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4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 17 September 2017
A fantastic audio adventure! Really enjoyed both parts to this story and I think my main problem with it is that I didn't want it to end! This is a great jumping on point for anyone who wants to delve into Big Finish's Doctor Who stories. Paul McGann is brilliant as ever and Sheridan Smith as Lucie Miller is a magnificent edition to the world of Doctor Who. Highly recommended for anyone who loves the Daleks and Paul McGann
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on 15 March 2013
Idly travelling alone in his TARDIS, The 8th Doctor is interrupted by the materialisation of Lucie Miller, a twenty-something northern lass from 2006. Affronted by this intrusion into his home, the Doctor attempts to return her back to Earth, but is blocked by some kind of barrier, sending them spiralling onto the human colony of Red Rocket Rising, ravaged by asteroids and suffering from an Impact Winter. But things are set to get worse for the inhabitants of Red Rocket Rising and its recent visitors, when the Daleks arrive under the guise of rescue...

These Eighth Doctor Adventures form their own Range outside of the monthly Doctor Who releases and are set later in the 8th Doctor's timeline than his other adventures with Charley Pollard. This range also featured on BBC Radio 7 and is set out in `seasons' which make them feel more compatible with the relaunched series. In fact, the 8th Doctor and Lucie's relationship is similar to that of 10th Doctor and Donna, even down to the very similar entrances by both ladies. There is a nice bit of banter between the two, added with the intriguing mystery of where she came from, and what she knows and can remember.

I really enjoyed the characterisation of both the 8th Doctor and Lucie - Paul McGann's Doctor was seldom explored in his one and only TV appearance, featuring more heavily in book and comic strips during the series' absence between 1996 - 2005. These audio adventures (and the earlier ones from the main range) are the closest thing to an actual canon appearance for the 8th Doctor and delve more into the personality of this incarnation of the Time Lord. I like his whimsical soul and the gentle humour he possesses throughout the story - he doesn't feel as hardened as his subsequent incarnation, but judging by this Doctor's alluded involvement in the Time War, he is set for more difficult decisions ahead.

Lucie, as I mentioned, feels similar to Donna in as much as she is a brash, opinionated and distrusting of the Doctor. While she fits the same age as Rose Tyler, she is totally different in personality and doesn't seem as in awe of the cosmos as she did - even feeling disappointment at the state of her first alien world. She is a great companion to entice new listeners to the audios, as she does represent much of the New Series' popularity, so it's an easy transition to go from the series to this audio and not feel the cultural divide between `Classic Who' and `New Who' as much as some people do.

The Daleks are an obvious choice to use to draw people in to a new series and they are utilised well here - as with `Evil of the Daleks' and `Victory of the Daleks', they adopt a benevolent and peaceful façade to their victims, in order to lure them into a trap. I like this approach as it showcases the intelligence and cunning of the Daleks, which isn't highlighted enough, in my opinion.

The side characters are pretty intriguing, although I did find it a little bit tricky to tell the difference between Klint and Asha at times as both actresses had similar voices and when they were talking to each other, I would occasionally get lost in who was saying what and had to replay those chapters. I'm not sure whether this is something anyone else would experience, but I found everyone else to have more distinctive accents or voices, apart from those two.

The sound effects and score are really good - I am a sucker for audio effects and love turning the sound up and getting sucked into the visual world that the sounds conjure in my mind's eye. The score evokes the mood perfectly and in some places reminds me of the initial Resident Evil game - it's strange how certain bits of music stick in your head.

Overall, this was a great starting point! As this is the initial release for the Eighth Doctor Adventures, it is frequently on offer and has introductory prices, so it is worthwhile following Big Finish on Twitter to see if they are having any sales on these discs, but I would recommend it even at full price, especially if you're a fan of the current series and have never experienced the Classic Doctors properly - it's very new listener friendly and doesn't feel tied up in both TV or Big Finish continuity. As long as you know who the Daleks and Time Lords are, you can enjoy this first part of Blood of the Daleks! I purchased the second part at the same time, so I shall be reviewing that shortly.
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on 26 November 2008
This story is the first in the recent radio relaunch of Paul McGanns doctor, and what a story it is! Set in the colony of Red Rocket Rising a woman on the colony has contacted a race of aliens to assist the colonists - the Daleks. Then the doctor turns up and things get going...

