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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars

TOP 50 REVIEWERon 11 March 2017
After the great success of Dalek Empire, and Dalek War (Dalek Empire II) the third series of Dalek Empire was released by Big Finish in 2004. As before, all the stories in the series were written by Nicholas Briggs, and the great ‘feel’ he has for the Daleks, and the struggles of the humans and other races against the Daleks flows through the whole of the three series.

At the end of Dalek Empire II Siy Tarkov was on his way back from Velyshaa, taking back the information he had learned from Saloran Hardew, to try to convince the Galactic Union of the threat he felt was coming from the Daleks. Twenty years later, he has long disappeared. But a message, which Operational Security Commander Georgi Selestru is convinced is from Tarkov himself has been found; and he is determined to find Tarkov, and to follow through with the mission. To do so, he must send his best operative, Galanar. Meanwhile, on Graxis, the Wardens are about to welcome a new recruit. And the Border Worlds are being ravaged by a deadly plague, with seemingly no cure.

This is a great series, following the Dalek Empire storyline. A tremendous cast is used through the six chapters of this story which follow, including David Tennant as Galanar, William Gaunt as Selestru, Steven Elder as Siy Tarkov, Ishia Bennison as Frey Saxton and many more. There are old friends and older enemies who return, and new characters who we hope will win through. The next chapter is The Healers.
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2004
As expected, this opening chapter in the 3rd Big Finish Dalek audio mini-series picks up the pieces from the far-future coda of Dalek War, with a desperate Siy Tarkov attempting to get a warning back to the blissfully ignorant Galactic Union about an imminent new Dalek invasion. En route he gets delayed by a new disease that's sweeping the Border Worlds of the Union, where the wildlife refuge planet of Graxis becomes the Daleks point of first strike. Taking advantage of the political situation between the Border Worlds and the Galactic Union and the population's ignorance as to the Daleks nature, the Daleks are up to the sort of sneaky ways they showed in Power of the Daleks, by pretending to come in peace. Its obviously too early to tell how well this series will fare as a whole, but this is a well performed opening instalment, and an intriguing set-up for a new conflict.
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 September 2013
First released in 2004, this is the first episode of the third season of audio releases to feature the Daleks and no Doctor. The first two series had been a considerable success (in terms of excellent story telling at least) and the second season set up the beginning of this season with an intriguing epilogue.

This picks up from that intriguing epilogue. It is now millennia into the future from the end of the second season, in which Karlendorf defeated the Daleks and triggered the `Great Catastrophe'. The Galaxy is just starting to find its feet again, and there are signs that some uinknown invasion force is coming form another Galaxy. Sy Tarkov has important information about that force and is desperately trying to get it to those who need to know, but unfortunately he struck by a deadly space plague sweeping the galaxy. In the midst of the plague and the political fracturing of the galaxy that it is causing is the planet Graxis, a nature reserve watched over by the Graxis Wardens, and it is here that the Daleks choose to make their first strike appearing in a dramatic episode finale.

This release does a superb job of introducing a whole cast of new characters, making them seem quite real, and also setting the scene of the political tensions and set up in the galaxy whilst at the same time delivering a cracking adventure. I have been very impressed with these stand alone Dalek seasons from Big Finish, and this release is no exception.

It's a single episode, just over an hour long, on a single disc. Liner notes are interesting, and as with all the Dalek releases I just adore the retro artwork, it's a great touch from someone who obviously has great respect for the creations of Terry Nation.

5 stars all round.
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on 21 January 2013
This was not for myself it was a present for someone else. As far as I know it was ok.
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