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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

TOP 100 REVIEWERon 15 October 2015
This is the 124th release in the Main Release range by Big Finish, and picks up on many threads that have been laid down in previous releases. Most directly, at the end of The Raincloud Man (#116), the Doctor and Charley’s relationship had hit a bit of a rocky patch, as the Doctor knows Charley is lying to him; but he doesn’t know what about, or why. Charley is determined not to tell him the truth about how she has met another of his incarnations. In the Tardis, Charley suddenly seems to fall ill. The Doctor keeps her condition as stable as he can in the Zero Room in the Tardis, and tries to find a cure for her. Meanwhile, on the Amethyst Viral Containment Station, Supervisor Fratalin is discussing with the captain of a spaceship the latest, and last delivery. Now he waits for his masters, the Viyrans.

This is a fantastic story. The Viyrans have been teased in earlier stories, most particularly in the four one-part stories that have followed a ‘virus’ thread (#94, Urgent Calls, #95, Urban Myths, #97 The Vanity Box, #102 Mission of the Viyrans). So we, the listeners have some clue as to what might be coming when the Viyrans are mentioned. But the Doctor has never heard of them; and has no idea what they might want, or be trying to achieve. In the meantime, he’s desperately trying to save Charley, but Charley has more issues than even the Doctor is aware of. And there are others, too, who are interested in the viruses abord the containment station, and the Doctor is about to find himself in a whole lot of trouble that has consequences he may not realise, until it’s too late.

This is a story with very few cast, but quite a lot of characters. That’s because Michael Maloney plays Fratalin and all his familiars (800 of them), and Nicholas Briggs plays all the parts of the Daleks. So there are only 5 people in the cast, and they are all brilliant. Colin Baker has a lot of shouting and emotional expressiveness to do in this story, and he does it brilliantly. India Fisher plays Charley well, as some consequences unfold for her. Nicholas Briggs plays the Daleks wonderfully (and Captain Etheron), and towards the end when the Dalek Time Controller is talking with the Doctor, the voice of the Dalek becomes incredibly creepy and ‘knowing’ as he works out what has happened. Jess Robinson is wonderful as Mila – tragic and broken, yet scheming to save herself. And Michael Maloney as Fratalin is terrific.

The story is complex and many-layered. The narrative unfolds at a rapid pace, and I never felt that there was a wasted moment in the whole story. There is action aplenty, as well as personal revelations for many of the characters. The Daleks are as evil and malevolent as you could ever want them to be, and the Viyrans, when they appear are magnificently distant and all-powerful. Terrific.

At the end of the second cd, there is also a short bonus feature, Part 4 of The Three Companions, with the Brigadier’s Story told by Nicholas Briggs. This is part 4 of a 12 part story (which has now been compiled and is available as a cd set in itself), which features the Brigadier, Polly and Thomas Brewster.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 10 September 2009
latest doctor who audio play from big finish, and the start of three linked stories for the sixth doctor and companion charley pollard. this one follows on right from the end of their previous appearance The Raincloud Man (Doctor Who) continuing the story arc of charley not telling the doctor the truth about herself. and it also features the return of the viryans, aliens who track down and destroy viruses and don't care about collateral damage. they were first featured in The Mind's Eye (Doctor Who).

So it may seem like this is not an ideal jumping on point for casual listeners. But this doesnt reference the previous appearance by the viryans at all, and since charley's secrets are not not resolved, thanks to the events of the story, you actually could be able to get into this one if you haven't heard the earlier ones.

over the course of four episodes which each run for roughly half an hour, the doctor's quest to find a cure for an affliction that charley has fallen prey to leads him to a space station many years before her time. there dwells a humanoid creature with a very unique ability. the viryans are due to arrive there. But then along come the daleks. On the trail of someone.

And when that someone meets charley, she falls into deadly danger...

this is the equivalent of a page turner of a book, because throughout it you will constantly be desperate to find what happens next. the small cast has some great character moments. we meet a new type of dalek, whose voice takes a little getting used to but who develops into an interesting character. and india fisher does some excellent work playing charley when she's not quite herself.

The last ten minutes of episode are quite unforgettable, as both the doctor and the daleks get the chance to gloat and then find things going the other way. and a desperate dilemma leads the tardis crew into a memorable cliffhanger.

And that's not the only cliffhanger. keep listening right to the end of the disc...

this feels like the first part of a bigger story, and it could possibly do with shaving off a few minutes of running time here and there, but it's a very absorbing listen and it will make you eager to find out what happens next. which you will in the forthcoming story Paper Cuts (Doctor Who) .

There are fourteen minutes worth of interviews with cast and crew at the end of part two.

and part four has after it the fifth episode of the three companions, a story being told monthly over the ongoing series of releases.

this involves polly and the brigadier telling each other of their time with the doctor. pollys' story finished in part four and now the brigadier's begins. thus as it's a new beginning casual listeners should have no trouble with getting into it. and it's a good episode, as he tells of the time he and the doctor visited waterloo station. or so it seemed to be. there were some major differences about the place...

a fantastically imaginative episode that conjures up some great imagery it's a very entertaining listen. those who have heard parts one to four might have an inkling of what will happen next, but even so it's good enough to make you eager to find out.
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A four part series from Big Finish, starring Colin Baker as the Sixth Doctor, and India Fisher as Charlotte Pollard. Charlie has been struck down by a mystery virus, and Six tracks it back to its point of origin on the mysterious Amethyst Viral Containment Unit. Just what is the purpose of the Unit? Why are the Viyrans on their way? Just what do the dastardly Daleks want? And who, or what, is the mysterious Mila? This is a decent tale, with a series of satisfying twists and turns, tense cliffhangers and an intriguing ending that really leaves one guessing as to the final resolution of the Doctor/Charlie paradox. Colin Baker is excellent as Six, displaying the arrogance, energy and compassion of the character that he has made his own, once again showing how great the character could have been on the television with better backing from the BBC. India Fisher shines as Charlie, a special performance is required for this story, and that is just what she delivers. Plaudits also go to Michael Maloney, who puts in a nicely nuanced performance as the Fratalin. The Big Finish production team keep up their usual high standards, providing a great soundscape for the adventure.

Unfortunately all good things must come to an end. The pairing of Charlie Pollard and the Sixth Doctor has been excellent, providing some of the high points of the recent Big Finish output. The frisson resulting from Charlie's inability to tell Six the truth about her background, and Six's slight distrust of her has provided one of the best Doctor/companion relationships in the series. However, though it is what has made the relationship great, it has also put a time limit on the pairing, and it is now sadly time for things to come to head. This is the first of a three story arc that will resolve the situation, and left me absolutely desperate to listen to the next story, Paper Cuts. This story is self contained enough to be listened to in isolation, but you will get a lot more from it if you've listened to some of the previous Six/Charlie or even Eight/Charlie adventures first.

This release also contains the fifth part of `The Three Companions', a twelve part story spread across a years' worth of Big Finish releases, featuring Polly, The Brigadier and Thomas Brewster. This is turning into an intriguing story, and again I eagerly await the next instalment.
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VINE VOICEon 30 March 2010
Somehow I'd been making poor choices with my Big Finish purchases which put me off the range for some time, this is the title which restored my faith in the publishers efforts.

The production quality is absolutely superb, as is the performances by all involved. This is an adrenaline ride from start to finish which is helped along by a wonderful score.

This is also the first time I've enjoyed a 6th/Charley pairing, my favourite Doctor and assistant should have been a wonderful mesh but this was the first time that I didn't find the Doctors distrust of Charley interfering with the dynamic.
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