The thing about Paul McGanns doctor is he doesn't seem too bothered about exterminating the daleks themselves, and this story hints at that, as his doctor advocates their destruction. However, this is not a bad thing necesarily as I find these stories somewhat more scary than the TV show, which is also good at horror.

There is great chemistry between the doctor and his new companion Lucie, and Tom Cardwell's role is played brilliantly. It makes for an exciting drama which leaves you clamouring for the conclusion.
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First in a new series of audio adventures for the eighth doctor who. set sometime after the ones featuring him and companion charley pollard. These are, like the current tv show, all forty five minute long episodes, one per disc. some are complete stories. and some are two parters. The companion in these is feisty northern girl lucie miller, played by actress sheridan smith. Lucie is an instantly appealing character and she and paul mcgann have a superb chemistry together which makes their scenes a delight to listen to.

There is an ongoing story throughout this series of audios which involves lucie and the reason she ended up in the tardis.

This story starts at blistering pace, with lucie and the doctor meeting and the tardis then landing on a new world all in the space of a few minutes. the planet has been devastated by a disaster, but they've had an offer of help. from a certain alien race....

A hugely entertaining audio, that moves at great pace, tells a very good and compelling story, and has some great performances from all the cast. It ends on a cliffhanger that leads into the second disc. And the disc concludes with ten to fifteen minutes worth of interviews with the cast, which are fun to listen to.

A really good audio drama and well worth getting
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on 23 September 2013
Although Paul McGann only appeared in The TV Movie back in 1996, he does a tremendous job at expanding the Eighth Doctor's character within the Big Finish Audio Adventures.

Blood of the Daleks Pt. 1 kicks off The New Eighth Doctor Adventures which takes the Eighth Doctor (Paul McGann) to Red Rocket Rising with his new companion Lucie Miller (Sheridan Smith) who appears through mysterious circumstances. As the Eighth Doctor tries figuring out the mysteries around Lucie and why the Time Lords have dumped her upon him, he has to save acting President Eileen Clint (Anita Dobson) and her people from his greatest enemy: the Daleks. But with the Daleks acting all friendly, things do seem a bit off. What is there hidden agenda and what are the secrets behind Asha (Hayley Atwell) and her late masters inhuman experiments?

Nicholas Briggs (Director/Executive Producer) directs this story perfectly and really gives McGann the respect his under-appreciated incarnation deserves. Its the first in an entire series dedicated to just the Eighth Doctor and begins what seems to be a long epic journey which I can't wait to see through to the end. Also Steve Lyons (Writer) writes a brilliantly dark story which captures both McGann's character and the Daleks to a teat. There really is chemistry between the two entities and the story really progresses that as well as developing many interesting characters who all fit into the dark journey that is ongoing through the two-part story. Lucie Miller also provides many laughs as her free-spirited character proves more than a match for the Eighth Doctor and its interesting to see them slowly get used to one another and help each other out (even though at one point the Eighth Doctor declares he doesn't want to do the Time Lord's dirty work of looking after her). It is an interesting companion relationship that keeps you hooked throughout. I will warn you now to be prepared to order Blood of the Daleks Pt 2 because Pt 1 does end on a cliffhanger that leaves you wanting more.

All I can say is if your a fan of McGann's incarnation or you love the Daleks, then Blood of the Daleks is definitely for you. Its also a good place to start for either jumping on the bandwagon of listening to McGann's stories or Big Finish's Doctor Who Range in general. Its certainly got me into this new brilliant media of Doctor Who adventures and I can't wait to listen to more of them.
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First released in 2006, this is the first episode of a standalone series for Paul McGann's Eighth Doctor outside of the monthly range of Big Finish releases. This is a one disc release, with a single 50 minute episode. There are some interviews with cast and crew at the end of the disc that relate to this release and other releases in the first series.

