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on 19 May 2006
The main point to buying a magic book like this is to learn how to perform tricks - which is not an easy thing to do on a page - it takes a very clear understanding of the trick itself and an articulate use of language to get the process duplicated by the reader. And this book does just that extremely well. Supplimented by very clear photographs, the main point of the book is accomplished, which again, is to teach you how to perform some magic tricks!

Paul Zenon has also captued the spirit of the subject well here, giving a brief but interesting history to street magic, and generating an enthusiasm in the reader to actually get out there and perform.

I have read a couple of books on magic and have watched a number of DVDs, and I have no hesitation in recommending this book. It is well written, clearly presented and useful.
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on 14 December 2006
This book is great introduction for someone starting out in magic. The book is suitable for teens to adults, just bear in mind that good magic means "Practice ", you will have to put time and effort in to learning the contents...but you will be rewarded for your efforts.

This book has a little bit of everything but just enough of a taste to whet your appetite to learn more. It starts with " Auto Magic ", tricks that basically work by themselves. As the book says " ...designed to ease readers into the world of magic by letting them concentrate on the performance ". Next up " The Midas touch " concentrates on coin magic. Here the skill level goes up. This chapter shows basic sleights of hand and some tricks to perform with them. We then have a section called " Top Secret Gadgets "... exactly as it says on the tin. None of these are provided with the book, rather it gives an overview of some staple "gimmicks " that are used in magic. The next three chapters concentrate on card magic, " Hands on Deck ", " Shark Attack " then " Cruising ". With each one the difficulty level goes up. But within those chapters you get a great pot pouri of tricks, sleights, flourishes and how to manipulate a deck of cards. The next chapter " Mind Magic " deals with mind reading and psychological types of tricks. Chapter eight is entitled " Street Scams ", this is full of the type of classic trickery and flim flam that has relieved many a person from their money. The penultimate chapter is " Party Tricks " as the book says... " a selection of crowd pleasing classics for entertaining large groups of party people ". The last chapter is just one trick billed as " probably the best card trick ever "...who am I to disagree, it certainly is an all time classic.

Overall this is a smashing introduction to magic and good value for money. Yes, there are more comprehensive and detailed books and if the magic bug gets you, you will end up buying them as well. A main plus is it has clear easy to follow descriptions and nice colour photos taking you through each part of each trick. I like this book, it is the 1st book on magic I bought and recommend it to anyone, young, or like me, more mature, who is looking to take their first steps into performing magic.
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on 12 February 2009
I like to dabble in and out of magic, I got the book a while ago as a birthday/Xmas present. I usually cast most magic books aside as they usually contain the same five or six tricks, but this book went a little bit deeper.

Admittedly you won't find his tricks in here, like the Tax Disk removal and Canned Keys... but you will find things that are useful. Each section of the book starts off with a basic tutorial and principle, whether it be card manipulation and forcing, or palming a coin natural. Then it takes the technique and shows it off in a great practical example.

Still not convinced. What if you could give someone a deck of cards and tell them to deal them face down into piles of red and black cards, on the basis of whether or not they thought they were red or black (without looking of course). And then after all 52 are dealt, you turn over and your participant is more amazing than you...

Buy the book it tells you how to do it.
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on 14 April 2013
The book not really meet my expectation and those trick are seriously lousy and useless. Not recommend this product to anyone.
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on 27 January 2006
I bought this book in order to entertain my children (7 and 9) and ended up amazing my work colleagues as well.
I have dabbled in magic a few times, even bought the Royal Road to Card Magic (which is excellent and still recommended by virtually all magicians) but this has the benefit of fantastically clear photography instead of line drawings, and a much wider range of tricks including some easy to perform mentalist skills that have superb effects.
He is genuinely enthusiastic about explaining the tricks to someone who has never done them before, and has really thought about the tips that accompany them, which so many guides ignore
The fact that he is left handed but has bothered to photograph all the tricks from a right handed pov shows to me a real dedication to detail (although sinister readers may disagree).
All in all a delight to read, and a book to keep rather than read once and leave on the shelf.
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on 6 December 2012
I was given this book as a present a few years ago and only recently decided to sit down and learn some tricks from it. There is nothing overly advanced in the book but the tricks I learnt are strong and have great impact.

I certainly know more complicated tricks but you can't beat 'simple' tricks - although they all require some practice to make them look good and the techniques taught in the book give a good grounding in some coin and card sleights.

The Out Of This World trick is a great classic.

There are no tricks out of any ones reach, a few require bought or home constructed devices but they are in a section labelled as such.

Having learnt a few of the tricks I have realised that learning all the tricks will give a strong and easy to set-up few tricks for friends.
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on 21 July 2005
This is what a REAL magic book looks like. Zenon, certainly one of the UK's best known and best loved magicians, was the guy who started Street Magic. (Yes, before that Blaine chap!.) And his book, by that name reflects somebody who knows what he's talking about.
This is a hardback coffee-table book, beautifully produced on top grade paper, with superb colour plates.
If you're already a magician, you're going to hate this, because Zenon has not been shy about offering the best possible tricks. He tips everything. In fact, he's tipped so much that, apparently, some of the members of the prestigious Magic Circle are up in arms.
A quick look through and you can see why! Some of the most closely guarded secrets of magic are explained in full colour, with nothing missed out.
As a collector of magic books, this is the one I wish I'd got when I was 15, rather than the endless stream of low-grade card trick books. Quite simply, if you've seen it on TV - and only the very best is used there - then it's in this book.
You simply cannot go wrong with this. Zenon may have upset some of his fellow professionals, but there's little doubt that many young magicians are going to take this on board and run with it. Out with the old, in with the new!
Drew McAdam
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on 8 August 2005
Up until now, I've always found magic books notoriously dull, and although I love learning tricks, I've always been put off by the uninspiring pictures and instructions that you usually get in these kind of manuals. Having just read Zenon's book, I can say quite confidently that 'Street Magic' has managed to completely revolutionise the genre of 'teach yourself' magic. This is the kind of book which has been long awaited by myself and other aspiring magicians, and like me, i'm sure they won't be disapointed!
The book is packed with brilliantly shot photos. These are accompanied by an instructive text which manages to be witty and entertaining, whilst maintaining necessary clarity.
It's a perfect start for amateurs, but it's got more than enough to keep professionals happy too. Surprisingly, there are quite a few big secrets revealed, so with enough practice you can master a couple of Blaine classics. I can't imagine the Magic Circle are going to be best pleased with Mr.Zenon, but this is even the more the reason to get you hands on a copy!
A really brilliant book!
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on 27 June 2009
Paul Zenon has collected a shedload of strong material for this book. It's clearly aimed at novice or wannabe magicians who have just encountered David Blaine, but don't let that put you off. The effects are all solid and time-tested workers.

It's not a grounding in any particular aspect of magic. But as a collection of tricks, it's first-rate.
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on 30 July 2005
As someone who used to be a professional magician in the 80's/90's, I bought this book recently for my nephew who has developed an interest in magic since watching Zenon and David Blaine on TV. I have to say I was blown away - in my opinion this is the best book available for anyone who wants to learn close-up magic for real; the photography is exceptional, with around 300 photos, and the instructions clear and easy to understand. There's even some 'tricks of the mind' in there that are used by Derren Brown and Uri Geller-style spoon-bending! I just wish it had been available when I was starting out, rather than having to contend with dull old-fashioned books with line-drawings! Unhesitatingly recommended for anyone who wants to become a professional standard trickster, or just impress their friends or family with mind-blowing magic. Well done Zenon!
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