read the whole book.
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on 10 May 2012
I brought this for my 4 and a half year old. It is a very funny book. Children just love all the 'popping off' and my daughter loves to make the sounds, a great book to get into when reading, you can do all the voices and say together "pooh! is that you Bertie"
All kids love books about anything naughty so they will love this, my mum (nanny) read this and was giggling too!
Some wonderful pictures the dog is great as is the cat, sister Suzy is really funny, has a wonderfully subtle nod to Picasso.
All in all a great book for girls and boys, mums and dads, grandmas and grandpas! - Oh and a really funny book to give the 'posh' relatives to read to the children!!
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