The Eighth Doctor had a long a controversial life within the monthly releases, ranging from sublime stories such as `Chimes before Midnight', real turkeys such as `Something Inside' and the whole series of experimental `Divergent Universe' adventures. During these adventures the Eighth Doctor's personality has changed from his original tiggerish self into a more melancholic, hardnosed and darker character. It really felt like time for a bit of a reboot for this Doctor, and this excellent release is just what the Doctor ordered.

The episode starts off with a rather clever introduction of a new companion. Lucie Miller thought she was going off to her first day in a new job, but all of a sudden she finds herself on a Time Lord witness protection scheme, though she has no idea what she witnessed. She is dispatched straight into a time lord safe house, the middle of the Doctor's TARDIS. Much to both her and the Doctor's annoyance. Pretty soon she finds out that travelling with the Doctor is not as safe as the Time Lords made it sound, as they land on a planet that has been devastated by an asteroid strike, and a certain race of motorised pepperpots are on their way to help the survivors. Everything is not as it seems, and pretty soon the Doctor and Lucie are up to their eyeballs in mad scientists, dodgy politicians and not-so-looney's predicting the end of the world and alien invasion.

This strikes just the right note. By teaming Eight up with the Sheridan Smith's bolshy Northern Lass, we have a Doctor/companion relationship that strikes sparks and is a whole lot of fun. A very welcome relief after the deep and meaningful emoting that went on in the Eight/Charlie relationship. And it is that sense of fun that is at the heart of this adventure, even when it is dealing with deeper issues. It's a more traditional adventure for Eight, a rollercoaster of a ride as he starts to untangle the skein and get to the truth. This is the first of a two part adventure, so ends rather abruptly and leaves you wanting more.

A five star adventure, a good old fashioned bit of entertaining fun. Good show BF, keep it up!
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on 20 July 2010
Hubby Loves Listening To Dr Who Audios And He Says Thanks A++++++++++++++++++++++++ Will Use Again
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on 30 April 2013
I've listened to a few of these 8th Doctor audio adventures, and certainly think that McGann has acquitted himself far far better than in the rather dreadful TV movie we're all still trying to forget.

The plot is pleasantly twisty, the Daleks enjoyably and appropriately nasty, and the various "shades of grey" shown by the various other characters, not least the Dr's companion and the various people met around this plot. It's hard to describe much without giving the plot away, but anybody who grew up with Tom Baker's Dr Who, should feel right at home with this one as it contains all of the same elements, just as well delivered.
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on 10 September 2013
Ive always wantee to know the eighth doctors adventures since there a no seasons on tv for Paul McGanns Doc. However after starting collecting the first episode of season one ive found them most enjoyable. The story "Blood Of The Daleks" is fast , sharpe , exciting and very entertaining especially when the Doctor meets his new companion "Lucie Miller"

Fans will enjoy! !
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on 27 January 2008
This is the first audio series of Doctor Who since the show's T.V. revival. Before getting it I saw the 'Big Finish' adventures as mere irritants, obsessed with unneccesarily complicating the series' continuity, but, deciding to have a go, I dutifully began listening. At once I was addicted. This tale begins with a surprised Lucie Miller materialising in the TARDIS. Bothrather surprised, she and the Doctor materialise in a devastated city, which is just about to be offered salvation by...dum dum dummmm...the Daleks. Naturally, our conical friends are up tono good, however, and so begins the tale...
Lucie (Smith) is a fantastic character, hyperactive, gobby butnot to the point of annoyingness. McGann, meanwhile, has much more character than in his T.V. appearance, having avery calming influence which contrasts Lucie perfectly. The script's also a treat, being original and thrilling with villains always at risk of becoming predictable and formulaic.
Oh, and themissing star's because at first it's a little hard to follow, but persevere! One of the top dalek stories of all time!
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