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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2006
At the time of Part One I had a bad and boring feeling about this audio. The story seemed to complicated and unusual for it's own good. At the time of Part Two the story was (at last) on a role. It was scary (er), was starting to make sense and was becoming very interesting.
By the times of parts Three and Four this story was at an all- time excellence. It was very clever, witty and chilling. The outcomes of the other characters were both predictable and unpredictable.
This audio is one of my all-time favourites to the entire series of Doctor Who adventures.
Hex is very convincing, Ace is still to smart for Her own good (excellent), The Doctor is as macabre as ever and Sue just sounds like the girl from the Exorcist.
Creepy...very creepy (rolling c.)
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on 27 April 2007
I like horror stories with more storyline than blood. I like good characters and a good story. And Night Thoughts at last has all these attributes.

This story is very creepy. And every single character gets a good and strong story for themselves as well. I think this cd features one of Sylvester McCoy's best performances as the Doctor.

I am a person who tries to guess what is going to happen with stories, and 99 percent of the time i am so wrong, but here i was actually right. As soon as the sujjestion of the doctor killing the young girl comes up, i knew he wouldnt really do it. He's too good a character to just do that. He is an alien but so human too. But just because i guessed this, doesnt mean the story is predictable whatsoever. The episodes all have good and scary cliffhangers, especially with me thinking Ace was going to be crippled by the bear trap, but phewwww she wasnt!

Hex is a great character for the Seventh doctor and Ace to travel with, and he doesnt destroy their well established strength. In fact he just puts the icing on the cake, with Philip Olivier's brilliant performance.

Yet again, another powerful and decnt audio, with great action and performances.
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This is the seventy ninth release from Big Finish in their range of full cast audio adventures starring classic Doctor Whos. It stars Sylvester McCoy as Seven, Sophie Aldred as Ace and Philip Olivier as new companion Hex Schofield. There are 4 episodes, roughly 30-35 minutes each, complete with original theme music between each, and cliff hanger endings. Two episodes per disc on 2 discs, and a short booklet with some pictures of the cast and production notes.

Wow. This is a classic slice of Dark Doctor Who. Very much in the same vein as Ghostlight, it is a dark tale of dark deeds in a lonely old house. Seven, Ace and Hex are plunged into a gruesome mystery, but does the Doctor know more than he is letting on? In a tale that runs the risk of being too clever and convoluted for its own good in the forst episode, once the plot becomes clear, and the actions of the characters even clearer, this is a gripping, edge of the seat listen. With fine performances from the principles, especially McCoy who gives us an understated and manipulative Doctor to great effect, a cracking script and an excellent sound production, this is an absolute must. 5 stars.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 17 August 2015
This is the 79th cd set in the Big Finish Main Release range. The story features the Seventh Doctor, travelling with Ace and Hex.

When the Tardis lands in a dark and foreboding place, the travellers seek shelter in a nearby mansion. There, they find five academics, apparently working over the University break on their projects. The inhabitants are somewhat suspicious of the three Tardis travellers turning up unannounced and without much reason, but offer them a place to stay. But before long, a brutal death is shadowed by a strange figure that is seen, and a haunting whistling. The other inhabitant of the house has secrets of her own; but can Ace or Hex get her to put aside her fears for long enough that they can help her?

This is a wonderfully spooky, gothic story. It was originally commissioned for the 1990 Season 27 of the tv series, but given the cancellation of Doctor Who on tv, it was never used. I can imagine it working very well on the tv, and in the series at the time, with the Doctor and Ace as their relationship was at that time. Here, the story works extremely well with the Ace that has now matured with her further adventures in the Tardis; and with Hex, the other companion with the Doctor. There is a real atmosphere in this story; it has a feel of ‘Ghost Light’, a 1989 Doctor Who story. But it is not derivative; instead, the author has taken the fears of the night, and an environment where natural fears seem highlighted and magnified, and given us a story that has twists and turns from the start to the end.

The supporting cast are excellent, particularly Bernard Kay as Major Dickens, and Lizzie Hopley as Sue. The guest stars, together with Sylvester McCoy, Sophie Aldred and Philip Olivier, have given us stirling performance in this one. It is haunting, spooky, gothic, evocative, tragic, gruesome and slightly terrifying all at the same time. Great stuff.
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VINE VOICEon 28 June 2006
Very similar in style - though not quite in the same class - as `Ghost Light', this science fiction / horror story finds the 7th Doctor, Ace and Hex trapped on a remote Scottish island with some bizarre characters, a bizarre time travel experiment, and a zombie on the loose...

