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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2010
I thoroughly enjoyed reading the first two instalment but wasn't quite sure what to expect from the third one. After all, the war against Jared the Usurper and the Blood Mage was over and Tris won his kingdom back. Well, Martin surprised me again with an interesting twist of the tale.

Dark Haven started a bit slow for me with the focus on preparations to the wedding of Tris and Kiara. Hence, it lost a star in the rating. However, with a great deal of excitement I learnt more about different clans of vayash moru (vampires) and the unstable Truce between them and the mortals. After I finished reading The Blood King, I realised the healer Carina emerged as my favourite female character in the story. I was shocked as Part Three ended with a cliff hanger leaving Carina in grave danger.

Martin's debut with The Chronicles of the Necromancer is better than I expected. In my opinion, she is climbing to the top of the female authors league in the world of Fantasy. Her writing style is soft and clear without being too simplistic. I much prefer Gail Martin to Robin Hobb.
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on 3 January 2013
I am so impressed by Gail Z Martin's extraordinary `The chronicles of the Necromancer' series, which has become a firm favorite of mine that stands proudly at the top of the bookshelf alongside other `greats' within this genre - for example JRR Tolkien, Robin Hobb, Raymond E Feist and Terry Brooks. The epic scope of creativity and imaginative fantasy world is mind-blowing to the extreme, in which you are left breathless at the sheer genius and masterful writing that is so extraordinary. This has to be one of the most exciting, nail-bitingly intense adventures set within the most fascinating world where you are not always sure of whom you can trust and where danger lurks beneath every surface. It is fast-paced and thrilling, in which the author cleverly combines exquisite detail and action as to make it so believable and `real'. I felt a PART of this series, as I truly lost myself within the Winter Kingdoms and fell in love with the distinctive, compelling characters that brought such depth to this wonderful tale.

Book 3: Dark Haven continues the saga that began with The Summoner and its sequel The Blood King, as Martris Drayke rules the kingdom with an Iron fist now that he is King. The once great kingdom of Margolan now lies in ruin and it is up to the new ruler to rebuild this once mighty realm and restore it to its former glory- piece by piece. But another battle looms on the horizon and the King must be prepared for continuation of heated conflict. Meanwhile Jonmarc Vahanian is now the Lord of the Dark Haven, and there is defiance from the Vampires of the Vayash Moru at the prospect of a mortal leader. But, can he earn their trust and at what cost? Those thrilling adventures that one discovers in book 1 & 2 are continued, as rivalry and enmity rages across the lands and magical beings rule supreme...

This epic fantasy tale is a labyrinth of interconnecting threads that are delicately interwoven and layered on top of one another, making this something so interesting and detailed as to astonish and amaze! I was really able to `stick my teeth' into this series and loose myself within a fantastic world where you constantly are learning more about the different creatures and characters, and the magic that holds such sway over the direction of each individuals' future. As an avid reader of this genre I was so impressed by Gail Z Martin's writing, which typifies everything you desire within great, masterful fantasy - such as bloodthirsty brilliant battles, raging rifts between mighty realms and a concoction of cleverly crafted characters and creatures that bring this tale to life!

This is a unique, epic and totally addictive read that will leave you breathless, and render you speechless...as all I can say is WOW! The phenomenal characterization combined with exquisite detail really makes the story come alive, and the extensive world-building and its history is fascinating. It is a tale of courage and bravery as one fight for all that they hold most dear, it is also a tale of those of mortal flesh in opposition to those eternal beings. If you love the fantasy genre then I strongly urge that you read this book and discover this series!!!
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on 8 March 2009
I really thought that after the second book had finished there would be little for Gail Z. Martin to write about and the third book would lack the artistic genious supported by the plot in the first two books.
I'm so glad I was wrong, Martin is becoming one of the greatest fantsy novelist of our time.
The end of the book left me gutted, I wanted to know what happens next, i wanted to keep reading.
Can't wait for the next instalment.
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on 3 January 2010
I adore the Chronicles of the Necromancer but i have had to drop a star down because it doesnt have any conclusion as such. It does leave you hanging but the fourth book is out now so i am happy again. Apart from that its an excellent storyline and the characters are so believable and likable (the good guys). With alot of books by the 3rd or 4th they tend to drag on abit but im happy to say that this is not the case with The Chronicles of the Necromancer.

Enjoy! : )
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on 23 February 2009
I have enjoyed reading the three books in this series. The characters are very easy to connect with . The plot moves along quickly and keeps you engaged and the third book is obviously the scene setter for more to come .
The trouble is remembering everything by the time the next book is released ! All in all a good read.
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on 18 May 2015
Initially liked the series as a whole but it just seems to like making things darker and darker and adding more enemies after the main arc. It seems a problem with alot of fantasy series if being forcibly kept on when an arc is finished. Just my opinion though as I'm sure others will enjoy the story continuing.
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on 20 February 2009
After the second book, blood king, i thought the story was over, but nope it continues at a few months after the end of book two. You should review that second book before starting this third one if you dont remember all that was going on. Its a bit confusing to figure out who the enemy was after all king jarod was dead and so was anatola and the obsidian king, so whos left... I think this new book Dark Haven is more like the first book, lots of intrigue and excitement building up for something grand. Its setting you up for the next book, so your gonna have to wait another year or two to figure out what eventually is gonna happen. Hopefully the conclusion wont be as much of a Fail as i thought the blood king was. Its readable and good way to spend time, but its average.
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on 5 December 2012
Slightly different but very enjoyable - you have to admire the goodies and actively dislike the baddies - but never quite sure if the evil ones will get their comeuppance until nearly at the end of the story.
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on 2 March 2009
I made the same mistake with this book as I did with the summoner. Dark Haven has no conclusion. There is no end to the story. You have to wait probably for another year to buy the second part of the this book. Why do publishers and authors do this.
With the complaint over, if you enjoyed the first two books then you will love this one. The author is a master story teller and I would have given this 5 stars if they mentioned somewere on the cover that this was not a standalone book. No conclusion and just leaving the story hanging for the next book has left me very frustrated.
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on 21 June 2013
half way through and just as good a story as the previous 2 . the story goes on and will be on book 3 in no time. its just one of those stories which you can't put down
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