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A new series of audio doctor who stories, in which the actors who played the doctor's travelling companions read talking books telling untold stories of their characters time with the doctor. All are framed with interesting literary devices, which give a good reason as to why they are telling the tale.

Here, the second doctor's companion zoe, sometime after she left the tardis, tells a tale of her first meeting with the daleks, as they and a mad scientist threaten to spoil peace negotiations on an alien world.

Wendy Padbury reads this with great gusto and does a superb job. The story is a superb recreation of the second doctor's time, and it all feels that it fits the era so well as a result. The one problem with this is the length of the tale. The first - of two - parts is thirty five minutes long and really drags for the last ten. The last is better but as a result a decent story becomes a little too long for it's own good. It's got it's moments, though, and is worth listening to.
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VINE VOICEon 18 February 2007
One of the most heartbreaking moments of the original Doctor Who television series was when Zoe and Jamie had their memories of travelling with the Doctor erased on their departure, so it's nice to hear here an older Zoe beginning to regain her memories of the time, as she recounts this stand-alone story in Big Finish's new 'dramatized talking books' series. Sadly however the actual story, concerning the Daleks attempts to disrupt an alien peace conference by using Zoe as an unwilling assassin is very silly, featuring a bizarre Dalek plan centred on a device that sends 'solid astral projections' of characters elsewhere. It's lovely to hear Wendy Padbury reprise here role as Zoe, and the script contains plenty of amusingly in-character lines for the 2nd Doctor, but by focusing on the cheesiest aspects of 60's Doctor Who this ultimately comes across as a very childish and silly story, and the Daleks themselves lack any real menace here. Average at best.
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on 6 July 2015
One of the earliest, if not THE earliest, of the Companion Chronicles, this gives Wendy Padbury a chance to shine in a two-hander with Nicholas Briggs, who plays the Daleks.
It's a good, taut, thought-provoking radio play exploring the effect of Zoe's experiences with the Doctor and her subsequent brain-washing by the Time Lords. What happens when her memories begin seeping through..........?
Big Finish & Wendy Padbury returned to this idea with an excellent trilogy including "Echoes of Grey"; I'd highly recommend those stories but this one is worth listening to first.
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on 12 September 2014
Not bad for the second Companion Chronicle and the first with the Daleks!
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on 6 August 2012
This story begins a very long story arc about Zoe Heriot remembering her travels in time and space after they were erased by the time lords. Because Pat Troughton is no longer with us, it is told from Zoe's point of view.It is an engaging story and is aided by Nicholas Briggs as the voices of the dreaded Daleks.One of my favorite audios so far.Fear of the Daleks (Doctor Who: The Companion Chronicles)(link)
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VINE VOICEon 14 July 2011
My first remembered Doctor is the second and more particularly the Jamie /Zoe stories. Sadly this first appearance of Zoe is let down by a story which is at best average.

Slotted into the time line at the point Zoe stows away on the TARDIS we get a poor tale of mind control, astral projection and Daleks. This mixed with an evil scientist who turns good (Cliché number two) and the listener is inevitably disappointed
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