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on 25 March 2010
This hard back, Build Your Own Computer, third edition book is an amazing read if your planning on building your own PC, or if you just want to know how your PC works(what everything inside your PC is & does), i havent been able to put it down since it arrived.

Basically the book starts off with the reasons for & against building your own PC, with what & what not to buy, where & where not to buy. generally helpful advice to make you more savvy to get the best parts that you want, for what you intend to build and for the cheapest price but with high quality components.

The book is presented well, with crisp clear writing & highly detailed pictures of the main important components inside your PC(Motherboard/Processor chip/PSU/CD-DVDdrives/sound etc). One thing that put my mind at rest, personaly, was the Power supply information. i was worried about not knowing what PSU wires went where, but here(as with each component) there is a detailed picture of each wire and what it is & where it is supposed to go, superb.

After all this, it helps you decide on what components you will need, depending on what type of PC you want to build for example a Gaming PC or a PC for video editing etc. then it gets down to the knitty gritty, telling you what tools your going to need, then offers a step by step guide(with fantastic pictures) on how to install/combine components & build the PC. after the hard stuff is done, it helps you understand BIOS, installing Windows and any other pieces you want, like sound cards.

In conclusion, for a beginner like me i cannot praise this book enough. It has helped me undertsand my PC better, and everything i need to know to build my own PC, and put my mind to rest on allot of issues. I highly reccomend this book, but be aware that it is the 3rd edition published in 2007 when Windows Vista was new, so it reffers allot to this period of components/software.i have now myself seen the 4th edition is available that i missed(grrr) but i am sure the 4th edition isnt too different from the 3rd when it comes to installation/understanding, but more current with windows 7 etc, at the moment i am very happy with the 3rd edition. maybe i will get the 4th edition Build Your Own Computer: The Complete Step-by-step Manual later on.
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on 12 December 2007
I'd been thinking vaguely about building a computer for some time, but had never done it before. Which bit plugs into there? Where does this connect to? Will this bit work with that bit? I picked up this book and found it extremely easy to understand. All the jargon and standards were explained, and it did not overcomplicate things like some books of this type can. It even has a couple of step-by-step guides on building a couple of example computers.

It became my main book of reference when I started ordering parts and putting bits together. Now, the result is that I have a brand spanking new computer that works without a single glitch. I would certainly recommend this book to anyone thinking of building their first computer.
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on 11 September 2008
I'd upgraded a couple of PCs after buying the 'Computer Manual' and decided to make the leap and have a go at knocking up my own PC. Between the two of them they give you more than enough confidence to build the PC you want for a fraction of the cost that a store would charge. I'm now on my third home build, I've made two as gifts you can make them that cheaply.
To say that it just tells you what the motherboard manual says is far too simplistic, the information is presented in an easy to follow style and not only shows you what goes where on the board but how to plan your 'dream' PC as well. Naturally it cant say 'buy this chip/power supply ect' so you do need to do your own research, but it does point you in the direction of retailers whos sites you can use to do your research but now the nonsense in the technical specifications makes sense.
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on 19 June 2008
I disagree with the previous reviewer (Az).
Having upgraded several components with increasing confidence I had yet to make the "leap" to a full build. This book gave me that reassurance that it could be done. It is true that the various manuals give part of the story and the internet can solve particular problems but none of this sets it out in a clear, simplified form excluding nothing and including the trickier points. For example getting the push pins in place on the heatsink cooler and the connections to the front panel.........both normally glossed over but surmountable with the explanations and patience.
Having successfully assembled your hardware the author then gives a shortened (as opposed to the motherboard manual) guide to setting up the bios and operating system which most first builders will surely want having done the hard part.
In all an excellent book that I would thoroughly recommend.
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on 16 July 2008
Pretty new to pcs and how they work and wished to gain an insight to it all as many use a language still alien to some of us.After my machine died on me I decided instead of keep paying for expensive repairs to have a try,after all what did I have to lose?so purchased this book and was very surprised how easy it is to understand,the photos and easy to follow advice was easy to grasp and after just a few weeks have identified the problem and changed the psu.and upgraded trhe ram,so in a very short space of time I have save money and gained knoledge and some experience along with confidence.you can google for the answers,but I prefer to have it all in front of me.great value and would recommend this to the novice.
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on 7 January 2009
I purchased this book recently after finding out my current PC was completely hopeless at handling the current crop of software on the market. At the time of purchasing the book the thought of the technical side of computers scared the hell out of me. This book is suitable for absolute beginners though, as it explains simpily and accuratley what all the tech terms mean. Like BIOS, RAID, DDRSDRAM etc.
The book is very well laid out with a clear contents page at the front so you can flick the relevent pages for the task your undertaking. It also gives you the power to purchase parts with confidence, as you will know what the specs mean and how they relate to each other. The book also has clear photographs of all the parts and proccesses of the computer build.
Between buying this book and now I have firstly upgraded what was my current pc without any problems and now I have built myself a new one from scratch and I feel very satisfied.
I would highly recommend this book to people looking to start playing around with the inside of thier computer. Since reading this book the tech terms of computing now seem simple to me, and playing around with the inside of computers has given me a thurst for knowledge and I am now buying much more advanced computing books.
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on 1 November 2009
I have avoided building my own PC for some time, thinking it is something of a black art. In reality there is not much you can do wrong!

The Haynes logo on the front cover gives you an inkling that this is a good choice. Packed with large detailed colour photos throughout, you can in fact pretty much get away with simply following the photos. Though instructive text is supplied throughout in short easy to swallow sections.

Due to the high content of photos, it is very much more approachable than other books on the market, simply look through to see a photo of what you have in your hand, see how and where it fits if you are having difficulty, and read a bit of the background on it, (no wading through acres of text while you have a screwdriver in your hand!)

The book covers all the essential components and setting up of a PC, including the BIOS. With computers advancing so quickly it is of cause inevitable that some of the latest information will begin to be a little outdated, but nothing a quick net search cant update you on.

The only slight criticism I would maybe remove half a star for is the lack of a reference to "memory voltage", though in the end this turned out not to be an issue it would have been comforting to find in this excellent manual.
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on 3 March 2009
This book is great (by the way not too good on giving reviews so bare with me ;)). Honestly its reat though. As soon as i picked it up and started reading it i was hooked on it the hole day and read it all. It gives you only the information you need and the section on motherboards and cpu's is gret and i have been refering back to it quite a lot since ive had it. It can feel sometimes that they are using uneccessery images but who cares if they give you what you need hey!
worth the buy. I never ever read and now im thinking of getting loads of books on computers. EXCELLENT
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on 12 March 2009
Build your own computer provides the absolute novice with a step-by-step pictorial guide to constructing a machine to your own specifications.
Once you have bought the necessary hardware, even with a few visits to the pub between the stages of construction, with this guide it should be possible to have your machine up and running within a couple of days or so.
I was amazed and delighted when my machine worked perfectly the first time that I switched on.
An excellent publication that I am happy to recommend.
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on 10 February 2009
I followed this book from cover to cover. And I now have a superb scaleable PC. What a brilliant book.
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