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on 14 November 2002
Hands up. I'd never heard of Perry McCarthy before. I stumbled over this book whilst searching for something else on Amazon.
It's a stumble I was very happy to make because I simply love his book. It's extremely well written - from the heart.
From the moment I had read the first few pages, I knew I'd have trouble putting it down. It's a terrific tale of one man's desire/dream to succeed in motor racing/F1.
Perry will have you gripped on every page. You'll either be laughing, welling up or feeling anxious awaiting the outcome.
His one-liners are great. He lets his imagination run wild.
I could never in a million years have dreamt up the scams he did.
He's a true talent - not only to racing but to writing too.
I sincerely hope that he writes a follow up to this one.
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on 2 November 2004
This has to be one of the funniest books i have ever read. A great read which can make you laugh and cry and somtimes at the ame time; i would suggest it to anyone. Great for the F1 fan and a great book even for people who might not normally like motor sports.
I was to young to remember Perry in F1, so i read this book in aim of finding out about the Top Gear Stig. Yet i found this i learnt more about F1 drivers, what it takes to be one, and how hard it can be from this book than from any other i have ever read.
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on 17 October 2003
This is such an hilarious biography, whether you are laughing with or at Perry you just will not be able to put it down. There is no doubt at all Perry is a fantastic driver as he is a story-teller and whether he finally does get a drive again, I can't wait to find out . . . but in the meantime let this book take you on the unique roller coaster of 'Perry World', yes it is a bit like Wayne's World and there must be a movie to be made too! (...)
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on 13 August 2002
I couldn't put this book down and laughed so much people around me wondered what I was reading! If you want an entertaining and amusing account of how one guy did NOT make a success of his F1 career, then this is it. Perry McCarthy writes in a way which gains your support from the outset. He describes his aspirations and their outcomes with a witty and entertaining honesty. This is an account peppered with famous names and events from the world of F1, which gives an insight into the political machinations necessary to become an F1 driver - not least the need to raise cash!
McCarthy's style of writing is straightforward and conversational. He successfully pens pictures of the main characters who have figured in his career, the definitve moments in his career and, in addition, includes some colour photographs both from his own personal collection and motorsport collections.
The acknowledgements are worth reading (which isn't often the case)as well as the book because McCarthy's humour and sense of the ridiculous shines through.
As well as being a really good read, above all this book testifies to the grit and determination of a man who does not allow anything to deter him in the pursuit of his ambitions. One is left with the impression that despite the fact that he didn't make a great name in F1, this guy will always be in demand as an after-dinner speaker, witty commentator, stand-up comedian, or even occasionally - as a driver!! You won't regret reading this.
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on 14 December 2002
I learned this book in Nigel Roebuck's column of Autosport web and supposed it interesting while, like other readers, my expectation wasn't that high especially as a Japanese Formula One fan. The fact is, I was completely wrong and the book is mighty fascinating and mega fun to the extent that I burst into laughter to myself in the living room, when reading Perry's bulk of jokes spread over. OK, this is the fun side of this book, but fascinating side is his DIE HARD attitude to motor racing, determination to reach the very top, Formula One, whatsoever it takes. When he finally drove out to the pit lane of Barcelona for his first pre-qualify attempt, I was close to be in tears sharing with the very emotion he had at that time and efforts he had made to get one....but the bloody car couldn't complete a lap! Likewise, the story continues with incredible up and down like roller coaster and you can't put down the book till you finish. Now I am and long will be big fan of Perry's and for sure cheer him in Bentley or whatever at La Sarthe '03, IF he secures any shape of drive. Meanwhile, buy this book, now.
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on 25 September 2004
I didn't know anything about Perry until I popped onto Amazon to buy his book after he mentioned it on ITV's "Speed Sunday". Wow, what an entertaining read. This guy has had some life, you have to admire his spirit. It had me laughing out loud countless times. Highly recommended. Hope Perry (who was Top Gears "Stig") stays with Audi and earns a fortune!
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on 29 July 2002
Forget the fact that Perry McCarthy is a racing driver. Think of this as the biography you just have to read. This Essex lad made it to Formula One. But you won't read lots of dreary race reports - especially not about Formula One, as he holds the record for the shortest qualifying attempt in history. Instead, you'll find a man who has a ...comedic flare that has few parallels. This book is both serioulsy funny and an inspiration. Buy it...
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on 5 September 2004
My wife bought me this book last christmas because I like motorsport. I knew very little of Perry McCarthy, it was just a name I knew and on Boxing day I thought I would have a quick five minute read just to see what it was like. I didn't put it down until I had finished it. It was a rivetting read. Perry takes you through highs and lows, then even lower. Parts of the book had me laughing out loud, parts had my in tears and parts had me wishing I had his drive, determination and blind faith that it would be alright in the end. The best book I have ever read!
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on 7 July 2002
Dubbed by "The Times" as 'the world's unluckiest racing driver', Perry McCarthy is a racing battler, a maverick who fought tooth and nail to rise through single-seater categories in Britain, overcoming obstacles such as chronic lack of sponsorship, uncompetitive machinery, and the odd wild shunt.
When he finally made the big time, Formula One, in 1992, he was definitely in the worst house on the best street. His team in F1 was Andrea Moda, an infamously inept team that was a financial, technical, engineering, organisational and PR disaster story. Perry endured a paucity of track time, and incidents both insanely comic and deadly dangerous, until the team folded (the team boss was arrested for fraud) and McCarthy was out of F1.
Several years racing sportscars for Lotus, Audi and Panoz followed, as Perry gained a reputation for his skill, determination ... and razor sharp wit. This is one of the most hilarious books you will ever read, as Perry tells his succession of heartbreaking anecdotes with a sense of humour matched only by a brilliant and off-beat turn of phrase. If you are a fan of car racing or Formula 1, don't miss this book!
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on 30 August 2011
I bought this book for my Dad at christmas, as he's a big motorsport fan. He read it, and loved it. Then it was forgotten up until last week, when i didn't quite get the A-level results i wanted (nailed the exams but everybodys coursework got marked down), meaning i wouldn't be able to follow my dream to study motorsport at a certain university.
After spending a few days being moody and upset with my sister, i returned home to find the book on my bed with 'read this' written on a note next to it.

I read it in that afternoon.

I can't believe how much bad luck could happen to one guy, and more importantly, i couldn't believe how it didn't seem to get to him, or dent his self belief. It was an enthralling story, written with a beautiful comic undertone, that it uplifted me, and after hours of trying, i got into a fantastic university, on a fantastic motorsport course, and hopefully i'm on my way to formula one.

For a motorsport fan, this is great, and gives a real insight in to the lower formula, and what it's like to run with a low end f1 team, and how hard it can be.

More importantly, it's a story of how one mans struggle to reach his dream, and how to never give up, no matter what.

It's been fantastic for me. Everybody should read it

And email him after, he'll reply! =]

Buy it, and enjoy it.
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