Plot-wise `Night Thoughts' is very dense, requiring multiple listens to understand, but it's also very messy, with a large number of plot-holes and inconsistencies. In terms of mood however this is a great success, with oodles of spooky goings on, a very nasty twist ending, and a level of gruesome viciousness entirely absent from the new TV series. All in all `Night Thought's is a bit of a mess: but it is a very entertaining and interesting mess.
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on 6 March 2006
Night Thoughts takes me back to a day when I first watched Ghost Light, sometime just after my 6th birthday. It was an aging BETAMAX tape. I didn’t understand the plot (I still don’t) – but I recall one thing: being scared witless. The opening two parts to Night Thoughts (Disc 1) are quite easily the scariest I’ve heard from Big Finish’s impressive range (itself superior to the new tv series, in my opinion) and I loved every second of it. Note: It has to be listened to in total darkness to get the full effect.
The seventh doctor (Sylvester McCoy) once again takes on the creepy mysterious persona he portrayed so well in classics such as the aforementioned Ghost Light or The Curse of Fenric, and although Night Thoughts is inferior to those in terms of drama, it certainly has the feel of them, which is important. Hex (Philip Olivier) is again brilliant, proving his mettle as a companion, and aptly escaping the shadow of reliable Sophie Aldred as Ace.
Some of the supporting act are worth noting. The bubbly Sue and her truly terrifying teddy Happy the Rabbit need to be heard to be believed and I loved the uppercrust Brigadierishness of the Major.
The only critiscism is that the second disc, which goes about explaining the creepy first two parts, is slightly unsatisfactory. Theres a time travel twist and some plot holes I feel complicate matters, and despite an original take on time experiments, its still a little lacking. The Doctor and his companions have no real relevance, they simply stir things up but don't change the outcome.
However, parts 1 and 2 are so good it just about makes up for the less than perfect second disc.
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on 26 February 2015
Featuring: Sylvester McCoy as the Doctor and Sophie Aldred and Philip Olivier as the companions
Set Between: LIVE 34 and The Settling
Stand alone? : Yes
Running time:120 Minutes

A dark and rather disturbing story about consequences of actions. I'm getting a "Ghost Light" vibe: some real skin crawling dialogue and incorporating science with horror. It was interesting and intriguing rather than action packed. Edward Young has done a pretty good job of capturing the characters, they are true to form and there's a real sense of the McCoy era.
However, this story isn't without its flaws. At times the plot didn't quite flow and the final scene seemed a bit too "cliché horror movie" for Doctor who.

As usual the acting was great.I love the dynamic between Ace and Hex and is that flirting I hear? McCoy delivers his lines well and shows his dark mysterious side throughout, which works very well with the atmosphere of this audio.The acting from the rest of the cast was great too. Lizzy Hopley's performance showed someone who has been really psychologically effected by a traumatic past, although I'm not sure about her voice of Happy the seriously misnamed rabbit.
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on 16 August 2008
"Night Thoughts" is a great audio adventure. Full of atmosphere and loaded with unseen menace, made all the more effective through listening in a darkened room, with headphones. Sylvester McCoy is great as the Doctor, but then I think they all are, but he is so instantly recognisable as the Doctor on audio, as is Sophie Aldred recognisable as Ace. I can take or leave Hex, never having encountered him before, as prior to my excursion into the audio adventures I have only seen the DVDs. Nice to know the earlier Doctors are still out there, in some form at least. How nice it would be if we had a multiple Doctor story featuring McCoy, the current Doctor, David Tennant, and Paul McGann. We were deprived of the series featuring the 8th Doctor and McGann looked great in the part so it would be wonderful if he were written into a new story in the next series of Dr Who on tv. One can only live in hope! Until then we have the audios, but would be nice to see too. Maybe someone from the BBC will see this and take note! ;-)

Anyhow, to get back to this audio, it is very mysterious, which I like, and the sound effects were great, the ticking clock echoing around the old house, the eerie sounds of the birds at night, one could almost picture it, no mean feat in any audio to achieve that. I loved "Ghost Light" with its enigmatic weirdness and "Night Thoughts" was akin to that, only different, if you get my drift.
The psycho girl with the 'talking' rabbit was great! Very effective and creepy. Would love to see this done as a filmed story too.
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on 3 April 2009
Slightly let down by a sub-standard resolution, Night Thoughts remains a creepy and atmospheric Big Finish drama, in the mould of Chimes of Midnight, Master and Pier Pressure. Sylvester McCoy is by turns irascible and downright frightening, and this is the most effective way for his Seventh Doctor to behave. Hex and Ace are okay but don't have that much to do and the simple premise of the story works extremely well.
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on 19 February 2015
As usual with big finish a good story well acted.
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